Link Roundup #23: Top 3 Chinese Muslim Food Links

Welcome to our very first link-roundup for 2022! Yes, we admit we missed last month’s link-roundup and we will not be giving any excuses for it. To make up for it, we will be doing not one but two link-roundups for the month of February!

Let’s get on with our first link-roundup.

20 Chinese Foods You Need To Try At Least Once

You may think that the list would be full of non-halal Chinese food, right? Well, we hate to burst your bubble but you can actually find halal versions of at least 75% of the items mentioned in the list!

Here are the ones we have tried and we know for sure you should try: Xiao Long Bao, Peking Duck, Jianbing, Tang Yuan, Congee, Tea Eggs, Nian Gao, Douhua, Hot Pot, Zhajiangmian, Rou Jia Mo, Mooncake, Cheong Fun, Youtiao, Zongzi and Tanghulu.

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These 6 Muslim-Friendly Dim Sum Restaurants In KL Are Perfect For Your Weekend Brunch

In the mood for dim sum? Get your dim sum fix at any of these six Muslim-friendly dim sum restaurants in KL! Take note that not all of these restaurants have halal certification from JAKIM.

Outlets we’ve been to: Mohd Chan Dim Sum and Minmax Restaurant

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Ah Lim Nasi Lemak milik wanita Cina Muslim ini hidang nasi lemak resipi Peranakan ibunya

For the last link, we just had to slot in a Malay post. Pautan ini mengenai Puan Aishah Lim yang telah membuka gerai berasaskan makanan Cina Muslim di Maxwell Food Centre, Singapura. Antara menu menarik di gerainya termasuk nasi lemak dan mi udang yang dipelajari dari ibunya.

Memandangkan kami juga menjual makanan Cina Muslim, tidak dapat dinafikan kami sering rasa teruja bila mendapat tahu ada peniaga lain yang menjalankan perniagaan makanan Cina Muslim juga. Mungkin kerana tidak banyak yang memilih untuk menceburi bidang ini. Semoga Puan Aishah kekal tabah dalam mengusahakan gerai makanannya.

That’s it for this month’s first link-roundup! Let us know if you come across any interesting links and we will include it in our next post.


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