Kaijia: Fragrant Chilli Oil 红油

Bismillah, we present to you our Fragrant Chilli Oil 红油!

It’s our latest addition to our Signature Oil Series. Yeay!

So what’s inside?

Chilli, Sichuan peppercorns, sesame, spices, vegetables and palm oil. No MSG, preservatives, nasties, salt and sugar.

What can you use this for?

The oil can be used for salads, frying rice/noodles/meats, vegetable stir-fries, steamed fish, and even pasta!

Where can you buy this?

Our Shopee store: Kaijiafood

Other products in our Signature Oil Series:

  1. Kaijia Chilli Oil 辣椒油
  2. Kaijia Garlic Oil 蒜油
  3. Kaijia BBQ Oil 烧烤料
  4. Kaijia Fragrant Spiced Oil 料油B

The typical shelf-life for our Signature Oil Series is between 2 weeks to 6 months, depending on the product. For further details, feel free to contact us or leave us a comment.

Super stoked!

Kaijia: Shopee Store New Look

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve changed our Shopee store look! We used a template from Canva, and added our own text and photos. The result is something simple, yet informative.

At the same time, we’re running a promotion throughout the MCO period. The RM1 discount voucher can be used for all purchases made on our Shopee store, and a minimum purchase of RM30 is required.

Vouchers are limited so go and claim yours now!

Lastly, take care everyone & stay safe!

Kaijia: Powdered Spices Range

In case you haven’t heard, we recently launched our powdered spices range!

For now, we are offering the following spices on our Shopee store:

  • Sichuan Peppercorns 花椒
  • Black Cardamom 草果
  • Star Anise 八角
  • Cinnamon 桂皮

These are the spices we often use when we cook Chinese Muslim food, such as Dapanji 大盘鸡 and our ever popular Chilli Oil.

So, which is our favourite?

Definitely the Sichuan peppercorns! It’s a prized ingredient because back in the day, it wasn’t easy to find authentic Sichuan peppercorns in the market.

Need ideas on how to use Sichuan peppercorns? Here are some amazing articles for you to read: 20 Great Ways to Use Sichuan Peppercorns, Best Szechuan recipes and 12 Top Recipes with Szechuan Peppers.

Quick note from us, always be wary of unethical sellers out there. Over the years, we’ve experienced getting Sichuan peppercorns mixed with something else, making it questionable for consumption. That’s one of the reasons why we decided to come up with our kitchen essentials range of powdered and non-powdered spices.

How about the non-powdered versions?

We’ll be selling the non-powdered versions of Sichuan peppercorns, black cardamom, star anise, and cinnamon too! You’ll be able to purchase those on our Shopee store by this weekend, insha’Allah. We could have listed those sooner but we were occupied with Eid preparations.

That wraps up our post for today!

Kaijia: Hari Raya Gift Ideas

How’s your Ramadan going?

Ours have been pretty good so far, Alhamdulillah. It’s been raining on a daily basis, making the weather more cooling and fasting more bearable.

But with the new norm, obviously this year’s Ramadan is unlike pre-pandemic years. Nevertheless, we are thankful with everything we have been blessed with. On a personal note, Alhamdulillah this year we get to celebrate Ramadan with more family members.

We also managed to secure a pop-up stand at Bazaar Ramadan Fourty 5, located at the carpark area opposite Kuu Van Cha 古文茶, nearby to Perling Mall.

While we’re at it, we’re currently running 10% cashback and RM40 Free Shipping promotions on our Shopee store. Ramadan is the time to spread goodness and happiness, so we thought it’d be great to offer our buyers additional perks during this festive occasion. It’s our way of thanking our buyers for supporting us all this while.

The promotions only last for a couple more weeks or so, so hurry up and place your order at our Shopee store! You may also reach us online via our website and social media platforms.

Have a good Friday!

Kaijia: Swee Siang Cake House

Happy Friday!

Sharing a bit of good news to all those staying in Masai, Pasir Gudang, and Plentong area.

Alhamdulillah, our Chilli Oils and Guoba Snacks are now available at Swee Siang Cake House!

Swee Siang Cake House

33, Jln Tasek 60, Bandar Seri Alam,

Masai 81750 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

They sell a great selection of traditional Chinese breads, cakes, biscuits and snacks too, including halal bak chang and halal bakkwa.

Make sure you drop by!

Places To Buy Kaijia Muslim Food Products

Shopee MY | Shopee SG | Swee Siang Cake House | Pre-Order from MixedBag

Kaijia: Spicy BBQ Set | 烧烤料

Bismillah. Presenting our latest product available on our Shopee store – the Spicy BBQ Set | 烧烤料!

Now you can make China Chinese Muslim-style satay (or better known an “Chuan” 串) at home!Chuan (Chinese: 串, Dungan: Чўан, Pinyin: chuàn, “kebab”; Uighur: كاۋاپ, кавап, “kawap”), especially in the north-east of China referred to as chuan’r (Chinese: 串儿), are small pieces of meat roasted on skewers.

Chuan originated in the Xinjiang region of China. It has been spread throughout the rest of the country, most notably in Beijing, Tianjin, Jinan and Jilin, where it is a popular street food. It is a product of the Chinese Islamic cuisine of the Uyghur people and other Chinese Muslims.

Source: Chuan (food) – Wikipedia

Spicy BBQ Set | 烧烤料

Priced at RM22/300g, the set comes with 300g BBQ Oil & 70g BBQ Spice Mix.

How To Eat/Use

BBQ beef, chicken, or lamb.

  1. Add a bit of salt to the BBQ Oil and marinade selected meat for at least 15 minutes.
  2. Skewer the meat and BBQ until cooked.
  3. Combine some BBQ Oil and BBQ Spice Mix in a bowl. Mix well. Brush this on the cooked meat.
  4. BBQ the meat for another 1 min just to seal in the flavours.
  5. Ready to serve.

BBQ vegetables – potato, mushroom, eggplant etc.

  1. Rub some BBQ Oil and a bit of salt on the vegetables.
  2. Skewer the vegetables and BBQ until cooked.
  3. Combine some BBQ Oil and BBQ Spice Mix in a bowl. Mix well. Use this to brush the cooked vegetables.
  4. BBQ the vegetables for another 1 min just to seal in the flavours.
  5. Ready to serve.

Note: Now if the whole skewering process seems tedious, you can skip it and just BBQ the meat and vegetables as how you’d normally do.

How To Keep

BBQ Oil is best kept in the fridge after using while the BBQ Spice Mix is best kept in a cool and dry area.


Palm Oil, Chillies, Sesame, Sichuan Peppercorns, Spices & Veg. May contain traces of peanuts.

Our Spicy BBQ Set is made in a Muslim kitchen using a China Chinese Muslim recipe. Made without preservatives, MSG or any nasties, our Spicy BBQ Set is suitable for vegetarians too!

To order, please visit our Shopee store, DM, or whassap us. Thank you!

Kaijia: Saturday Bento Boxes

We recently shared a photo of our preserved vegetables on our Facebook page and we’ve been getting requests from potential buyers eager to get their hands on it. We’ve also been getting requests for our cooked dumplings. What do we do? We combined both requests and came up with our Saturday Bento Boxes!

What’s a Saturday Bento Box?

It’s a bento box comprising of our cooked dumplings, chili oil and guoba snacks. Sets A & B come with preserved vegetables. The main difference between our bento box and the ones you find outside is our buyers must place their order(s) between Saturday and Friday. Buyers can only collect their order(s) on Saturday.

Why Saturday? Why Not Everyday?

Mainly because our schedule is packed at the moment. Besides the regular stuff we do each day, which includes making our products, sending it out, liaising with suppliers/distributors and managing our Shopee store, we’re still doing R&D for a couple of new products, slated to launch end of this month, insha’Allah. Plus we have a handful of other products still waiting to be refined, hence we need to allocate time for that too. We’ll probably add another Bento Box delivery/collection day once we’ve sorted things out.

How To Order?

  1. Place your orders by 10pm, Friday every week.
  2. Make sure you send your proof of payment.
  3. Collect your order or arrange for delivery via GrabExpress.

Orders are limited to 20 pax each week.

Why Limit To 20 Pax?

We go for quality rather than quantity. So for starters, 20 pax is a good number to work with. We may increase it once we’ve developed a better system. But for now, it’s just for 20 pax and orders are on a first come, first paid basis.

Interested? Hurry up and place your order today!

Kaijia: Chinese New Year Gift Ideas

New year, new norm, new way of giving gifts!

We’re currently running a cashback promotion on our Shopee store in conjunction with the Chinese New Year festivities.

So if you’re thinking of giving something a little different this year, you can certainly consider our products.

Best of all, you can order our products and we’ll post it to your family and friends. They’ll receive the gifts from your heart, right at their doorstep.

Hurry up and place your order at our Shopee store! You may also reach us online via our website and social media platforms.

Need more ideas? Check out our previous articles: Great Chinese New Year Gift Ideas You Can Find On Shopee Malaysia and Even More Awesome Chinese New Year Gift Ideas That You Can’t Find On Shopee Malaysia

Have a good Friday!

Kaijia: New Product Guoba Snacks

Bismillah. Presenting our latest product: Guoba Snacks!

Snack on these while watching TV, doing your work, or whenever you feel like munching something!

Traditionally, guoba is made of rice. Ours on the other hand is made with flour. So what’s the difference? Well, the only way to know is to try it for yourself! Mind you, these can be highly addictive. If you’re one of those who lives on snacks, you should definitely get more than 1 bottle.

Flavours! Tell me more about the flavours!

We currently have the Spicy 香辣 version. We’ll launch more flavours, including Mala 麻辣 and a sweet version soon, insha’Allah. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and our Shopee store for updates.

Our Guoba Snacks are available on our Shopee store.