Top 3 Snacks You Should Try For Chinese New Year

So Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Although K doesn’t celebrate it, we have family and friends who do. To all our family and friends who would be traveling during this festive season, we pray you’d have a safe and pleasant journey.

Like other festivities, Chinese New Year comes with the annual ritual of feasting! This is the time you’ll see your Chinese friends going out for those reunion dinners, tossing yee sang, and just having a good time over food.

Now, if you’re one of those who haven’t gotten the chance to try any Chinese New Year delicacies, don’t feel bad. These days, there are halal variations of the snacks and some can even be delivered to your doorstep!

Don’t believe us? Well, read on!

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[MY] Hezhou Restaurant

About two weeks ago, my sister brought my dad to this new Chinese Muslim restaurant in KL – Hezhou Restaurant.

Dad ordered Ba Bao Cha (八宝茶) and my sister ordered Chrysanthemum tea.

Now Ba Bao Cha can be loosely translated as “8 Treasures Tea”. It basically means the tea has 8 types of ingredients. There may be slight variations in terms of the ingredients used in other restaurants, but common ingredients include tea leaves, red dates, goji berries, longan, and rock sugar.

As for my sister’s Chrysanthemum tea, hers was infused with goji berries. A nice touch for that slight natural sweetness. Continue reading “[MY] Hezhou Restaurant”

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#4 – Top 3 Chinese Muslim Food Links

To kickstart the new year, we’re sharing 3 of the best Chinese Muslim food industry’s content for 2020. Hope you find this insightful!

Our top picks:

Irreplaceable food of Chinese Muslim kitchen: Lamien

Prepared with halal ingredients including rice, chicken, vegetables, soy, onions and coriander, lamien is an indispensable ingredient of the Chinese Muslim kitchen

When K first came to Malaysia, he was eager to try lamian at just about every Chinese Muslim restaurant he can find. He grew up eating it and it’s a staple food in most households at his place. I guess the feeling is similar to us in the sense that we’re always looking for rice or Malaysian dishes when we’re overseas.
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[MY] China Muslim Restoran

Do you know the feeling of traveling to another country, only to have this sudden craving to eat something familiar? Something that tastes like the food from your hometown?

Well, we were on our way to Seremban with my in-laws when we decided to stop by China Muslim Restoran  in Seri Kembangan for dinner. Took us a while to find the exact location because we weren’t familiar with the place.

Too hungry to snap other pages.

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Top 2 Malaysia Food Delivery Companies

Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom

So you read our blog and went through our Chinese Muslim food businesses directory. While some of us would make every attempt to travel just for food, a handful of us would rather save ourselves the trouble of travelling so much, preferring to have the food delivered to us.

But why do some people choose to have food delivered to them? Well, it can be any or a combination of the following reasons.

  1. Can’t be bothered to travel.
  2. No transport.
  3. The place has limited access to public transport.
  4. Not familiar with the area.
  5. No time to travel.

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