Shopping at Mr. Isa Halal (ManSiWei Official Store)

Not too long ago, we stumbled upon Mr Isa Halal (ManSiWei Official Store) on Shopee. He sells all sorts of halal food products from China that we had to try some out.

Before we go to our shopping haul, let’s do a bit of backstory here. It’s been a long time since we ate any Chinese Muslim food that’s manufactured in China. Finding any here in Malaysia isn’t that easy too.

If we think about it again, the last time we ever bought any China manufactured Chinese Muslim food were from a friend of ours who used to run a Chinese Muslim minimart in Klang Valley. Probably three to four years ago.

What did you buy?

1. حلال MANSIWEI HALAL smell-les river snails rice noodle Luosifen 曼私味无臭清真螺蛳粉中国正宗柳州特产酸辣螺丝粉米线320gChina Food


Does the name sound super weird? Yes. Does it taste good? Hands down! What is it actually? Instant noodles. Yes, it’s instant noodles.

Unlike the ones that we are familiar with here, this pack of instant noodles comes with all sorts of condiments to add to the slurping gastronomic experience. The portion is quite big too, making it worth the price. How big is the portion? Well, we were able to share the pack among three people after adding extra noodles.

2. حلال Delicious HaoJinDao Beef/Chicken sausage Halal Snacks AyamSosej好劲道牛肉肠鸡肉肠中国云南特产美食清真食品包装即食肠类


These are sausages. What’s so special about them? The fact that you can eat it like a popsicle. Just tear away the wrapper and bite into it. Not a novelty way of eating, but hey, it’s fun!

They have a few other brands in the store.

3. حلال Spicy strips LaTiao halal Savoury Snacks MaLa Dried Tofu辣条零食小包装中国云南特产沙甸清真食品美食熟食China Yunnan Halal Food


Now how do we explain this. It’s err… dried tofu strips? Or can we say it’s something like the vegetarian soy meat? Either way, it’s a snack. The flavour is a little overpowering for us, and that’s mainly because we haven’t eaten it in a long time. If you’re big on huge flavours and spices, then this would sit well with you.

4. حلال Delicious Q Beef Tendon halal savoury snacks Daging清真Q弹牛筋美召麻辣家常牛肉蹄筋中国云南特色即时零食China Yunnan Halal Food


Again, if you are big on huge flavours and spices, go for this. Does it taste too beefy? Not to us. Furthermore, the texture was surprisingly not as tough and chewable as we thought it would be.

5. حلال Delicious pickles and mustard PaoCai Halal Snacks sayur jeruk美味咸菜中国云南特产泡菜下饭菜小包装藠头酸菜萝卜条鲜姜China


Now this has got to be our best haul. For those who are not familiar with it, 泡菜 is pickled vegetables, or in Malay, you’ll call it sayur jeruk. Does it taste as good as we make it out to be? The thing about pickled vegetables is some people love it, while some may need to develop an acquired taste for it. We? We are absolutely in love with it. We often make our own versions of 泡菜 at home and we eat it with bread, rice, porridge, and just about anything. Yes, that’s how much we love our 泡菜.

Did you only buy 5 items? Thought it was a shopping haul?

We bought more than a dozen items and these were like our best 5 in the list. The store has stocked up on more stuff since we did our first shopping haul. We’re just waiting for the time we’ll get that serious hankering for Chinese Muslim snacks before we make our next purchase.

Let us know if you’ve tried any products sold by Mr. Isa Halal (ManSiWei Official Store)!

[MY] Mochee Dim Sum House

AddressNo.45 Jalan KNMP2A Kompleks Niaga Melaka Perdana 75450 Malacca City, Malacca, Malaysia

FacebookMochee Dim Sum House

Products: Halal Dim Sum, Noodles, Pao and Mochi.

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Last Minute Mooncakes Shopping, Anyone?

Yesterday, we got a phone call from our aunt asking whether we know anyone who’s selling halal mooncakes. Since the Mooncake Festival is TOMORROW, our friends who are selling handmade halal mooncake have already closed their orders.

Thankfully, we can still buy mooncakes from most of the big brands, making this not much of a big deal.

Then again, it would be a major bummer if you want to buy mooncakes for someone who’s staying further away from you, like in another city or state. Interstate travel is still not allowed and it doesn’t make sense to travel all the way just to deliver a box of mooncakes. Unless it’s for a special someone or occasion.

This is when online shopping comes to the rescue.

Sure, there are many halal mooncakes online sellers out there. Since we’re always on Shopee, we felt it’s only proper to highlight the ones that always appear on our Shopee feeds.

Enough chatter, let’s just get down to business. Chop chop!

Sold More Than 5000 Mooncakes:

  1. 10.7k mooncakes sold – Runcit On Call: [HALAL] Assorted Traditional Tai Thong Mooncake 大同传统月饼 180g
  2. 9.3k mooncakes sold – Hilltown Store: 富山月饼 Foh San Mooncake | Mix & Match | HALAL
  3. 5.4k mooncakes sold – H&H Foodie: Mooncake Kuih Bulan Halal Mooncake Premium Lotus Yolk Redbean Pandan Tiramisu Lava Sesame Custard Matcha Yam Potato

As mentioned in our Top 3 Mooncake Brands We Love In Malaysia post, we love Tai Thong mooncakes. Can’t remember whether we’ve tried Foh San though. At our age, we don’t go crazy over mooncakes anymore. We haven’t even bought any for this year!

Sold More Than 1000 But Less Than 5000 Mooncakes:

  2. 2.6k mooncakes sold – Sugarpastrymy: Halal mooncake Kuih Bulan Halal Malaysia 140g Sugarpastry
  3. 1.5k mooncakes sold: Haoliao: 發發饼家 月饼 12 款口味 Huat Huat Kouping Mooncake (12 Flavors) *HALAL*

We’ll go an extra limb here, we have been bombarded with Sugarpastry‘s mooncake ads on our Instagram account. Were we tempted to buy a box? Millions of times!! Yet we never bought any. Again, it’s not them, it’s us. It’s the age talking and we need to watch our sugar intake.

Sold More Than 500 But Less Than 1000 Mooncakes:

  1. 804 mooncakes sold – Zone Shopper Online: (Wholesale) Halal Mooncake / Kek Bulan Homemade – 50gram (4x4cm)
  2. 727 mooncakes sold – T&G Online: Baker’s Cottage 麦可思 月饼礼盒 自选装配套 清真月饼 HALAL Mooncake Customise Premium Quality Vegetarian Fresh & Natural
  3. 703 mooncakes sold – Pastry by Atira: Halal Mooncake By Atira MINIMUM 4 BIJI (INTI BANYAK)

Yes! Another one of our favourite mooncake brands made it to the list! There’s a Baker’s Cottage outlet that opened in our neighbourhood recently and it’s been milking us dry with their roast chicken rice sets and egg tarts deals. They will not do the same with their mooncakes. Not on our watch!

Sold Less Than 500 Mooncakes:

  1. 212 mooncakes sold – Eaty Mighty: MOONCAKE HALAL / KUIH BULAN HALAL- Mini Size
  2. 104 mooncakes sold – Gezytrading: 『 Ready 』 Penang moon cake 月饼 kek bulan halal kuih bulan halal mooncake Minimum 2 pcs
  3. 55 mooncakes sold – HNF Catering: [HALAL] HNF Catering Homemade Baked Skin Mooncake

Honest confession, we have not tried any of these mooncakes. No reason for you not to try it though!

On a personal note, HNF Catering’s mooncakes nearly got us there with the ‘no preservatives‘ bit. We’re huge on food products made with no preservatives, but since we’re not as crazy over mooncakes anymore, chances are we won’t be making any purchases this year.

There you have it. All you need to do is to order the mooncakes make payment, and he or she will receive it in the mail. Easy, peasy.

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Halal Status of Canning Dim Sum Ipoh & Penang

We recently received an enquiry about the halal status of Canning Dim Sum outlets from one of our readers. Naturally, we had to reach out to the restaurants to get further clarifications.

The people at Canning Dim Sum not only ascertained that both of their outlets in Ipoh and Penang are halal certified, they even sent us photos of their halal certifications! Talk about being transparent about their business!

Furthermore, all of their products are from Team Some Sdn Bhd and those products are halal certified too!

Uh huh, okay… so the Canning Dim Sum outlets in Ipoh and Penang are halal certified… what about their other outlets?

At the time of writing, the people at Canning Dum Sum are still in the midst of applying for their other outlets to get the halal certification too.

We reckon it may take a while for them to get it, due to the MCO situation we are still dealing with over here. However, it’s great to know they’ve taken the necessary steps, and it’s only a matter of time until their other outlets get the seal of approval.

Guess you’ll need to follow their social pages for latest updates!

Which brings us to one of our posts, A Guide On How to Find a Halal Restaurant In Malaysia. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask about the halal status of the food and establishment.

One way is to ask them directly, like how we did with Canning Dim Sum. Another way is to check with the Halal Hub Department, JAKIM either via their Halal Malaysian Portal, email, or social pages.

Huge thanks to the people at Canning Dim Sum for responding to our enquiry. Stay safe everyone!

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Link Roundup #18: Top 3 Chinese Muslim Food Links

Hello Chinese Muslim food lovers! It’s that time again for our Chinese Muslim food link roundup! Time passes far too quickly that we actually missed the link roundup for August! Here are some of the links we managed to find lately. Enjoy!

Hello Chinese Muslim food lovers! It’s that time again for our Chinese Muslim food link roundup! Time passes far too quickly that we actually missed the link roundup for August! Here are some of the links we managed to find lately. Enjoy!

Deeper trade ties with China to mark post-pandemic economic recovery

He also encouraged more Malaysian companies to invest and set up factories in the CMQIP as a window to the vast inland markets in China and suggested that both nations strengthen investment projects in palm oil, rubber, bird’s nest, durian and halal food to further solidify trade relations.

The part about solidifying trade relations through halal food intrigues us. The halal food industry needs no introduction on how huge it is on a global scale. This is certainly something to look forward too.

He lost RM100K after a robbery during MCO, bounced back with a Muslim-friendly bakkwa biz

A combination of Chinese bakkwa and Singaporean dendeng? We’ve tried both the Chinese bakkwa, and Singaporean dendeng from other sellers, but we have never tried a combination of both. So yeah, Dendeng Bakar Cik Midah did pique our curiousity. Guess we need to add this product in our foods-to-try bucket list.

Interested to get your hands on it?

Here are some of their products at their Shopee store:

Dendeng Bak Kwa HALAL (LEMBU) 200g – (Original / Spicy / Honey) Dendeng Singapore Kahwin Bak Kwa by Dendeng Cik Midah and Dendeng Temasek / Dendeng Singapore – NEW PRODUCT Dendeng Bakar 200g (1-3 Orang Makan).

Need a Shopee account? Sign-up by clicking here.

Malaysian food influencer takes to TikTok to promote racial harmony

It’s Ceddy, the CEO of Membebel! We follow him on TikTok and do enjoy his videos. It’s just one of the things we watch to humour ourselves.

That concludes our link roundup! Let us know what you think in the comments section. Have a nice day and stay safe!

How To Use Kaijia Products?

How to use Kaijia products?

If you have been following our social pages, then you’d know we often share ways and ideas on how to enjoy our China-style Chinese Muslim products. However, we reckon it’d take a while for you to search through the posts.

As an added feature for our buyers (and potential buyers), we decided to curate those posts and share it right here on our blog. Take it like a one-stop-location for easy reference.

The icing on the cake? Rather than writing it out, we thought it’d be better to share the images. Makes it easier for you to download and save the ones you’re interested to try or share around.

Let’s go!

We’ll be adding more to the list as we go along, so remember to bookmark this page!

Link Roundup #17: Top 3 Chinese Muslim Food Links

Top 3 Chinese Muslim Food Links

Hello Chinese Muslim food lovers! It’s time for our Chinese Muslim food link roundup! Shooooot! We just realised it’s the last day of July! There’s still time before we enter August, so let’s get on to this month’s link roundup, shall we? Today we’ll be sharing Chinese Muslim videos from Youtube. Hope you find the links as interesting as we do!

Eid al-Fitr for Muslims in Rural China in 2021|What to eat on Eid|中国云南回族开斋节2021|亲朋好友互相走访会礼游坟

Here’s a sneak peak of Eid being celebrated in rural China. The vlogger, Laotai Arui often posts videos showing the Chinese Muslim life in rural China. In this particular video, she shares the traditions of the Chinese Muslims and a quick mention about the food. She speaks in Mandarin Chinese, but that shouldn’t be a problem as you can always opt for the English subtitles.

Another recent video of hers that we felt is interesting is Lailah al-Qadr of Chinese Muslims Ramadan 2021|Guy Del Ye|Ramadan in China|2021中国穆斯林盖德尔夜|2021中国斋月

Remember to check out her Chinese Muslim food videos!

Chinese Muslims Halal Food Street In China, Ramdan In China, Abdullah In China

You don’t always find recent Chinese Muslims halal food videos on Youtube. Getting the ones from China are even harder! This video is a surprising find for us and it’s nice to see food we’re familiar with. Almost feels like we’re walking along the streets having the time of our life there.

Chinese Muslim Halal Food Street In China, Ramadan In China, MrLeeVlogs

Another surprising find! This time around, this vlogger is showing the Chinese Muslim food found at Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, China. Again, it feels nice to see food we’re familiar with. Take note that the languages used in the video are English and probably Hindi? Gosh, we’re salivating at the food.

That concludes our link roundup for this month! Found any interesting links lately? Let us know in the comment section and we’ll include it in the next link roundup. Have a good July!

Link Roundup #16: Top 3 Chinese Muslim Food Links

Hello Chinese Muslim food lovers! It’s time for our Chinese Muslim food link roundup! We noticed that we missed last month’s link roundup. Yikes! Anyway, to make up for it we will do two, yes, two link roundups for July! Here’s the first post. Hope you find the links as interesting as we do!

Banking on food deliveries to stay afloat

Eatery operators in Johor Bahru are depending on delivery service providers to help sustain their operations amid the ongoing dine-in ban during the lockdown.

In case you haven’t heard, Malaysia is still on an ongoing battle with Covid-19. As a result, businesses in general are affected to a certain degree.

For those in the restaurant business, dine-ins are still not allowed. Restaurant operators have to resort to pickups, takeaways, and food delivery companies and platforms, in order to ensure their business can continue running during this trying period. Al-Amin Xinjiang Muslim Restaurant is one of the Chinese Muslim restaurants that have adopted these approaches.

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Halal Food Market: Global Key Players, Trends, Share, Industry Size, Growth, Opportunities, Forecast To 2027

According to Fast. MR research the report titled Global Halal Food Market provides comprehensive information regarding influential factors. Data included in the report has been curated by our team of industry experts, considering relevant information about the market. This report discusses the growth and trends of various regions and segments of the market. Information such as market drivers, restraints, opportunities, trends, gross revenue, average product/service price, and market share of major players is covered in the report.

Found this report and thought it was pretty interesting. Key questions in the report covers what challenges, trends, and barriers are likely to impact the overall development and market size of Global Halal Food Market, Halal food market company analysis, and major growth driving factors.

‘Now is the time’: China and Indonesia highlighted as major post-COVID-19 opportunity markets for halal growth

“It’s really a good time for halal food brands in China now – the government has spent a lot of money on building infrastructure like the High Speed Rail and bringing in technology and agricultural methodologies to cities like Xinjiang and Lanzhou which have many Muslim communities,” said Tng.

We knew about halal in China about a decade ago. There was an opening for someone proficient in Mandarin Chinese to work in China to educate the Chinese stakeholders about the Malaysia halal certification process.

Without a doubt, China then was already seen as a potential market for halal growth. Would that finally become a reality? Probably, considering we are seeing more and more halal products coming from China. It’d be interesting to see how things pan out.

That concludes our link roundup for this month! Found any interesting links lately? Let us know in the comment section and we’ll include it in the next link roundup. Have a good July!