[MY] Aisyah Hoon Nasi Ayam

Alhamdulillah hari pertama Nasi Ayam Aisyah Hoon dibuka licin dalam masa 3 jam!

Kepada mereka yang datang membeli di gerai Nasi Ayam Aisyah Hoon, kami mengucap kan jutaan terima kasih atas sokongan anda😍!

Habis 7 ekor ayam untuk harini🥰! Bagi mereka yang belum try Nasi Ayam Aisyah Hoon, baik korang try cepat sebab serious tak rugi guys 😍!

Bak kata pepatah, tak kenal maka tak cinta.
Dah kenal setiap hari nak pekena😜!

Gerai kami bertempat di hadapan KRT Jalan Padi Ria, Bandar Baru Uda📍

Yang nak order secara online, korang boleh ws 0137787002 (Nabil) untuk membuat sebarang tempahan.

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5 Easy Ways To Support Your Favorite Food Businesses

We have been in the food business since 2017. We started by selling online, opening pop-up stalls at events, and even joined the local night markets. Eventually got our little place in 2019.

Then the pandemic happened and we’re back to selling our food online again. The difference? This time around we are better prepared and have more experience. Alhamdulillah, we now have a Shopee store selling Chilli Oil, Garlic Oil, and Guoba Snacks. Our Chilli Oil is still our best-selling item.

Having been in the business this long, we can tell you that running a food business can be difficult. It’s not always easy to reach to the customers, especially when you’re selling something new. Even when you’ve developed your business for quite a bit, things can still get tough. There are so many businesses, including food businesses, that have closed down due to the pandemic.

Because of this, we felt inspired to share the 5 easy things customers can do to support their favorite food businesses. At the end of each tip, we would also share an actionable task that food businesses can do to help their customers to implement each suggestion.

Note: These tips can be implemented all the time, not limited to the pandemic period.

1. Buy From Them

The most basic way to show support is to buy their food. Since it’s your favorite food business, you should have at least one favorite food. You may buy the food for yourself, your family, or your friends.

Feeling a little more generous? Buy the food for your colleagues, teachers, neighbors, office cleaner, or donate it to the needy.

Task for food businesses: Make it easy for your customers to buy your food by offering them pickup and delivery options. Create a special deal for regular customers or even a loyalty programme to reward them for supporting your business all this while.

2. Like, Share, & Engage With Them On Social Media

The next way to support your favorite food businesses is by following and interacting with them on social media. Whether it’s their Facebook account, Instagram account or Twitter account, a high social media following with high engagement can help them get noticed by other people who are not following them.

How do you engage? Like, comment, or share their content. For example, you see a new product or a special deal from your favorite food business. Share it on your feeds because you never know, perhaps a contact of yours would be interested to make the purchase.

If you want to support us, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Task for food businesses: Have a social media presence on at least one or two social media networks and choose to be on the ones where most of your customers spend time online. Make sure you keep your social media networks active and learn to engage with your customers.

3. Send Them Feedback

Food businesses want to sell food that they like. They also want to sell food that they think you’d be interested in. One of the best ways to help them is to tell them what you like or expect from them. Maybe there’s a certain flavor you think would be a hit. Maybe there is something about their service that you think they can improve on. Whatever it is, food businesses can be open to suggestions and constructive feedback. So do not hold back. Just let them know that you have their best interest at heart.

Task for food businesses: Make sure your customers know how to reach you. You may want to create an email address, a contact us page in your website, or lead them to your social media networks.

4. Send Them Encouraging & Positive Testimonials

Encouraging and positive testimonials are a huge deal for food businesses! A good food review could encourage more people to buy their food. A good food review could also bring in their highest sales for the month. If you see anybody doing a food review on them on a blog, vlog, or anywhere else on the internet, let them know! Even the negative ones as these would help them to further improve where they’re lacking.

Another way is for you to share your testimonials on your social media networks. Take a photo of the food and tell your family and friends how good it tastes like. Tell them where they can get it from. Share your experience about the service. Nothing influences people more than honest testimonials from people they trust. Make that word of mouth marketing go viral!

Task for food businesses: Again, make it easy for your customers to reach you via email or social media. Use the reviews to add mileage and credibility to your business.

5. Simply Ask Them How Can You Support Them

Lastly, if you still want to know how else you can support your favorite food businesses, just ask them. May sound a little odd at first, but there’s no harm in asking.

We’ve gotten customers asking us how we’re doing. The questions became more frequent when we haven’t reopened our little store at UTM. How do we feel about it? We are thankful and humbled that our customers care about our business as well as our wellbeing. Deep down, we think your favorite food business would appreciate this small gesture too.

All That’s Left Is For You To Do Your Best To Support Your Favorite Food Businesses!

Wrapping this up, supporting your favorite food businesses can be easy! Just doing one or two of the things we recommended would definitely bring joy to your favorite food businesses.

Our note to food businesses out there, perhaps you can implement some of the tasks to garner support from your customers.

Special Mention To Our Customers

Thank you so much for your support, comments, and helpful tips! We would do our best to provide better services and products in 2021, insha’Allah. Here’s a big air hug from us to you!

Link Roundup #9: Top 3 Chinese Muslim Food Links

Hello Chinese Muslim food lovers! It’s time for our Chinese Muslim food link roundup! Hope you find the links as interesting as we do!

Crispy chicken cracklings the star ingredient in this halal Hokkien mee in Petaling Jaya

“Cooking Hokkien mee isn’t easy, because one factor is the lard and oil. The other is the ‘wok hei’, and no two chefs, even if you ask them to cook the same dish, will have the same result,” she added.

“(If) his brother, who’s a chef at a seafood restaurant, and his sister cook Hokkien mee, the results are all different, because of the ratio of sauce, your technique and ‘wok hei,’” Ooi explained. 

Many people have written about Abang Jamal, who’s also known as Ah Mang. Don’t believe us? Let’s list the top 3 articles, shall we?

You can even find him on YouTube, but we’ll let you do the searching on your own. So how good is his Hokkien Mee? Within our circle of Chinese revert friends, we know quite a lot of them have tried his food and they can’t stop raving about it. Authentic taste, at a good price. We haven’t tried it though. Planning to include a quick trip to his stall in our bucket list for 2021, insha’Allah.

Famous Halal Dishes in China

It is said that a lof of Sichuan people came to Xinjiang for making a living. Many of them engaged in manual labor and required economical meals to support their hard work. After researching, the “Big Plate Chicken” finally appeared.

The article lists 6 of the famous halal dishes in China – Big Plate Chicken, Sautéed Lamb Slices With Scallion, Kebab, Lamian, Beef Noodle Soup and Nang. Since we’ve tried all, perhaps you’re wondering which one is the best. ALL! We love all of them! We’re not making this easy for you, are we?

Chilies, Noodles, and Lamb: 11 Must-Eat Dishes in Xi’an From the Muslim Quarter and Beyond

Located at the terminus of the Silk Road and at one time the cultural and political capital of China, the city of Xi’an in Shaanxi province has one of the more interesting culinary histories in China, in no small part due to the influence of its large Muslim population.

Now, in this particular article, the writer specifically mentions the 11 must-eat dishes in Xi’an from the Muslim quarter and beyond. A pretty long article, with loads of salivating pictures and vivid descriptions. Definitely worth the time, especially when you’re an avid foodie. This time around, we’ll share our top favorites hand-stretched noodles, beef or lamb roujiamo, liangpi noodles, fried potatoes, mutton dumplings and bread and mutton soup. How much do we love these dishes? Whenever the cravings kick in, we’ll do a bold attempt to make the simpler ones at home.

That concludes our link roundup for this month! Found any interesting links? Let us know in the comment section and we’ll include it in the next link roundup. Have a good December!

A Guide To Finding Halal Food In China

I was 22 when I went to China. That was my first trip overseas on my own. Didn’t follow any tour groups. Didn’t even book a hotel before leaving for China. All I know I was going to stay there for 9 days. Before anybody aspire to follow my footsteps, take note that at that time I wasn’t completely on my own. I had my ex-colleagues and China student to bring me sight-seeing and arrange my lodging.

Obviously, they weren’t with me all the time, so there were occasions when I had to play solo. Alhamdulillah for me, the place I was staying at had a decent Muslim population and finding halal food was easy.

But after coming back, I realized that for some people, it’s not as easy for them to find halal food in China. It becomes more difficult when they don’t speak the language.

Here’s our quick guide on how you can find halal food in China.

What Is 清真? (Qīngzhēn)

One of the things I noticed was the halal restaurants in China and halal food products have 清真 displayed in their shop or on their product packaging. In fact, you can even find it on some of the products sold in Malaysia. You may have guessed it, 清真 can simply be translated to halal in Chinese.

Can we say that the food and products labelled 清真 are 100% halal and safe for Muslim consumption?

Not exactly. This is where you need to do a bit of digging around. The 2 basic questions you can ask at a Chinese restaurant or food street vendors are,

  1. 你是穆斯林吗? (Nǐ shì mùsīlín ma – Are you a Muslim?)
  2. 这个是清真的吗(Zhège shì qīngzhēn de ma – Is this halal?)

Now you could ask more questions like whether the food has any non-halal ingredients like 猪肉 (Zhūròu – pig meat), 培根 (Péigēn – bacon), 猪油 (Zhū yóu – pig fat or oil) or 料酒 (Liàojiǔ – cooking wine). You could even ask in English or Arabic, though this may not work all the time. Generally, the locals speak Mandarin Chinese and knowing some basic Chinese would be helpful.

How about buying a product at the store or a supermarket? Or when there’s no one to ask? This brings us to our next point: China halal logos.

Does China Have Any Halal Logos?

China have their own halal logos. These are the ones recognized by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) – the agency responsible for the Islamic affairs including halal certification in Malaysia.

Shandong Halal Certification Service ( SHC )
6F North Building
No. 86 Jianshe Road
Shizhong District
Jinan China
Mr. Yusof An Ruicheng (President)
Tel / Fax: +86-531-81767296 / 69989121
Email: i@ehalal.cn / postmaster@ehalal.cn
Website: www.ehalal.cn

China Islamic Association
No 103 Nanhengxijie
Xicheng District
Beijing China
Mr. Yang Fa-Ming (President)
Mdm Huang WenJian/ Munira Ahmad

Tel: + 8610-59313062/ 8610 5931 3067
Email: ciahalalfood@163.com
Website : www.chinaislam.net.cn
ARA Halal Certification Services Centre Inc.

No. 28 Dong Feng Road
JinShui District
ZhengZhou Henan
China 450000
Mdm Ani Zhao Hua (President)
Mr. Abdul Rahim Albert Hsiu

Tel: +86-155 1554 5789
Email: 1328421491@qq.com /
anizhao@hotmail.com /
Linxia Halal Food Certification Centre (Gansu)
No. 43 Jiefang Road
Linxia City
Gansu Province
Mr. Ma Dingyuan (Director)
Tel: +86 930 6286516
Fax: +86 930 6286806
E-mail: lxhalal@126.com
Website: www.lxhalal.com
Shaanxi Shang Pin Yuan Halal Food & Restaurant
Management Limited Company

No.70, Xi Bei Yi Lu, Qing Nian
Street, Lian Hu District, Xi’an,
Shaanxi, China
Mr. Tie Qunping (CEO)
Mr. Tiejiabao

Tel : 008618220818091 / 0086 029-88638790
Email: tiejiabao@foxmail.com
Halal Certification Services Chongqing (HCS)
No. 11 Community, Baihe Village,
Nanquan Street, Banan District
401120, Chongqing, China
Mr. Mohammed bin Saleh
Tel : 86 023 63322976 (Official) / 86 18723479733
E-mail: hxm515@qq.com / 1950066266@qq.com /

Source: The Recognized Foreign Halal Certification Bodies & Authorities 10 Dec 2019

Brands and products with China halal logos include DeZhuang Hotpot, Sanyi Hotpot and Hai Chi Jia Instant Cup Noodles.

What About The Halal Logos From Other Countries?

Another way to find halal food in China is to buy food products that are imported from other countries. You can find these at the supermarkets. Just look for the halal logo from their country of origin.

Not sure which logo is legit? Visit The Recognized Foreign Halal Certification Bodies & Authorities 10 Dec 2019 for a list of halal logos from other countries recognized by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM).

Back To My First-Ever China Trip

Throughout my stay there, I went to Chinese Muslim restaurants, Arab restaurants, bought halal products, and products that I deem as halal after checking the ingredients list.

Things have certainly changed since my first trip. Nowadays, you can easily find halal Chinese food via mobile apps and some restaurants even provide delivery services.

But if you are ever at a fix, finding the nearest mosque would be the easiest way to find halal food. Usually there’ll be small eateries or food carts around the area selling halal food. Alternatively, you could ask the Muslims and they’d be more than happy to direct you to the nearest halal food joint.

Hope you find this little guide helpful for your next trip to China!

News: Usahawan perkenal resipi halal Mi Kampua Sibu

Usahawan perkenal resipi halal Mi Kampua Sibu

Makanan tradisi yang cukup sinonim dengan masyarakat Cina Foochow ini sering kali menjadi pilihan masyarakat di daerah berkenaan sebagai sarapan.Disebabkan kelazatannya, ramai yang tercari-cari untuk menjadikannya sebagai juadah. Namun, untuk merasai sendiri keaslian masakan Mi Kampua, penggemar terpaksa berkunjung ke Swan City yang terletak 312 kilometer dari pusat bandar raya Kuching.Namun, perkara itu membuka peluang buat peniaga untuk mencuba sendiri pasaran Mi Kampua di kawasan lain. Salah seorang daripadanya, usahawan, Mohd Sadiqin Fairuz Lim yang ‘menerbangkan’ sendiri keaslian mi kampua ke Kuching.

“Impian saya adalah untuk memperkenalkan makanan Cina kepada kaum-kaum lain terutamanya kepada yang beragama Islam. Makanan Cina ini ada dalam pelbagai jenis. Cuma kita yang beragama Islam ini tidak pernah ada peluang untuk merasainya kerana takut akan status halalnya,” katanya ketika ditemu bual Astro AWANI.Tambah Mohd Sadiqin, dalam memastikan perniagaannya sentiasa mendapat tempat di hati pelanggan, dia mempelbagaikan menu mi kampuanya.Antara mi yang dijualnya termasuklah Kampua Masin, Kampua Sos, Kampua Manis, Mi Sua sup, Kampua Mi Sua dan Wantan.Jelasnya, setiap variasi ini mempunyai kelainan rasa dan teksturnya sendiri.

“Saya mencari (mi) dari satu ke satu pengedar sehingga saya jumpa pengedar mi yang menjual mi rasanya sama seperti Mi Kampua Sibu. Ini kerana saya mahu memberi pengalaman terbaik kepada pelanggan.“Saya tidak mahu melakukan sesuatu pekerjaan secara ala kadar sehinggakan pelanggan mengadu rasanya tidak sama seperti Mi Kampua di Sibu,” tambahnya.

Selain itu, Sadiqin memberitahu tempoh Perintah Kawalan Pergerakkan tidak dapat dinafikan banyak menjejaskan pendapatan peniaga namun, dirinya tidak berpeluk tubuh.Sebaliknya, dia meneruskan perniagaannya secara atas talian sama seperti peniaga yang lain.Selain efisien, kaedah ini dipilih sesuai dengan keadaan sekarang terutamanya ketika musim Ramadan ini.

Shared from Astro Awani – Usahawan perkenal resipi halal Mi Kampua Sibu

Kaijia New Product: Guoba Snacks

Bismillah. Presenting our latest product: Guoba Snacks!

Snack on these while watching TV, doing your work, or whenever you feel like munching something!

Traditionally, guoba is made of rice. Ours on the other hand is made with flour. So what’s the difference? Well, the only way to know is to try it for yourself! Mind you, these can be highly addictive. If you’re one of those who lives on snacks, you should definitely get more than 1 bottle.

Flavours! Tell me more about the flavours!

We currently have the Spicy 香辣 version. We’ll launch more flavours, including Mala 麻辣 and a sweet version soon, insha’Allah. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and our Shopee store for updates.

Our Guoba Snacks are available on our Shopee store.

[MY] Baba Hainan Chicken Rice

Hi. Assalamualaikum 😉
START DELIVERY 🚚 ➡️ 11.30am ikut trip🤭(cas rm3++ mengikut kawasan!
WAKTU BERNIAGA 🕰 11am~5pm(selasa-ahad)

Shared from Baba Hainan Chicken Rice Facebook page.

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[MY] Restoran Budak Siew Mai By Saiful Islam

Looking for Chinese Halal dimsum??
Dine in our restaurant BUDAK Siew Mai’by Saiful Islam’.
We served you our signature traditional homemade dimsum 😋😋
Not only that you can also try out our Chinese alacarte menu.
And also your favourite hainanese chicken rice and BBQ chicken rice.
We served you all your favourite Chinese food..
Not to worry.. everything is halal…
Visit us now at 33,jln sentral 2 Taman nusa sentral iskandar putri johor bharu.
Or you can contact us now to book your seat.
See you soon.

Taken from Restoran Budak Siew Mai By Saiful Islam Facebook page.

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Our Experience With DeZhuang德庄 Hotpot Base

We recently shared about Dezhuang in our Link Roundup #8: Top 3 Chinese Muslim Food Links post. In case you haven’t read it, here’s a quick recap of what we wrote:

DeZhuang is a famous hotpot brand in China and get this, their hotpot bases are Halal-certified by the Halal Certification Services of Chongqing and in accordance with the standards set by JAKIM Malaysia MS1500:2009. We bought the double flavors hotpot bases via their Shopee store and tried the mala flavor earlier this week. Tastes so good! They’ve also opened a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. Take note that the restaurant serves pork and is not Halal-certified.

Making Your Hotpot Base

So today we’re going to talk about our experience with their mala flavor hotpot base. It’s pretty easy to make really. Just empty out the paste into a hotpot cooker and add water. Now if you don’t have a hotpot cooker, you can always use a multipurpose cooker, a rice cooker, or a regular pot and put it on the stove.

Can’t get your hands on an instant hotpot base? You could make your own or substitute it with some other soup bases. Try tom yam for a change.

What Goes In Your Hotpot

There are no strict rules when it comes to hotpot and you can use all sorts of meats and vegetables. This time around we used corn, pumpkin, potatoes, leafy greens, beef, chicken, and all sorts of fish balls and meatballs. Cut the ingredients thinly or into bite-sized pieces. We also have rice and noodles, just in case we need the extra carbs. As dipping sauces, we have our chili oil and black vinegar.

Let The Hotpot Feasting Begin!

Now you can start to cook the ingredients in the hotpot base. Start with the ingredients that take more time to cook, like beef, chicken, fish balls and meatballs. Once those are almost cooked, add the other ingredients. Cook, eat, cook, repeat. Continue to do this until you’ve cooked everything or eaten your fill.

What Makes Hotpot An Enjoyable Experience

Back in China, hotpots are usually enjoyed with family or a group of friends. Hotpots provide a good opportunity for everybody to bond over food because when you do it at home, you prepare the ingredients, cook, and eat together. Even when you eat in at a restaurant, you still need to cook and eat together. There’s a warm feeling to it, and we’re not talking about the spicy or mala soup bases.

So whenever our China family and friends come by, we try our level best to schedule a hotpot session. Not only does it help to bring us together, it helps to rekindle those fond memories of growing up eating hotpot. Squabbling for the best cuts of meat, making sure nobody else gets the most meat.

When Is The Best Time To Eat Hotpot

On rainy days or whenever you feel like having it. Best to eat hotpots with family and friends. In fact, the more the merrier!

Have you tried the hotpot experience?

We Got The Geran Khas Prihatin 2.0!

So we just found out we got the Geran Khas Prihatin 2.0. Alhamdulillah!

Taking this opportunity to thank the government as well as Suraya from Ringgit Or Ringgit for her How I Applied for and Spent the RM3000 Geran Khas Prihatin Money for Small Biz blog article. We found out about the grant via her tweet and that prompted us to try applying for it again after failing to get it during the first round.

How do we intend to use the RM3000?

Bills, Bills, Bills! Fund

A third of it would go towards paying for our rent and utility bills at UTM, Skudai. Yes, we have not resumed our business there but we still need to pay for it. Praying for the day when we can start selling again.

Invest, Invest, Invest! Fund

Next in line, spending another third of it on building up our Shopee store. About 2 months ago, we pivoted our business from selling mainly at UTM, Skudai to selling our products online. We started with our chili oil and recently launched our garlic oil. Insha’Allah, by end of this year we plan to launch another product.

The money from this fund would be invested in R&D, A&P, ingredients and packaging. Why do we say invest? Because we are praying and hoping our Shopee store would bring significant returns.

Emergency & Recovery Fund

The remaining third? That goes towards our business emergency and recovery fund. Because once our business reopens in UTM, we need to purchase new ingredients as the ones we have can no longer be used. Would probably need to replace a few things too.

Also, in case we need more money for our bills or Shopee store, we can grab some from this fund.

Got to get back to our R&D! Ending this with Alhamdulillah.