Celebrating Raya With Halal Bak Kwa By Ikhwan Ng

Raya, Raya, Raya, Rayaaaaaa! Selamat Hari Raya!

So we are still in the mood for Raya, however, we are also in the mood for Chinese food! This was what we did with the packet of halal bak kwa we bought from brother Ikhwan Ng. (no, no, no, this post is not sponsored.) We got ours from Lazada, but you can get it from Shopee too.

Just your regular halal bak kwa

Nothing fancy here. We pretty much charred the bak kwa just to get those crunchy bits.

Bak kwa with egg sandwich


It’s almost Eid and we got our hands on halal bak kwa! So we had to share what we made using it. Enjoy! #chinesefood #food #foodlover #foodtiktok #ramadan2022

♬ Mawlaya Salli Wa Sallim – Mohamed Tarek & Mohamed Youssef

Went for something old-school! It’s crazy how simple, yet tasty this is!

We still have rendang, ketupat, lemang, and more Raya dishes stored in the kitchen. Keeping those for guests and whenever we want to have our Raya feast.

Have a great Raya everyone!


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