We Tried Mooncakes From Hikmah FameLee!

Alhamdulillah! We finally got our hands on some Shanghai mooncakes! This particular mooncake has a crumbly exterior and the red bean filling is just nice, not too sweet.

We still have another 2 mooncakes in the fridge – 1 Shanghai mooncake (single yolk lotus paste filling) and 1 snowskin mooncake (rose red bean filling). Keeping those for some other day 😁

Interested to get your hands on some mooncakes? We got ours from Hikmah FameLee.


Location: 19, jalan timah sari, kg kenangan dato onn 1, 8300 batu pahat, johor.

Thanks a lot to Hikmah FameLee for delivering the mooncakes to us! And thanks a lot for the free Snowskin mooncake 冰皮月饼 too!

Besides mooncakes, we also ordered their duck rice. Too bad we didn’t snap any photos before digging in. The food was so yummy and the portions were good! Definitely worth the price.

Oh, and they sell other food items too! Take a look at their menu below!

Everything sounds so good! Must really find the time to go to Batu Pahat and visit their restaurant 😁

[MY] ChindianMuslim Kiosk

Hi Everyone. Craving to eat some Authentic Chinese Halal Street Food & Famous Muar Cuisine at an Affordable Price?

Famous Muar Cuisine
1) Mee Bandung Muar (Jalan Junid) *RM6 🦐🍤🌶🍤🦐😋
2) Soto Muar with Begerdil *RM6 🌶🥔🌶😋
3) Nasi Ayam Penyet Set with Soup *RM6 🍗🍛🌶🌶🌶😋
4) Sirap Bandung Soda Muar *RM2.50🥤😋
5) Kopi o Muar 434 *RM2 ☕😋

Chinese Halal Street Food
1) Penang Har Mee (Prawn Noodles) *RM6🦐🍤🦐🍤🌶🍜
2) Nyonya Kari Laksa Noodles *RM6🌶🍜🌶
3) Wantan Mee Dry / Soup *RM6 🥢🍜
4) White Rice + Kong Pao Chicken Set *RM6.00/set 🍛🌶🍗🌶🍛
5) CMK BBQ Chicken Rice with Soup
*RM6.00/set 🍗😋🍛
6) Po Po’s Home Cooked Chicken Porridge *RM3.00/bowl 🥣😋
7) Chee Cheong Fun Set with Fucuk, Tauhu pok & Fishball *RM5.00/set 😋😋😋
8) Curry Chee Cheong Fun Set *RM5.00/set 🌶🌶🌶
9) Loh Mai Kai (Nasi Pulut Ayam +Cendawan) *RM4.00 per piece 😋
10) Steamed Dim Sum Mix *RM5.50/set of 6pcs. Mix Dim Sum (Chicken Siew Mai, Crab, Seafood, Mushroom, Blackpepper or Salted Egg) 😋🥢🥢🥢
11) Fried Dim Sum Set *RM5.50/set of 4pcs. Mix Fried Dim Sum (Deep Fried Wantan + Crispy Beancurd) 😋
12) Steamed Mini Pau Set *RM3.00/set of 4pcs. Mix Mini Pau fillings (Kaya, Kacang Merah, Coklat, Lotus, Kelapa or Bbq chicken)
13) Steamed Big Pau *RM2.00/piece (Kaya, Kacang Merah, Kelapa, BBQ Chicken, Kari Ayam or Rendang Daging) 😋
14) Pau Cendawan RM3.50/piece 🍄🍄🍄
15) Burger Ayam Salai Madu Manis & Serunding *RM4.50 each 🍔 😋
16) Frozen Big Pau, Mini Pau, Frozen Dim Sum & Loh Mai Kai are also available for sale @ CMK. Pls. Pre Order ❄❄❄

*All food & stocks are subject to availability or while food/stocks last.

Location: 1, Jalan 8, Ampang Jaya, 68000, Ampang

Phone/Whassap: Jasmeen Tay Abdullah 017-8888251

Edited and shared from ChindianMuslim Kiosk Facebook page.