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Hi! We are Karim and Hajar, the duo behind Chinese Muslim Food in Malaysia. We help individuals and companies – specifically Chinese Muslim related – to communicate better to the public.No job is too big or too small for us. Email us at hajar.alwi@gmail or leave a comment in our Contact page to discuss further. 

Our Credentials:

Karim – Expert in Chinese Muslim and China affairs

As a Chinese Muslim from China, I help to bridge the gap between the Chinese community in China with the local community in Malaysia.I specialize in effective communication, advice and consultation – making sure you get the right information, from the right source, at the right time.

Companies I’ve worked with include: Country Garden, Malaysia, Al-Amin Xinjiang Restaurant, Malaysia and Yi Zun Noodle, Singapore.

Hajar – Experienced Writer and Copywriter

I create engaging, dynamic and high-impact content for my clients across the board. My writings have been featured in leading newspapers in Malaysia, international publications as well as various online platforms.

Companies I’ve worked with include: Al-Amin Xinjiang Restaurant, Malaysia, The Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel, Malaysia, Invest in Properties, Australia, Citilink (Member of Garuda Indonesia Group), Indonesia, Expedia, Singapore, Furama Hotels International, Singapore and Yi Zun Noodle,Singapore.

Visit my LinkedIn page for more details.

Advertise with Chinese Muslim Food in Malaysia

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Here’s the deal. Most of the time we don’t charge when we write about Chinese Muslim food businesses in our blog posts, directory and Facebook page.

But if you’d like to feature something specific about your business or direct your products and services to the right target audience, we are available for paid partnerships, including:

  1. Sponsored posts on our website
  2. Social media outreach on our Facebook page.
  3. Or just something totally random that you or we can come up together.

Plus point: Since we’re in the Chinese Muslim food business too, we have the edge in getting your message across.

Writing and Content Creation Services

We are available for all types of writing work, including article writing, social media posts, and translations in Chinese, English and Malay – pretty much everything you need for your advertising and promotional needs.

Why Are We Doing This?

It goes back to our intentions:

  • To encourage healthy conversations among the public about Chinese Muslim food
  • To help Chinese Muslim food businesses gain exposure and increase their business potential
  • To inspire those who are interested in Chinese Muslim food business

For more details, please email us at hajar.alwi@gmail or leave a comment in our Contact page. We’ll get back to you within 3 working days, insha’Allah.

Thanks again for visiting us! Hope you’ll enjoy exploring the rest of our website.

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