Celebrating Raya With Halal Bak Kwa By Ikhwan Ng

Raya, Raya, Raya, Rayaaaaaa! Selamat Hari Raya!

So we are still in the mood for Raya, however, we are also in the mood for Chinese food! This was what we did with the packet of halal bak kwa we bought from brother Ikhwan Ng. (no, no, no, this post is not sponsored.) We got ours from Lazada, but you can get it from Shopee too.

Just your regular halal bak kwa

Nothing fancy here. We pretty much charred the bak kwa just to get those crunchy bits.

Bak kwa with egg sandwich


It’s almost Eid and we got our hands on halal bak kwa! So we had to share what we made using it. Enjoy! #chinesefood #food #foodlover #foodtiktok #ramadan2022

♬ Mawlaya Salli Wa Sallim – Mohamed Tarek & Mohamed Youssef

Went for something old-school! It’s crazy how simple, yet tasty this is!

We still have rendang, ketupat, lemang, and more Raya dishes stored in the kitchen. Keeping those for guests and whenever we want to have our Raya feast.

Have a great Raya everyone!


The Ultimate Halal Bakkwa List

Updated as of 27 January 2022.

The infamous bakkwa. It has so many names. Some call it dried meat, some call it sliced meat, some even call it barbecued meat. In case you’re not familiar with it, bakkwa is traditionally made of pork, beef or mutton. These days, it has become much easier to find halal bakkwa made of halal beef or chicken in Malaysia.

How does it taste like?

Well, we love the sweet and slightly salty version. Haven’t tried other flavours though. The texture of the bakkwa in our opinion is similar to jerky and it’s nice to eat it as it is or with bread. Sometimes we cut it into smaller pieces and add it to our fried rice.

Wait, you mentioned there’s halal bakkwa in Malaysia?

Yeap! And this is where we move on to the part where we highlight how or where you can find halal bakkwa. We did some digging around and found not one, not two, but more than five places where you can get your halal bakkwa fix!

Enough chit-chatting. Let’s get started, shall we?

Ikhwan Ng’s Halal Delight

A Chinese Muslim seller who provides authentic Chinese traditional foods which is certified Halal by JAKIM.

This is where we get our bakkwa supply. We bought from Brother Ikhwan once and we just stuck to buying bakkwa from him. Perhaps now that we know there are other sellers out there, we should give them a chance and try their bakkwa too.

Available products on Shopee Malaysia: Ikhwan Ng Halal Delight-Ayam Salai/Halal Bakkwa/Dried Meat:Manis Madu ORI 1KG, Ikhwan Ng Halal Delight-Ayam Salai/Halal Bak Kwa/Dried Meat : Manis Madu ORI 500G, Ayam Salai/Halal Bakkwa – Black Pepper 500gm, and Ayam Salai/Halal Bakkwa – Black Pepper 1KG.

Available products on Lazada Malaysia: Ikhwan Ng Halal Delight – Ayam Salai/Halal Bak Kwa/Dried Meat : Manis Madu ORI 500G, Ikhwan Ng Halal Delight- Ayam Salai / Halal Bakkwa /Dried Meat:Manis Madu ORI 1KG,

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LoLiLi’s Delights (HALAL food)

Traditional Chinese Food by the 2 Chinese Muslims; Bakkwa, Bakchang, Lupcheong, etc

A family member tried their bakchang before and said it was pretty legit. Maybe we should try their bakkwa one of these days.

Available products on Shopee Malaysia: Halal CHICKEN Bakkwa … READY STOCK, HALAL CHICKEN Bakkwa (COIN-shaped) FESTIVE SEASONS ONLY, CNY2022 Halal Bakkwa/BakHoo Giftsets – READY STOCK


Ikea has halal bakkwa? No kidding! Apparently they started having it last year and we were totally clueless about it. If you’re unable to head to Ikea to get a box of their BBQ Chicken Dried Meat, you could probably order via the Shopee link below.

Available products on Shopee Malaysia: Ikea BBQ Chicken Dried Meat 500g (Original) HALAL

Available products on Lazada Malaysia: IKEA x Secret Recipe [HALAL] CNY BAKKWA cookies biscuit pineapple roll cheese Nutty bar butter prune layer cake BBQ CHICKEN DRIED MEAT鸡肉肉干年饼黄梨酥千层糕

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Dendeng Bakar (Formerly Dendeng Cik Midah)

Oh hey, dendeng! We never really thought that dendeng is similar to bakkwa, but that’s probably because the dendeng that our family makes looks and tastes nothing like bakkwa.

We’ve never tried Dendeng Cik Midah, so do let us know if it’s remotely similar.

Available products on Shopee Malaysia: Dendeng Bak Kwa HALAL (LEMBU) 200g – (Original / Spicy / Honey) Dendeng Singapore Kahwin Bak Kwa by Dendeng Cik Midah and Dendeng Temasek / Dendeng Singapore – NEW PRODUCT Dendeng Bakar 200g (1-3 Orang Makan).


In the We Tried Halal Chinese Sausages! blog post, we tried their halal Chinese sausages and felt those were pretty good. Now they’ve come up with halal bakkwa too.

Available products on Shopee Malaysia:HALAL Bakkwa Ayam Salai Dried Meat Manis Madu Chinese New Year CNY Food Dishes 300g


Could probably give this a try too. They have Original, Spicy & Black Pepper bakkwa flavours, plus the feedback looks good.

Available products on Shopee Malaysia:HALAL – Mushroom Snack-Bak Kwa 黑胡椒香菇肉干 Black Pepper, 新年 CNY Original Mushroom Snack (HALAL) -Bak Kwa 香菇肉干 Ahimsa 200g

Random Sellers

And we found another halal bakkwa seller on Shopee. We’re pretty curious about it because the packaging looks amazing. Let us know if you’ve tried this too.

Available products on Shopee Malaysia: Halal Homemade Bak Kwa (daging salai)

Available products on Lazada Malaysia: Homemade Halal Bak Kwa Ayam – Daging Salai Dendeng

Anybody looking for Kuching made halal bakkwa?

Available products on Shopee Malaysia: Halal Bak Kwa local Kuching made

Another certified halal bakkwa seller!

Available products on Lazada Malaysia: Halal Ayam Salai / Bakkwa Chicken 清真鸡肉干

That sums up our post for today. Have you bought your Chinese New Year gifts for family and friends yet? Well, you could consider giving them a pack of halal bakkwa. Trust us, they’ll love you for it.

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