Chinese Muslim Food In Malaysia

What You Find When You Jump Over The Great Wall Of China

About Us

As’salaamualaikum, Peace Be Upon You!

Hi! We are Karim and Hajar. As a couple who runs a Chinese Muslim food business, we definitely have this fascination with Chinese Muslim food.

But we thought we should give more value to our customers, who like us, love to eat Chinese Muslim food.

Just go through the tabs to read our Chinese Muslim food blog or search through our Chinese Muslim food directory.

We intend to list as many Chinese Muslim eateries and food products as possible, but please drop us a message or email us at if you know of any that we missed.

Curious To Know Why We Name Ourselves Kaijia?

To make a long story short, it’s a combination of both our names. Karim’s Chinese name is Kai and my Chinese name is Jia. Pretty neat eh?

Hope you’ll enjoy reading the rest of the blog!

Thank you!

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