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[MY] Kuala Lumpur Chinese Muslim Restaurants

Finding Chinese Muslim restaurants in Kuala Lumpur can be super easy! Just scroll down below or do a quick search via our search bar.

But how about the Chinese Muslim restaurants in other states in Malaysia? All you have to do is to click here for the complete list!

Note: Please notify us if you know of any Chinese Muslim restaurants that we missed or if there are any mistakes in the information provided below. Thanks!

Last updated on 24 January 2020.

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[MY] Botanica DIM SUM

Can’t miss that banner!

Hari ni saya ingin berkongsi kedai Botanica DIM SUM yang diusahakan oleh seorang sahabat cina muslim Norman Liew bersama isteri Melayunya.. Bukan sahaja jual Dim Sum sebanyak 24 jenis dengan harga RM3 saja sepiring, di kedai juga ada jual Mee Wantan tahu 😋😋 memang masakan cina yang cukup glemer tu Alhamdulillah kini dah ada yang halal. Wantan Mee hanya RM5 ye..

Dan juga ada western dan Laksa Balik Pulau. Bagi kawan yang ada singgah Balik Pulau boleh la cuba.. Waktu CNY meniaga seperti biasa. Jom sokong bisnes saudara muslim kita 💪 Continue reading “[MY] Botanica DIM SUM”

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[MY] Hong Kong Roast

Hong Kong Roast. We first tried their food at Food Republic in Pavillion KL. Surprisingly enough, the person who recommended it to us is a Singaporean! And she was there on a holiday!

The second time we tried their food was at AEON Wangsa Maju Shopping Centre. It was one of those days where the family decided to takeaway something for dinner and my sister chose Hong Kong Roast.

Now, the third time was at the Food Arcade, Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru. We wanted to have an early dinner, but not something that was too heavy.

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Where To Go For Chinese New Year Reunion Dinners?

Just a few more days till Chinese New Year! We reckon that some families will choose to have their reunion dinners at home, while others prefer to have it outside. If you are the latter and haven’t found a place to celebrate it yet, then this post is perfect for you!

Celebrating Chinese New Year with Chinese Muslim dishes can be as easy as pie. Since restaurants in general would come up with promotions and packages in conjunction with the festive season, we’d try to highlight the ones we know. All in favour of gastronomic feasting!

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Top 3 Snacks You Should Try For Chinese New Year

So Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Although K doesn’t celebrate it, we have family and friends who do. To all our family and friends who would be traveling during this festive season, we pray you’d have a safe and pleasant journey.

Like other festivities, Chinese New Year comes with the annual ritual of feasting! This is the time you’ll see your Chinese friends going out for those reunion dinners, tossing yee sang, and just having a good time over food.

Now, if you’re one of those who haven’t gotten the chance to try any Chinese New Year delicacies, don’t feel bad. These days, there are halal variations of the snacks and some can even be delivered to your doorstep!

Don’t believe us? Well, read on!

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[MY] Hezhou Restaurant

About two weeks ago, my sister brought my dad to this new Chinese Muslim restaurant in KL – Hezhou Restaurant.

Dad ordered Ba Bao Cha (八宝茶) and my sister ordered Chrysanthemum tea.

Now Ba Bao Cha can be loosely translated as “8 Treasures Tea”. It basically means the tea has 8 types of ingredients. There may be slight variations in terms of the ingredients used in other restaurants, but common ingredients include tea leaves, red dates, goji berries, longan, and rock sugar.

As for my sister’s Chrysanthemum tea, hers was infused with goji berries. A nice touch for that slight natural sweetness. Continue reading “[MY] Hezhou Restaurant”