Kaijia: Our Dumplings Are Making A Comeback!

Amazing news to all dumpling lovers!

After spending a year and a half focusing on our Chilli Oils, we decided it’s high time we bring back our frozen dumplings.

So we have two flavours: beef and carrots, and chicken and mushrooms. The dumplings go for RM15/bag and each bag has 20 pieces of frozen dumplings.

The dumplings, along with other products, will be available at our outlet in Arked Cengal, UTM, Skudai.

That’s right. We’re opening an outlet there on 1st June, insha’Allah. (Shoot, just realised it’s tomorrow! So much more to do, so little time!).

Hope this explains why we haven’t been posting much.

Now if you’re ever in the area, we hope you will find the time to drop by our outlet. It’s not always about buying our products. We welcome you to come over to say hi, for a chat, or to catch up on things and stuff.

Getting Our Products In Singapore

Also, ever since we posted about the comeback of our dumplings on our social pages, we have been receiving enquiries from those in Singapore as they are keen on buying our products in Singapore too. While we are amazed by the response, we still haven’t figured out how to actually sell our products there.

As such, we appreciate any leads and advice regarding this.

Thanks a lot for supporting us all this while! Now we have to continue preparing for the opening of our very first Kaijia outlet. Feeling super stoked!


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