The Ultimate Halal Chilli Oil List

We recently shared on our TikTok account one of the home-style chilli oil recipes our family back in China makes. What we didn’t expect was for the video to receive more than 36.1k views and counting!


Reply to @airinana99 Finally got to share one of our family’s Chilli Oil recipes. Enjoy! #chillioil #辣椒油 #foodie #foodlover #myfoodie #makanlokal

♬ IU SONG(Chinese Ver.) – 黛西的津威呢

Wait, don’t you sell chilli oil? Why do you share how to make chilli oil on your TikTok account?

Here’s the thing. Just because we sell chilli oil doesn’t mean we can’t share how to make a simple version of it. Besides, our family has many different ways to make chilli oil and we’re just sharing one of it.

Right. So what’s with this ultimate halal chilli oil list then?

We were recently told that we should make products that appeal to everyone. But the truth is we can’t satisfy everyone as each person has his and her own preferences. For example, there are those who prefer a far more spicier version. There are also those who prefer a sweeter version.

Fact is, just because we make and sell chilli oil, doesn’t mean everyone would like our version of it.

So this list here?

It’s just us giving potential chilli oil buyers the option to make a choice. To make it easier for them to reach out to other chilli oil sellers and find the chilli oil version they like the most.

Wouldn’t this mean that you’ll be directing potential customers to other sellers?

Yes, because we strongly believe that the market is huge enough to cater to every chilli oil seller.

Now that we’ve got that off our chest, let’s get on with the list.

The Ultimate Halal Chilli Oil List on Shopee Malaysia (Including the Muslim-Friendly ones)

(Chinese Muslim Product) Kaijia Signature Chilli Oil 辣椒油 Minyak Cili (Produk Cina Muslim) – 1.5k sold on Shopee Malaysia

Obviously we had to start with our chilli oils – Signature Chilli Oil & Premium Chilli Oil. Our chilli oils are made in a Muslim kitchen using a China Chinese Muslim recipe. Made without preservatives, MSG or any nasties, our chilli oils are suitable for vegetarians too! Our products are also made to order to ensure the freshness and quality aspect.

CHILI OIL (HALAL & PREMIUM) – 788 sold on Shopee Malaysia

Halal & Premium Rasa sambal yang pedas dan autentik resepi keluarga. Sekali rasa pasti sentiasa nak lagi. Sambal pembuka selera. Sesuai dimakan sahaja dengan nasi panas. Atau sebagai sambal cicah semua jenis makanan seperti ayam goreng, ikan goreng, dim sum, mee goreng, tambahan rasa kawww kepada sup anda! Sesuai juga utuk tumisan asas bila masak nasi goreng, mee goreng, dll. Makan apa jer mesti nak ada Chili Oil ni!!

(HALAL) CHILI OIL HOMEMADE (100g-150ml) – 529 sold on Shopee Malaysia


Qistchen Crispy Garlic Chili Oil – 200gram – 482 sold on Shopee Malaysia

Kami menggunakan premium chili flakes & bawang putih krispi di dalam Crispy Garlic Chili Oil kami. 100% Halal dan Bumiputra produk! Crispy Garlic Chili Oil is a condiment made from vegetable oil that has been infused with chili peppers and garlic. Use in your cooking or as a finishing touch or topping to your food. And it is 100% Halal! Bumiputra Product

Chilli Garlic Oil by Ti Chah (Pasti Sedap) keluaran Muslim dan dijamin kebersihannya. – 144 sold on Shopee Malaysia

Diperbuat tanpa menggunakan bahan pengawet. Boleh di makan bersama bermacam² jenis makanan,sup,sayur,mee kari dan sebagainya. Sedap juga dimakan dengan nasi panas. Produk diperbuat dari dapur Muslim dan dijamin kebersihannya.

HALAL HOMEMADE CHILLI OIL /秘制辣子油 – 132 sold on Shopee Malaysia

Rasa asli Muslim China. Dijadikan sos untuk dumpling, steamboat, salad. Diguna dalam masakan. Dimakan bersama sup, contoh bihun sup, mee sup dll.

Chili Oil WARISAN TOKMA – 110 sold on Shopee Malaysia

Prepare with love with flavourful condiments that can be added to your serve meal. To enjoy your choices with your favorite noodles, rice, fried rice, porridge, steamboat, dim sum, pasta, pizza, sandwiches, dumpling, wonton soup, steamed veggies, soups, pizza, pasta, or just any type of dish that you can enjoy some extra flavor!

‼️READY STOCK‼️GARLIC CHILLI OIL Buatan Muslim ±250ml – 97 sold on Shopee Malaysia

Boleh digunakan untuk mengoreng, sebagai sos makanan kegemaran, dimakan dengan sup, dicampur dalam bubur nasi, digunakan sebagai perapan.

【Yan’s】🔥Flaming HOT🔥 Halal Mala Chili Oil 200g, VEGAN Friendly, Buatan Malaysia & HACCP Certified. 麻辣辣椒油 – 33 sold on Shopee Malaysia

The urge of needing more Chili varieties has driven me to do research and study of making a good Chili. After tons of unsuccessful trials and finally a reduced “numbness” version of the Szechuan Chili with added local ingredients and spices recipe – Yan’s Chili Oil has came out right! ✨ With over 20+ kinds of ingredient in the recipe gives a very deepening flavors and layers of taste and spiciness too! You can use Yan’s Chili Oil basically in anything.

🔥Ready Stock🔥 CHILI GARLIC OIL homemade by Cili’s Kitchen – 16 sold on Shopee Malaysia

Homemade Muslim Produk‼️ CHILI GARLIC OIL by Cili’s Kitchen. Ready to eat.. 100% Natural. Tanpa msg. Tanpa pengawet. Produk Bumiputera. Bersih & Halal.

Need ideas on how to use chilli oil?

Read our blog posts: Great Ways To Use Chilli Oil In Everyday Cooking, Recipe: 酸辣萝卜, Recipe: Spicy Baked Potatoes

Alternatively, you can check out our Instagram, Facebook & TikTok accounts for more great ideas.

Found a chilli oil seller not listed in our list? Let us know in the comments section and we’ll add it in.


Top 10 Traditional Chinese New Year Snacks We Love To Eat During Raya Too!

The thing about living in Malaysia is we’re a melting pot of cultures, living among people from various races. Perhaps it’s not too farfetched to say that we often bond together over food too! Makes perfect sense since most of the time we can seat at the same table, enjoying each other’s food, regardless of the occasion.

So today, we’re going to talk about the top 10 traditional Chinese New Year snacks, you guessed it, we often eat during Raya too!

Having this list would make it a lot easier for us to prepare gifts for our family and friends who are celebrating Raya and/or Chinese New Year. Oh, and we’re including recipe links too in case any of you would be keen to make some for your family and friends.

Kuih Bangkit 薯粉饼

These traditional coconut cream cookies are so light, airy and fragrant! We love how the cookie effortlessly melts in the mouth. We enjoyed it as a kid and we’re still loving it. Did we mention it’s gluten-free?

Recipe: Extra crumbly KUIH BANGKIT

Kuih Ros, Kuih Rose, Kuih Loyang, Kuih Kembang Goyang, Rosettes Cookies, Honeycomb Cookies, Beehive Cookies 蜂窝饼

This thin, crispy fried pastry used to be one of our favourite snacks. We don’t have it as often now since it’s not easy to find good ones. Or maybe it’s because we haven’t bought it in a long time? Yeah, we can be a bit fussy when it comes to good food.


Popia Udang, Popia Udang Kering, Popia Mini Udang, Mini Spicy Shrimp Rolls 虾米卷

Krup krap, krup krap! Believe us, these super crunchy snacks are to die for! Like seriously! These snacks are so addictive that you can finish the entire packet in one seating! There’s no sharing when it comes to popia udang. It’s every man for himself!

Recipe: Mini Spicy Prawn Rolls

Kuih Bahulu 蛋花糕

This traditional fluffy cake is a classic favourite, at least in our household. We often have it with black coffee and it’s not limited to festive occasions only. There’s just something about pairing this sweet cake with a cup of bitter coffee. You can get kuih bahulu in all sorts of shapes and flavours, though our favourite is still the traditional kuih bahulu cermai.

Recipe: Kuih Bahulu

Tart Nenas, Pineapple Tarts 凤梨挞

There’s actually quite a wide range of pineapple tarts available in the market. These tarts come in all sorts of shapes – from rolled ones to flower shaped ones. Some are buttery and crumbly, while some are super delicate and would just melt in your mouth. Whichever type you choose, having a jar of this at home is a surefire way to lift up the atmosphere.

Recipe: Nyonya Pineapple Tarts

Kuih Koya, Putu Kacang Hijau, Mung Bean Cookies 绿豆糕, 绿豆饼

Shaped by wooden molds, these delicate cookies are traditionally sun dried or baked at low temperatures. To be honest, we weren’t a fan of these when we were kids. Perhaps age has caught up with us as now we have developed a liking towards it.

Recipe: Mung Bean Cookies or Kuih Koya aka Putu Kacang (绿豆糕/绿豆饼)

Kek Lapis, Layer Cake 千层蛋糕

In our family, we are very much into lapis legit and kek lapis Betawi. But throughout Malaysia, we think just about everyone would know the famous kek lapis Sarawak. How do we eat it? Layer by layer. There’s that indescribable satisfying feeling to be able to peel off the layers and savour it a piece at a time.

Recipe: Kek Lapis Sarawak (Sarawak Layer Cake)

Rempeyek, Peyek 花生脆饼

A deep-fried savoury crispy snack that we used to make and keep in big metal tins. Nowadays, we just buy these. We love the ones that have lots of nuts, spices and anchovies on it. A perfect snack for any time of the day, we usually have rempeyek while watching TV. It’s like our version of the popcorn.

Recipe: Rempeyek Kacang Tanah Asli Yang Rangup, Berempah Dan Paling Sedap Dengan Resepi Sukatan Cawan

Kuih Siput 螺旋饼

We don’t think there’s an English name for this. In fact, a direct translation of it would probably be ‘snail biscuit’. Sounds gross, eh? Don’t let the name fool you though. This is one of those snacks that you need to have on your table. Crunchy, with a tint of spiciness, you’d be popping these in your mouth faster than you can say its’ name.

Recipe: Resepi Kuih Siput Rangup

Biskut Suji, Sugee Cookies 苏吉饼

Should we mention that this is another cookie that we absolutely love? It is! There’s a slight crunch when you bite into sugee cookies. As soon as you get past the crunchy experience, you’d get hit by a sudden burst of intense crumbly goodness swirling in your mouth. Delicious!

Recipe: Sugee Cookies – Makes Melt-in-Your-Mouth Magic!

No time to make any of these snacks? The good news is most of these can be bought easily at most supermarkets, bakeries, and even online marketplaces! A quick Google search should lead you to them.

The Ultimate List of Popular Chinese Dishes Written In Chinese, English & Malay

Have you ever experienced this before?

You enter a Chinese Muslim restaurant, flip through the menu, and immediately notice that the menu is written entirely in Chinese! That is pretty common in China and if you go to certain restaurants, the menu may not even come with any pictures so that makes it all the more difficult for you to order something if you can’t read Chinese characters.

Would you experience that in Malaysia?

The good news is probably not since most of the menus in Chinese Muslim restaurants in Malaysia do come with English, Malay, or both languages translations. Bear in mind that the translations could sometimes be slightly off.

What’s the big deal then?

Well, we know how frustrating it could be to enter a restaurant and not knowing what to order simply because we don’t understand the menu. So we thought, why don’t we come up with a comprehensive list of popular and commonly found Chinese dishes in all three languages?

Not only do you get to learn the Chinese, English and Malay names of your favourite Chinese dishes, we hope that by doing this it will make it easier for you to order your food the next time you enter a Chinese Muslim restaurant. Maybe this would entice you to try other dishes too!

Do take note that some of the English translations are based on the commonly used names often found in Chinese restaurants and menus. For the ones that are not available, our translations are based on the closest possible meaning. The same goes for Malay translations too.

This post will be updated and revised regularly, so make sure you bookmark it for ease of access.

Last updated on 20 April 2021.


1.羊肉辣皮子拌面Spicy Lamb Meat Fried NoodlesMi Goreng Kambing Masak Cili
2.过油肉拌面Dry Noodles With Sautéed MeatMi Goreng Daging
3.土豆丝拌面Shredded Potatoes Fried NoodlesMi Goreng Masak Dengan Kentang Hiris
4.干煸炒面Stir Fried NoodlesMi Goreng
5.丁丁炒面Ding Ding NoodlesMi Goreng Ding Ding
6.兰州牛肉面Lanzhou Beef Noodle SoupMi Sup Cara Lanzhou
7.炸酱面ZhajiangmianMi Goreng Masak Taucu
8.云吞面Wonton Noodle Mi Wantan
9.油泼扯面Biangbiang NoodlesMi Biangbiang
10.担担面Dan Dan NoodlesMi Dan Dan
11.凉皮Cold Skin NoodlesMi Sejuk
12. 炒粿條Char Kway TeowKewtiau Goreng
13.滑蛋河Flat Rice Noodles in Egg GravyMi Hong Kong, Mi Kungfu, Mi Kantonis
14.板面Hakka Flat Noodle Soup (Pan Mee)Pan Mi
15.福建炒麵Hokkien MeeMi Hokkien


1.辣子鸡Sichuan Spicy ChickenAyam Masak Sichuan
2.大盘鸡Big Plate ChickenAyam Pinggan Besar
3.香辣虾Spicy ShrimpUdang Masak Cili
4.蒜香牛肉Beef Cubes In GarlicDaging Lembu Masak Bawang Putih
5.香辣鸡块Spicy Cubed ChickenAyam Masak Cili
6.羊肉炒烤肉Barbecue Fried LambKambing Panggang Goreng
7.土豆烧牛肉Stewed Beef With PotatoesDaging Masak Dengan Kentang
8.过油肉菜Wonton Noodle Mi Wantan
9.牛肉加沙Jia Sha Style BeefDaging Masak Jia Sha
10.红烧丸子Braised MeatballsBebola Daging
11.黑木耳炒肉Black Fungus Fried With MeatCendawan Hitam Goreng Dengan Daging
12.牛肉什锦肉Mixed Vegetables Fried With BeefSayur Campur Goreng Dengan Daging
13.凉拌牛肉Beef SaladSalad Daging
14.香辣鸡瓜Spicy Chicken FeetKaki Ayam Masak Cili
15.木耳山药Sautéed Chinese Yam With Black FungusCendawan Telinga Masak Dengan Keladi Cina
16.家常豆腐Home-Style TofuTauhu
17.酸辣茄子Sour & Spicy Fried EggplantsTerung Goreng Masak Masam Pedas
18.酸辣土豆丝菜Sour & Spicy Fried Potato StripsKentang Goreng Masak Masam Pedas
19.西红柿炒鸡蛋Fried Eggs With TomatoesTelur Goreng Dengan Tomato
20.木耳油白菜Black Fungus Cooked With Chinese CabbageCendawan Telinga Masak Dengan Kubis Cina
21.青椒肚丝Green Capsicum Cooked With TripeLada Benggala Hijau Masak Dengan Babat
22.紫菜蛋花汤Egg and Seaweed SoupSup Telur dan Rumpai Laut
23.麻婆豆腐Mapo TofuMapo Tofu

Dim Sum

1.点心Dim SumDim Sum
2.包子Steamed Buns, BaoKuih Pau
3.馒头Chinese Steamed Buns, MantouRoti Mantou
7.粽子Sticky Rice DumplingsKuih Chang
8.糯米雞Lotus Leaf WrapLo Mai Gai
10.肠粉Rice Noodle RollChee Cheong Fun
11.春卷Spring RollsPopia
12.虾饺Shrimp DumplingsDumpling Udang
13.凤爪Chicken FeetKaki Ayam
14.萝卜糕Radish CakeKuih Lobak Putih
15.马拉糕Chinese Steamed CakeKuih Kukus
16.蛋挞Egg TartTart Telur
17.煎䭔Deep Fried Sesame BallsKuih Bom
18.芋角Taro DumplingsDumpling Keladi
19.豆腐花Soybean PuddingTau Fu Fa


1.八宝粥Eight Treasure PorridgeBubur Kacang, Buah-Buahan Kering, Bijirin
2.八宝饭Eight Treasure Rice PuddingPuding Pulut, Kacang, Buah-Buahan Kering, Bijirin
3.红豆汤Red Bean SoupBubur Kacang Merah
4.绿豆汤Green Bean SoupBubur Kacang Hijau
5.冰糖雪梨Steamed Pears With Rock SugarPir Kukus
6.杏仁豆腐Almond JellyAgar-Agar Badam

Noticed that we missed some dishes? Let us know in the comments section and we’ll add it to the list, insha’Allah!