Hot Chilli Oil!

As’salaamualaikum, peace be upon everyone!

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How many of us love chili to bits?

If you have been buying food from us, you would know that we often serve our dumplings with chili oil – made using loads and loads of dried chilies!

Of course there are other ingredients in our chili oil. We put in sesame, onions and a few other condiments to bring out a more flavourful and aromatic experience. Continue reading “Hot Chilli Oil!”

Xinjiang Kaobao

As’salaamualaikum, peace be upon everyone!


Recently we launched our latest product – the Xinjiang Kaobao! Yeay!

In today’s blog post, we will spill the details about it and why you, yes you, should grab a bag of these the next time you visit us. Or you can always order from us and we can deliver it to you.

Continue reading “Xinjiang Kaobao”

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