2022: A List Of Halal Chinese New Year Biscuits, Snacks & Food You Can Buy On Shopee Malaysia

It’s that time of the year again! All the malls are decked with Chinese New Year decorations and goodies, and although we don’t celebrate the festival, we have family and friends that do celebrate it. We’re thinking of getting gifts for them, so we’ve been looking at things on Shopee Malaysia.

Here are the ones that caught our eyes. We broke it into sections, making it easier for you to browse through.

Cookies & Biscuits

[Halal] 27 Type CNY Cookies/Biscuits (27款年饼)

Special Kuih Kapit, Pineapple Roll, Honeycomb, Peanut Cookie, and Salted Cashew Nut are just some of the things they have in their store. Like these happen to be our favourite biscuits and snacks too! We don’t know about you lot, but besides buying for friends and family we’d probably get a couple for our own consumption too.

Here’s another store that sells a selection of halal traditional Chinese New Year cookies. We love Almond Cookies, Peanut Cookies, Sugee Cashew Cookies, & Kuih Bangkit! Gah, by the looks of it we might get a bottle or two from them too!

Yong Sheng CNY Cookies~ [Ready Stock] Prosperity Gift Pack 百福臻礼包 (2tins CNY Cookies 2罐年饼)Halal

We have a bit of a confession here—we have a thing for food that come in tins. There’s just a nostalgia feeling to it. When we were kids, we often get sweets, biscuits, and cookies in tins, and we loved how beautiful the tins looked. Until now, we still have some of those tins at home. (filled with sewing materials, etc.)

Their selection include Almond Cookies, Cashew Nut Cookies, Coconut Crispy Roll, Green Pea Cookies, Carnival Pineapple, Pineapple Jam Filled Cookies (Pandan), Salted Egg Yolk Cookies, Walnut Cookies, and Cranberry Butter Cookies.

Nuts & Snacks

MAHNAZ FOOD – NUTS PROMOTION Pistachio/Cashew Nut/Brazil Nut/Walnut/Charcoal/Hazelnut (500g)

Wanna go nuts over nuts? We love to snack on nuts, regardless of the time of the year. Our top favourite? Roasted and lightly salted cashews! We’ve bought food items from Mahnaz Food before and felt satisfied with it. It’s just that we never bought it online. The reviews are great though.

[Halal] Dried Vegetable Snack Chips & Crisps Healthy Snacks Food Diet 蔬菜干 Okra Shiitake Garlic Lotus Seed Potato Radish

How about getting something healthy for this Chinese New Year? Some of the dried vegetable snack chips & crisps they have in their store include Shiitake Mushroom, Okra, Purple Potato, Red Radish, Yam, Garlic Lotus Seed, Crunchy Garlic, and Tempura Eggplant.

CNY Biscuit 年饼 Dried Shrimp Curry Puff 虾米咖喱角/ Udang Kering Curry Puff (HALAL) [Homemade] 250gm++

We grew up eating Dried Shrimp Curry Puffs and have always thought these are just one of the best snacks ever made! Melodramatic, much? Maybe. But this is one of the things you’ve got to try if you’ve never tried it. Finding good ones are hard these days, and we really hope these would turn out good.

Meats & Cuts

新年 CNY Original Mushroom Snack (HALAL) -Bak Kwa 香菇肉干 200g

Oh hey, it’s another seller on Shopee Malaysia selling halal bakkwa! We don’t think we’ve included them in The Ultimate Halal Bakkwa List blog post. Could probably give this a try. They have Original, Spicy & Black Pepper bakkwa flavours, plus the feedback looks good.

HALAL Bakkwa Ayam Salai Dried Meat Manis Madu Chinese New Year CNY Food Dishes 300g

And there’s another seller selling halal bak kwa!! In the We Tried Halal Chinese Sausages! blog post, we tried their halal Chinese sausages and felt those were pretty good. Now they’ve come up with halal bakkwa too.

Ikea BBQ Chicken Dried Meat <CNY Pack> 500g (Original) HALAL

Ikea has done it again! They came up with their own version of halal bakkwa! We read about it like a couple of years ago, yet we never got the chance to try it. Perhaps this is a sign. Gotta buy ’em all!

So there we have our list of halal Chinese New Year biscuits, snacks, and food you can buy on Shopee Malaysia! We still haven’t decided what to buy. Let us know if you have any recommendations for us.

We Tried Halal Chinese Sausages!

You read that right. Did you know you can now get halal Chinese sausages on Shopee? Another name for it is lap cheong, but this is halal lap cheong!

We actually mentioned this before in a previous blog post: Finding The 3 Best Chinese Muslim Food Products To Try In 2021: On Shopee Malaysia

Crazy right? Like we still can’t get over the fact that we can now get halal Chinese sausages!

We’ll drop the link again for those interested to get their hands on it: HALAL Sosej Ayam Cina Muslim Chinese Muslim Street Food Chinese Chicken Sausage Lap Cheong

So yeah, we bought 2 packets of halal Chinese sausages from them. [Yes, this is not a sponsored post. We were not paid to write this. Anybody wanna sponsor us?] Each packet has 2 pieces of the sausages and costs RM10.68 at the time of writing. The size of the sausages are slightly smaller than regular sausages.

Is the price expensive or cheap?

Like we’ve never bought it before so we don’t know what’s the right price for it. Taste-wise, it was quite unique to us. Has that strong charred, yet sweet taste. Quite similar to sweet bak kwa.

How do you eat halal Chinese sausages?

We tried three ways: fried rice, toasted eggs with halal Chinese sausage on toast, and one-pot rice cooker dish. The one-pot rice cooker dish wins hands-down! Want to see the end-results? Check the videos on our TikTok account.

Do you know any other way to eat Chinese sausages? Let us know in the comments section.

Update: We tried Hotpot Kitchen’s Mala Sauce!

Not too long ago, we bought a bottle of Hotpot Kitchen Mala Sauce 麻辣香锅麻辣酱料 (200g) *Halal Certified* on Shopee Malaysia. We’ve seen their restaurants at shopping malls, though we’ve never tried their food because as far as we know, none of their restaurants are JAKIM halal certified.

All we could do then was just walk past their outlets and whenever we get tempted, we’d make our own hotpot at home.

Then one day we came across their Shopee listing and you can imagine how excited we got when we found out their mala sauce is halal certified!

Naturally, we had to buy it.

We’ve used their Mala Sauce 麻辣香锅麻辣酱料 to make mala xiang guo a couple of times and we love it! The sauce makes it so convenient to make mala xiang guo, especially when we want to eat something yummy in a snap! But don’t take our words at 100% because we did add other condiments to the sauce. We didn’t really make the mala xiang guo just by using their sauce.

So the question now is, could you make mala xiang guo just by using their sauce?

You could. Though we can’t tell for certain how it’d turn out. Do try and let us know.

Then why did we add other condiments to the sauce?

We’ve always added other condiments to store-bought sauces and pastes. It’s just how we roll.

Speaking of mala xiang guo, we haven’t made in a while. With the kind of weather we’ve been having here in Johor Bahru, we should make it again soon.

Update 26 Nov 2021: Hotpot Kitchen contacted us and said the Mala Mala restaurants located at IOI City Mall and Mid Valley Megamall are their sister restaurants. Guess we have another place to go to when we make our next trip to KL!

Finding The 3 Best Chinese Muslim Food Products To Try In 2021: On Shopee Malaysia

In today's post, we will list down 3 Chinese Muslim products that we plan to purchase through Shopee Malaysia by year end, insha'Allah.

Naturally, we would list Kaijia as one of the best Chinese Muslim products you can find on Shopee Malaysia to try in 2021. But this post isn’t about us. In today’s post, we will list down 3 Chinese Muslim products that we plan to purchase through Shopee Malaysia by year end, insha’Allah.

The reason behind this post is we’ve been seeing more people selling Chinese Muslim food products online. We think that it’s a good move and this is our way of showing our support and giving them the extra mileage. Let’s get on to our list, shall we?

HALAL Sosej Ayam Cina Muslim Chinese Muslim Street Food Chinese Chicken Sausage Lap Cheong

To tell you the truth, we have never tried lap cheong. That’s mainly because it’s not easy to find halal lap cheong anywhere in Malaysia. Like, you can’t go to your neighbourhood shopping mall or supermarket and expect to find halal lap cheong.

Since we’ve never tried it, we won’t know what to expect. We have all sorts of questions running through our head. How would it taste like? Would the halal lap cheong taste as authentic as the real deal? Could we stomach it?

All questions aside, the reviews sounded good though and we have to say, the photos do look strikingly similar to the non-halal version.


Now this is something that we are extremely familiar with. There’s just something delectable about green beans tausa pia. The delicate layers of the pastry, the perfect blend of the sweetness and saltiness of the green beans, you just have to try it to fall in love with it.

The ones that we tried before this are mostly made in Ipoh, but it’d be nice to try these homemade ones for a change. The seller has great reviews and the tausa pia do look proper. We are quite amazed that the buyers managed to receive the tausa pia in good condition.

If 10 pieces are too many, the seller sells it in 6 pieces too. We’d probably get the 6 pieces trip pack so we can try different types of tausa pia. Available in pandan, green bean, red bean, and chicken floss.

Halal Chinese Vercemille Sour & Spicy

Confession time. We are not big fans of instant noodles. In fact, we can count how often we have it in a year. This year alone, we’ve only had it three times! So why did this make it into our list?


Not too long ago, we bought a pack of حلال MANSIWEI HALAL smell-les river snails rice noodle Luosifen 曼私味无臭清真螺蛳粉中国正宗柳州特产酸辣螺丝粉米线320gChina Food from Shopee. We wrote our experience here Shopping at Mr. Isa Halal (ManSiWei Official Store) and since then, we’ve been curious to try out a couple more halal instant noodles manufactured in China.

This seller only has one review, but has sold 100 packs of the instant noodles at the time of writing. We’ll try a pack and see how it goes.

Would you be interested to try any of these products? Let us know in the comments section!

Shopping at Mr. Isa Halal (ManSiWei Official Store)

Not too long ago, we stumbled upon Mr Isa Halal (ManSiWei Official Store) on Shopee. He sells all sorts of halal food products from China that we had to try some out.

Before we go to our shopping haul, let’s do a bit of backstory here. It’s been a long time since we ate any Chinese Muslim food that’s manufactured in China. Finding any here in Malaysia isn’t that easy too.

If we think about it again, the last time we ever bought any China manufactured Chinese Muslim food were from a friend of ours who used to run a Chinese Muslim minimart in Klang Valley. Probably three to four years ago.

What did you buy?

1. حلال MANSIWEI HALAL smell-les river snails rice noodle Luosifen 曼私味无臭清真螺蛳粉中国正宗柳州特产酸辣螺丝粉米线320gChina Food


Does the name sound super weird? Yes. Does it taste good? Hands down! What is it actually? Instant noodles. Yes, it’s instant noodles.

Unlike the ones that we are familiar with here, this pack of instant noodles comes with all sorts of condiments to add to the slurping gastronomic experience. The portion is quite big too, making it worth the price. How big is the portion? Well, we were able to share the pack among three people after adding extra noodles.

2. حلال Delicious HaoJinDao Beef/Chicken sausage Halal Snacks AyamSosej好劲道牛肉肠鸡肉肠中国云南特产美食清真食品包装即食肠类


These are sausages. What’s so special about them? The fact that you can eat it like a popsicle. Just tear away the wrapper and bite into it. Not a novelty way of eating, but hey, it’s fun!

They have a few other brands in the store.

3. حلال Spicy strips LaTiao halal Savoury Snacks MaLa Dried Tofu辣条零食小包装中国云南特产沙甸清真食品美食熟食China Yunnan Halal Food


Now how do we explain this. It’s err… dried tofu strips? Or can we say it’s something like the vegetarian soy meat? Either way, it’s a snack. The flavour is a little overpowering for us, and that’s mainly because we haven’t eaten it in a long time. If you’re big on huge flavours and spices, then this would sit well with you.

4. حلال Delicious Q Beef Tendon halal savoury snacks Daging清真Q弹牛筋美召麻辣家常牛肉蹄筋中国云南特色即时零食China Yunnan Halal Food


Again, if you are big on huge flavours and spices, go for this. Does it taste too beefy? Not to us. Furthermore, the texture was surprisingly not as tough and chewable as we thought it would be.

5. حلال Delicious pickles and mustard PaoCai Halal Snacks sayur jeruk美味咸菜中国云南特产泡菜下饭菜小包装藠头酸菜萝卜条鲜姜China


Now this has got to be our best haul. For those who are not familiar with it, 泡菜 is pickled vegetables, or in Malay, you’ll call it sayur jeruk. Does it taste as good as we make it out to be? The thing about pickled vegetables is some people love it, while some may need to develop an acquired taste for it. We? We are absolutely in love with it. We often make our own versions of 泡菜 at home and we eat it with bread, rice, porridge, and just about anything. Yes, that’s how much we love our 泡菜.

Did you only buy 5 items? Thought it was a shopping haul?

We bought more than a dozen items and these were like our best 5 in the list. The store has stocked up on more stuff since we did our first shopping haul. We’re just waiting for the time we’ll get that serious hankering for Chinese Muslim snacks before we make our next purchase.

Let us know if you’ve tried any products sold by Mr. Isa Halal (ManSiWei Official Store)!

Last Minute Mooncakes Shopping, Anyone?

Yesterday, we got a phone call from our aunt asking whether we know anyone who’s selling halal mooncakes. Since the Mooncake Festival is TOMORROW, our friends who are selling handmade halal mooncake have already closed their orders.

Thankfully, we can still buy mooncakes from most of the big brands, making this not much of a big deal.

Then again, it would be a major bummer if you want to buy mooncakes for someone who’s staying further away from you, like in another city or state. Interstate travel is still not allowed and it doesn’t make sense to travel all the way just to deliver a box of mooncakes. Unless it’s for a special someone or occasion.

This is when online shopping comes to the rescue.

Sure, there are many halal mooncakes online sellers out there. Since we’re always on Shopee, we felt it’s only proper to highlight the ones that always appear on our Shopee feeds.

Enough chatter, let’s just get down to business. Chop chop!

Sold More Than 5000 Mooncakes:

  1. 10.7k mooncakes sold – Runcit On Call: [HALAL] Assorted Traditional Tai Thong Mooncake 大同传统月饼 180g
  2. 9.3k mooncakes sold – Hilltown Store: 富山月饼 Foh San Mooncake | Mix & Match | HALAL
  3. 5.4k mooncakes sold – H&H Foodie: Mooncake Kuih Bulan Halal Mooncake Premium Lotus Yolk Redbean Pandan Tiramisu Lava Sesame Custard Matcha Yam Potato

As mentioned in our Top 3 Mooncake Brands We Love In Malaysia post, we love Tai Thong mooncakes. Can’t remember whether we’ve tried Foh San though. At our age, we don’t go crazy over mooncakes anymore. We haven’t even bought any for this year!

Sold More Than 1000 But Less Than 5000 Mooncakes:

  2. 2.6k mooncakes sold – Sugarpastrymy: Halal mooncake Kuih Bulan Halal Malaysia 140g Sugarpastry
  3. 1.5k mooncakes sold: Haoliao: 發發饼家 月饼 12 款口味 Huat Huat Kouping Mooncake (12 Flavors) *HALAL*

We’ll go an extra limb here, we have been bombarded with Sugarpastry‘s mooncake ads on our Instagram account. Were we tempted to buy a box? Millions of times!! Yet we never bought any. Again, it’s not them, it’s us. It’s the age talking and we need to watch our sugar intake.

Sold More Than 500 But Less Than 1000 Mooncakes:

  1. 804 mooncakes sold – Zone Shopper Online: (Wholesale) Halal Mooncake / Kek Bulan Homemade – 50gram (4x4cm)
  2. 727 mooncakes sold – T&G Online: Baker’s Cottage 麦可思 月饼礼盒 自选装配套 清真月饼 HALAL Mooncake Customise Premium Quality Vegetarian Fresh & Natural
  3. 703 mooncakes sold – Pastry by Atira: Halal Mooncake By Atira MINIMUM 4 BIJI (INTI BANYAK)

Yes! Another one of our favourite mooncake brands made it to the list! There’s a Baker’s Cottage outlet that opened in our neighbourhood recently and it’s been milking us dry with their roast chicken rice sets and egg tarts deals. They will not do the same with their mooncakes. Not on our watch!

Sold Less Than 500 Mooncakes:

  1. 212 mooncakes sold – Eaty Mighty: MOONCAKE HALAL / KUIH BULAN HALAL- Mini Size
  2. 104 mooncakes sold – Gezytrading: 『 Ready 』 Penang moon cake 月饼 kek bulan halal kuih bulan halal mooncake Minimum 2 pcs
  3. 55 mooncakes sold – HNF Catering: [HALAL] HNF Catering Homemade Baked Skin Mooncake

Honest confession, we have not tried any of these mooncakes. No reason for you not to try it though!

On a personal note, HNF Catering’s mooncakes nearly got us there with the ‘no preservatives‘ bit. We’re huge on food products made with no preservatives, but since we’re not as crazy over mooncakes anymore, chances are we won’t be making any purchases this year.

There you have it. All you need to do is to order the mooncakes make payment, and he or she will receive it in the mail. Easy, peasy.

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Kaijia: New Product Guoba Snacks

Bismillah. Presenting our latest product: Guoba Snacks!

Snack on these while watching TV, doing your work, or whenever you feel like munching something!

Traditionally, guoba is made of rice. Ours on the other hand is made with flour. So what’s the difference? Well, the only way to know is to try it for yourself! Mind you, these can be highly addictive. If you’re one of those who lives on snacks, you should definitely get more than 1 bottle.

Flavours! Tell me more about the flavours!

We currently have the Spicy 香辣 version. We’ll launch more flavours, including Mala 麻辣 and a sweet version soon, insha’Allah. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and our Shopee store for updates.

Our Guoba Snacks are available on our Shopee store.

Who Should You Buy Halal Mooncakes From On Shopee?

So at this age, you can even buy mooncakes online! Just a few taps on the phone, wait a few days, and ding dong! Your mooncakes arrive right at your doorstep! No fuss, no queues, no need to go all the way to the store just to satisfy your mooncake cravings.

But this time around, we’ll be listing mooncake sellers on Shopee, specifically, the ones who sell halal mooncakes. Why Shopee? Because we love to buy stuff on it! Plus we have our own Shopee shop. Wheeee! Okay, so before we hijack this article to sell our products, let’s get on to the list, shall we?

500 To 1000 Mooncakes Sold

  1. Tai Thong Traditional HALAL Mooncake Series 大同傳統月餅系列
  2. Kuih Bulan Halal Mooncakes Traditional Flavor

200 To 500 Mooncakes Sold

  1. YU-AI Mooncake 友爱月饼
  2. 發發饼家 月饼 HALAL Huat Huat Kouping Mooncake
  4. Kuih Bulan / MoonCake Halal Toyibban HomeMade

Bonus: Shanghai Mooncakes

There aren’t many sellers selling halal Shanghai mooncakes so we decided to list them too!

  2. AIHANA® Shanghai Mooncakes (Premium Quality)
  3. Mooncake Shanghai 上海月饼 Halal kuih bulan

Don’t have a Shopee account? Use our referral code KAIJI224 to get RM8.00 off off your first purchase! Download Shopee now to enjoy free shipping and lowest price guaranteed deals!

Now get your fingers tapping and order that big batch of mooncakes!

Extra: Need to open a Shopee account? Sign-up by clicking here.