We Tried Halal Chinese Sausages!

You read that right. Did you know you can now get halal Chinese sausages on Shopee? Another name for it is lap cheong, but this is halal lap cheong!

We actually mentioned this before in a previous blog post: Finding The 3 Best Chinese Muslim Food Products To Try In 2021: On Shopee Malaysia

Crazy right? Like we still can’t get over the fact that we can now get halal Chinese sausages!

We’ll drop the link again for those interested to get their hands on it: HALAL Sosej Ayam Cina Muslim Chinese Muslim Street Food Chinese Chicken Sausage Lap Cheong

So yeah, we bought 2 packets of halal Chinese sausages from them. [Yes, this is not a sponsored post. We were not paid to write this. Anybody wanna sponsor us?] Each packet has 2 pieces of the sausages and costs RM10.68 at the time of writing. The size of the sausages are slightly smaller than regular sausages.

Is the price expensive or cheap?

Like we’ve never bought it before so we don’t know what’s the right price for it. Taste-wise, it was quite unique to us. Has that strong charred, yet sweet taste. Quite similar to sweet bak kwa.

How do you eat halal Chinese sausages?

We tried three ways: fried rice, toasted eggs with halal Chinese sausage on toast, and one-pot rice cooker dish. The one-pot rice cooker dish wins hands-down! Want to see the end-results? Check the videos on our TikTok account.

Do you know any other way to eat Chinese sausages? Let us know in the comments section.


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