[SG] The Han’s Dumplings

Cook or frozen ones available. WhatsApp: +65 9800 3449

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[SG] 阿嫲算盘子

We recently received an IG request from Sister Nadra. Honestly, we don’t know her but upon digging around, we found out that some of our friends followed her page on Facebook. What’s more, she’s selling halal abacus seeds!

Abacus seeds, for those who don’t know are made from yam paste and tapioca flour. The cooking process can be tiresome. We know, we’ve made it before! But the results are definitely worth it. Abacus seeds, made right, are soft on the outside and chewy on the inside. It’s a savoury dish often taken as a main meal or a snack.

Back to Sister Nadra, here’s more about her taken from their Facebook page:

My name is Nadra, a Chinese Muslim Revert since Year 2011 InshaAllah and along with my mother @8816gina, we are excited to introduce you to our traditional and authentic Halal Hakka abacus seeds (算盘子) Handmade from scratch and using the freshest ingredients we can find on the market! Spicy and non-spicy version available for you to enjoy InshaAllah!

For those in Singapore, you should really check out her page. Besides abacus seeds, she sells peach gum red date longan dessert too.

Facebook: 阿嫲算盘子

Phone: +65 9227 4619

[SG] BreadGarden Mooncakes

MUIS halal certified mooncakes

From delectable traditional mooncakes to luscious snow skin mooncakes. There is always something delightful for everyone here at Breadgarden this mid-autumn. 🥮 🥮 🥮


From now till 31st August 2020, enjoy 15% discount on all their mooncakes when you buy $100 or more. What’s more, get FREE delivery when you buy $150 or more in a single purchase!

Order from: https://breadgarden.com.sg/product-category/mooncake/


Phone: +6565602923

Website: www.breadgarden.com.sg

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[SG] JinshangYipin Hot Pot By Asian Spyces

Hurray! We have finally re-opened!

To all our mala hot pot lovers, the wait is finally over. Come and savour the Sichuan Spicy broth that is packed with lots of flavours especially with the generous amount of dried chilies swimming around, 🌶🌶

All the broths are rich in flavours and they only get richer as more fresh ingredients are popped into the boiling pot. Just a spoonful of the broth will bring you the authentic taste of Sichuan. 🤗

Phone: 69097355

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[SG] Yizun Noodle

The owners of Yizun Noodle and K go a long way back. They have known each other for years, so when the owners opened Yizun Noodle in Singapore, we just had to visit it.

Snacked on these while waiting for our beef noodles

The only thing that we were not looking forward to is traveling to Singapore from JB. The traffic jam can be horrible and the rush hour crowd can be intense. By the time we reached the restaurant, we had worked up an appetite. Read More »