Guide To Ramadan In Mandarin Chinese

Sharing our brief guide to Ramadan in Mandarin Chinese.

Feel free to share this with your Chinese family and friends!

Hopefully, they’d be able to understand a little more about Ramadan.

Even More Awesome Chinese New Year Gift Ideas That You Can’t Find On Shopee Malaysia

It’s a clickbait title.

In our previous article, we shared great Chinese New Year gift ideas you can find on Shopee Malaysia.

Well, this time around we want to cover gift ideas that include spending and not spending any money. We want to give options to our readers to choose the best option that suit their current situations. We bring you, 5 of our even more awesome Chinese New Year gift ideas!

Gift Paid Subscriptions

Online courses, Netflix, Astro, Spotify, Internet, gym membership, mobile apps, magazines… anything that requires subscription or has a subscription plan. All you have to do is to subscribe for that person and pay according to the subscription plan. Could be a month, quarterly, yearly or a lifetime subscription if you’re feeling generous.

Pro-Tip: Find something that the person has always wanted to subscribe to and gift that person that paid subscription plan. He or she would love you for it.

A Gardener At Heart? Give Seeds, A Plant or A Harvest Box!

We are in love with gardening and it has come to the point that I have half a mind to give seeds, plants and part of our harvest to family and friends as gifts. It’s all about sharing the joy of gardening, being able to grow your own food, and encouraging others to appreciate the food that came from the farmers.

Pro-Tip: Get even more creative by making and gifting a DIY gardening starter kit. Give some seeds, a bag of soil, a couple of small pots, polybags or your own DIY pots, a cute spade, a pair of gloves, spray bottle and a step-by-step guide.

Bakers & Cooks, Bake & Cook!

Now if you’re great in the kitchen, all the more reason for you to give something from your kitchen. Bake festive-themed cookies or cook a sumptuous spread. Pack the food in nice containers, decorate it with Chinese New Year motifs and gift it to your family and friends!

Pro-Tip: Find out what that person likes to eat and bake or cook that particular item. Make it extra special by baking or cooking something that the person has not eaten for many years.

Sew, Knit, Embroider or Cross Stitch Your Heart Into It!

Honestly, we don’t know that many people who can sew, knit, embroider or cross stitch anymore. What we do know is it’d be great to get something that’s sewn, knitted, embroidered or cross stitched by someone we know. Doesn’t have to be something technical. Just our names on a t-shirt would be fantastic enough.

Pro-Tip: Go all in by making an actual wearable or usable item that the receiver would feel proud of using. Could be a shopping bag. Could be a quilted blanket.

Give The Gift Of Time

Time is of the essence and it’s something that we often crave for, yet can hardly get enough of. Use this holiday season to spend more time with your loved ones. Listen to them, play with them, watch TV with them, talk to them, cook with them, teach them a new skill, anything that makes them feel you are right there with and for them.

Pro-Tip: Plan your day ahead so you can make the most of your time. Best way forward is to ask how they’d like to best spend their time with you.

What do you think? Do you have any ideas you’d like to share with us? Let us know!

Great Chinese New Year Gift Ideas You Can Find On Shopee Malaysia

Festivities are always the best time of the year to give gifts, especially to family and friends who you seldom get to meet. Nothing beats giving them a little something from the heart. It could be a kind word, a warm hug, or something that you bought or made. Gift-giving is a great way to show your appreciation, respect, and affection to that special someone.

Now then, since the Chinese New Year festival is coming soon, we thought why don’t we come up with a post on great Chinese New Year gift ideas? We’ve rounded up some of the best items you can find and purchase on Shopee Malaysia. Enjoy!

Ready-To-Eat Food Gift Baskets & Hampers

You can never go wrong with ready-to-eat food gift baskets and hampers! These usually consist of delicious Chinese New Year goodies, including cookies, candies, chips, dried fruits and nuts.

  1. Master Looi 雷师傅 Chinese New Year Cookies Luxury Gifts Sets A 新年送礼年饼精美组合A
    • Includes: Deep Fried Smiley Sesame Balls, Peanut Crunch Candy, Plum Blossom Cookies, Garlic Crunchy Chicken Biscuits and Pineapple Tarts Cookies.
  2. Chinese New Year gift with personalized greeting card
    • Includes: 5 Pieces of Chocolate and a Personalized Greeting Card.
  3. (Chinese Muslim Product) Limited Edition Kaijia Guoba Snacks 锅巴 Snek Festive Gift Pack For Chinese New Year
    • Includes: 原味 Original, 香辣 Spicy, 原味孜然 Spicy Cumin, 西红柿 Tomato & Asam Boi flavours.

All-In Food Gift Baskets & Hampers

Another great idea is to give gift baskets and hampers filled with all sorts of food items. These items include tea, nuts, biscuits, mushrooms, tidbits, dried meat, and crisps.

  1. Chinese New Year Gift Set | CNY Hamper | 新春礼盒 2021
    • Includes: 12 Grains NutriRice, Pu’er Tea, Red Dates, Flower Mushrooms, Pistachios, etc.
  2. BAN HEANG Chinese New Year 2021 Gift Set 1 Box (Mixed Assorted Cookies & Snacks) by PenangToGo
    • Includes: Coconut Crisp, Salted Egg Almond Slice, Cheese Almond Slice, Original Almond Slice, Salted Fish Crisp With Seaweed, Cheese Crisp, Salted Egg Crisp, Butter Cookie, Almond Cookie, Fruity Marshmallow Bite and Matcha Marshmallow Bite.
  3. [Vegetarian 素食] Chinese New Year CNY Hamper 精美素食新年礼盒 🧧 Limit to 5 gift boxes per order 每单限五个礼盒
    • Includes: Vegan/Vegetarian Fish Maw Crisp, Vegetarian Mushroom Snack Rou Gang, Vegan Seaweed Floss, Nuts, Cha Cheer Kuaci and Red Paper Box.

Items Gift Sets

The best time to find seasonal items that are created just for the festival. Since this year is the year of the Ox, you can find all sorts of items with ox decorations available in the market. Top gift ideas include soft toys, ornaments, tableware, clothes, money packets, and yes, if you can afford to splurge go for gold or jewelry.

  1. 4pcs Bowl Ceramic Tableware Chinese New Year Lunar New Year Gift Koi Fish Bowl Rice bowl for soup 農曆新年主題陶瓷碗套裝年年有余
    • Includes: Ceramic Bowls and Packaging Box.
  2. Chinese New Year lucky pattern single-sided printing microfiber pillowcase sofa cushion cover home decoration
    • Includes: Pillowcase.
  3. 2021 Ox Year Lucky Dollar Money Gold Foil Banknotes New Year Gift 牛年金钞
    • Includes: Gold Banknote.

Unconventional Gift Ideas

So we found a few items that people may not usually give during Chinese New Year. However, items such as face masks have become a necessity and we figured we would include it for those who may want to consider giving these instead. We have also included a couple of other items to add variety to the list.

  1. 2021 Chinese New Year Face Mask 3ply Kids Adult Mask 2021农历新年口罩成人儿童口罩 Red Mask CNY Mask
    • Includes: Face Mask.
  2. Jambutree Cute 2021 Happy Chinese New Year Year of Ox 牛年 如意 Unisex Couple T-Shirt Tee CNY Gift Tshirt Baju READY STOCK
    • Includes: T-Shirt.
  3. Vintage Red Tassel Earrings Firecracker Lantern Drop Earring Women Girls Chinese New Year Gift Ethnic Jewelry
    • Includes: Drop Earrings.

Found any other great ideas on Shopee Malaysia? Drop it in the comments section for others to know!

Top 5 Chinese New Year Food To Eat In 2021

Chinese New Year is expected to fall on Friday, 12th of February this year. However, preparations for the festival have started for most people. Our neighbours for instance have started their annual spring cleaning activities. Shopping malls on the other hand have soaked up the atmosphere with their Chinese New Year decorations, festive songs, and storewide sales.

Big Question: Do we celebrate Chinese New Year?

Although K is Chinese, he doesn’t celebrate Chinese New Year and the reason is simply because his family doesn’t celebrate it too. Having said that, we do have family and friends celebrating it and they would always give us delicious food and thoughtful gifts during the festive season.

Not familiar with the food? We’ve got some good news for you. Here’s our list of 5 Chinese New Year food you ought to try in 2021. Let’s begin our list!

1. The New Year Cake 年糕 Kuih Bakul

Made of glutinous rice flour, this traditional rice cake can be taken sweet or savoury. The new year cake can be found easily in most supermarkets, but if you’re game enough to make your own, you can try these recipes from the Asian Food Network – Nian Gao and What To Cook Today – Easy Nian Gao Recipe (Tikoy / Fa Gao / Kue Bakul).

2. Dumplings 饺子

Dumplings are pieces of dough filled with all sorts of delicious fillings. Traditionally, the people at K’s hometown in the Northwestern part of China prefer to have it boiled and they eat it by dipping the dumplings in chili oil and black vinegar. Laotai Arui did a video on it and you can view it here – Dumplings Halal Recipe | Muslim Chinese Food | Best Chinese Halal Food |饺子

3. Tangyuan 汤圆

These addictive sticky rice balls are made with glutinous rice flour. Often served in a sweet soup, the fillings vary from peanut to red bean. Tangyuan are chewy in texture and you can easily make these at home using store-bought tangyuan. To make your own from scratch, follow this Tang Yuan Chinese Glutinous Rice Balls 汤圆 recipe shared by the Red House Spice.

4. Yee Sang 魚生

Essentially a salad, most restaurants would offer this during the Chinese New Year period. But with movement restrictions, you could purchase ready-made yee sang from restaurants and supermarkets. All you have to do is assemble the ingredients, pour the sauce, and dig in!

5. Tangerines & Oranges

You can’t really end the list without mentioning the fruits that are synonymous to the festival. It’s fair to say that Chinese New Year is the only festival where you’ll see people buying, eating and gifting boxes of these fruits. In fact, we can’t think of any time of the year where we can find ourselves eating and receiving this many tangerines and oranges.

There are definitely more good food that people usually eat during Chinese New Year and we’d be sharing those in future posts, insha’Allah. In the meantime, you can refer to last years’ post – Top 3 Snacks You Should Try For Chinese New Year.

Are you celebrating Chinese New Year this year? Let us know in the comments section!

Top 5 Mooncake Flavours According To Our Tummy

Do you know how many mooncake flavours are there in the market? If your answer is yes, we take our hats off you!

We’re not sure about other countries but here in Malaysia, new mooncake flavours are introduced to the market on a yearly basis.

And that makes a lot of sense because mooncakes are highly versatile. They can be filled with all sorts of filling – sweet or savoury!

So how do you choose which filling to buy? In our case, we like to stick to the classics. Go with traditional flavours, something you’re familiar with. Once you’ve gotten a hang of it, move on to non-traditional flavours.

Let’s cut to the chase and see the top 5 flavours according to our tummy.

1. Mixed Nuts Mooncake 五仁月饼

This mooncake flavour is commonly found in K’s home town. It’s a pretty healthy mooncake since it has five kinds of nuts or kernels such as walnuts, almonds, sesame seeds, melon seeds, red beans and etc. Naturally, the mooncake has a nutty and sweet flavour because of the fillings. We love this particular mooncake flavour to bits mainly because it reminds us of his home town.

2. Red Bean Mooncake 豆沙月饼

The classic sweet red bean mooncake flavour never goes wrong. The smooth and rich taste of sweet bean paste always brings back our childhood memories of eating bread and pastries filled with sweet bean paste. There’s just something comforting about biting into a piece of your childhood.

3. White Lotus Mooncake 莲蓉月饼

Ooohh, and here’s another one of our favourites! The lotus mooncake is filled with silky smooth white lotus paste. We love this flavour very much and always try to find the less sweeter option for family and friends.

4. Salted Egg Yolk Mooncake 蛋黄月饼

Let’s get this straight, to all the salted egg yolk lovers out there, the entire mooncake is not filled with salted egg yolk. Rather, the mooncake is filled with white lotus or any other flavours and at the very centre of the mooncake, you’ll find 1 or 2 salted egg yokes. Sounds crazy to put something salty with something sweet but it works! And this odd combination is what makes this mooncake so popular. Just try it!

5. Green Tea Mooncake 茶叶月饼

Okay, so we’re making a huge boo boo. Green tea flavoured mooncakes are not one of our top favourites. But considering the fact that they’re pretty healthy and not as sweet compared to other mooncake fillings, we thought, hey, let’s just put it in the list. Don’t get us wrong, we love green tea. But green tea mooncakes? Hey, if we love green tea, surely we can learn to love green tea mooncakes too. For health!

And there you have it, our top 5 mooncake flavours! The best thing about these flavours are you can find them easily. The only difference would be the textures, sweetness and smoothness levels.

Let us know if you love any of these flavours too!

Selamat Hari Merdeka Ke-63!

It’s a pretty quiet and simple Merdeka this year, but there’s still a lot of meaning behind it.

Always be thankful for our independence.

Remember to be grateful for our freedom.

Appreciate all that we’ve achieved thus far.

Come what may, make it a mission to strive and move forward.

And pray, pray to Allah SWT to bless Malaysia with everything that is good, ameen.

Enjoy the holiday everyone!

10 Popular Mooncake Types You Should Try

The Mooncake festival, Lantern festival or Mid-Autumn festival, whichever you choose to call it, the festival is almost here!

We’re super blessed because halal mooncakes are common in Malaysia. You can get it in supermarkets, bakeries, hotel restaurants, even homemade ones! The choices are limitless!

If you’re new to mooncakes, then you’ve come to the right place to learn more about these delightful bite-sized delicacies synonymous with the Mid-Autumn.

Do take note that we are writing about the popular mooncake types, including non-halal types. At any rate, we encourage you to inquire from the sellers and confirm with them about the halal status of their mooncakes.

The Mooncake Types

Cantonese Mooncakes

Originally from Southern China, the classic Cantonese mooncake comes encased in a thin brown-coloured skin, usually filled with lotus paste with either one or two salted duck egg yokes. It comes with other fillings too, like red bean, nuts, even preserved meats. This is by far the most commonly found mooncake in Malaysia and Singapore, and yes, it happens to be our favourite mooncake type too.

Halal versions available. Popular brands include Tai Thong, Oversea and Baker’s Cottage.

Shanghai Mooncakes

Shanghai mooncakes are baked using short crust pastry, so you will have that buttery, crumbly texture. The filling is a rich lotus paste and a salted duck egg yolk. These mooncakes look like large scones and you can sometimes find sesame seeds being sprinkled on top.

Halal versions available. We found it on Shoppee!

Suzhou Mooncakes

Also known as Su-style mooncakes, the skins of these mooncakes are soft, sweet, and flaky. Suzhou mooncakes are savoury and usually stuffed with minced pork meat. The mooncakes are also stamped with edible red ink.

Teochew Mooncakes

Usually filled with yam paste and a salted duck egg yolk, Teochew mooncakes also come in other flavours, such as red bean paste or mung bean paste. The spiral-like flaky crust wraps around the sweet filling, giving you that mesmerizing exterior.

Beijing Mooncakes

Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It uses a lot of sesame oil.

Hokkien Mooncakes

These particular mooncakes were once known as ‘Scholar Cakes’ as they were given to those sitting for the Imperial Examination. These white-coloured mooncakes are often filled with melon seeds, tangerine peel and winter melon. Also available are savoury options stuffed with minced meat.

Snow Skin Mooncakes

Originating from Hong Kong, snow skin mooncakes are not baked. The skin is made from glutinous rice flour and the texture is similar to mochi – elastic, chewy and soft. Fillings come in various kinds such as red bean paste or lotus paste. Best taken cold.

Halal versions available. Popular brands include Tai Thong, Oversea and Baker’s Cottage.

Ice Cream Mooncakes

The modern twist to the traditional mooncake types, ice cream mooncakes like how the name describes it are literally made of ice cream!

Halal versions available.

Jelly Mooncakes

Yes! An entire mooncake made out of jelly! Or in our part of the world, agar-agar! They come in all sorts of flavours and colours, and get this, they even come with a jelly version of the salted duck egg yolk!

Halal versions available.

Chocolate Mooncakes

The chocolate mooncake is another modern twist. The crust is made from chocolate and the filling can Nutella, chocolate chip, oats, berries, peanut butter, the works!

Halal versions available.


So you think we’ve concluded our mooncake types post? Think again! But rather than make an elaborate post, we’ll just give you the names. Be on the lookout for coffee, tiramisu and caramel macchiato type mooncakes. These are great for all those coffee lovers out there.