Great Chinese New Year Gift Ideas You Can Find On Shopee Malaysia

Festivities are always the best time of the year to give gifts, especially to family and friends who you seldom get to meet. Nothing beats giving them a little something from the heart. It could be a kind word, a warm hug, or something that you bought or made. Gift-giving is a great way to show your appreciation, respect, and affection to that special someone.

Now then, since the Chinese New Year festival is coming soon, we thought why don’t we come up with a post on great Chinese New Year gift ideas? We’ve rounded up some of the best items you can find and purchase on Shopee Malaysia. Enjoy!

Ready-To-Eat Food Gift Baskets & Hampers

You can never go wrong with ready-to-eat food gift baskets and hampers! These usually consist of delicious Chinese New Year goodies, including cookies, candies, chips, dried fruits and nuts.

  1. Master Looi 雷师傅 Chinese New Year Cookies Luxury Gifts Sets A 新年送礼年饼精美组合A
    • Includes: Deep Fried Smiley Sesame Balls, Peanut Crunch Candy, Plum Blossom Cookies, Garlic Crunchy Chicken Biscuits and Pineapple Tarts Cookies.
  2. SURPRISE CHOCOLATE BOX | gift set | ferrero rocher | kitkat | birthday gift | anniversary gift | friendship gift
    • Includes: 18 pieces of original Kit Kat 2F and a Personalized Greeting Card.
  3. (Chinese Muslim Product) Kaijia Signature Chilli Oil 辣椒油 Minyak Cili (Produk Cina Muslim)
    • Not many knows this but we can wrap our order nicely and include a special handwritten message.

All-In Food Gift Baskets & Hampers

Another great idea is to give gift baskets and hampers filled with all sorts of food items. These items include tea, nuts, biscuits, mushrooms, tidbits, dried meat, and crisps.

  1. Chinese New Year Gift Set | CNY Hamper | 新春礼盒 2021
    • Includes: 12 Grains NutriRice, Pu’er Tea, Red Dates, Flower Mushrooms, Pistachios, etc.
  2. BAN HEANG Chinese New Year 2021 Gift Set 1 Box (Mixed Assorted Cookies & Snacks) by PenangToGo
    • Includes: Coconut Crisp, Salted Egg Almond Slice, Cheese Almond Slice, Original Almond Slice, Salted Fish Crisp With Seaweed, Cheese Crisp, Salted Egg Crisp, Butter Cookie, Almond Cookie, Fruity Marshmallow Bite and Matcha Marshmallow Bite.
  3. [Vegetarian 素食] Chinese New Year CNY Hamper 精美素食新年礼盒 🧧 Limit to 5 gift boxes per order 每单限五个礼盒
    • Includes: Vegan/Vegetarian Fish Maw Crisp, Vegetarian Mushroom Snack Rou Gang, Vegan Seaweed Floss, Nuts, Cha Cheer Kuaci and Red Paper Box.

Items Gift Sets

The best time to find seasonal items that are created just for the festival. Since this year is the year of the Ox, you can find all sorts of items with ox decorations available in the market. Top gift ideas include soft toys, ornaments, tableware, clothes, money packets, and yes, if you can afford to splurge go for gold or jewelry.

  1. 4pcs Bowl Ceramic Tableware Chinese New Year Lunar New Year Gift Koi Fish Bowl Rice bowl for soup 農曆新年主題陶瓷碗套裝年年有余
    • Includes: Ceramic Bowls and Packaging Box.
  2. Chinese New Year lucky pattern single-sided printing microfiber pillowcase sofa cushion cover home decoration
    • Includes: Pillowcase.
  3. 2021 Ox Year Lucky Dollar Money Gold Foil Banknotes New Year Gift 牛年金钞
    • Includes: Gold Banknote.

Unconventional Gift Ideas

So we found a few items that people may not usually give during Chinese New Year. However, items such as face masks have become a necessity and we figured we would include it for those who may want to consider giving these instead. We have also included a couple of other items to add variety to the list.

  1. 2021 Chinese New Year Face Mask 3ply Kids Adult Mask 2021农历新年口罩成人儿童口罩 Red Mask CNY Mask
    • Includes: Face Mask.
  2. Jambutree Cute 2021 Happy Chinese New Year Year of Ox 牛年 如意 Unisex Couple T-Shirt Tee CNY Gift Tshirt Baju READY STOCK
    • Includes: T-Shirt.
  3. Vintage Red Tassel Earrings Firecracker Lantern Drop Earring Women Girls Chinese New Year Gift Ethnic Jewelry
    • Includes: Drop Earrings.

Found any other great ideas on Shopee Malaysia? Drop it in the comments section for others to know! For new users, sign-up by clicking here.


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