[MY] Restoran Yunnan

Stumbled upon this restaurant on my news feed. The irony is, we always pass by the restaurant in KL but we never make the effort to visit it. I guess we’re really not that hyped about Chinese Muslim food anymore. Then again, that didn’t stop us from stalking their Facebook page. Just look at their…

List: Chinese Muslim Restaurants In Kuala Lumpur

Finding Chinese Muslim restaurants in Kuala Lumpur can be super easy! Just scroll down below or do a quick search via our search bar. But how about the Chinese Muslim restaurants in other states in Malaysia? All you have to do is to click here for the complete list! Note: Please notify us if you…

[MY] Hong Kong Roast

Hong Kong Roast. We first tried their food at Food Republic in Pavillion KL. Surprisingly enough, the person who recommended it to us is a Singaporean! And she was there on a holiday! The second time we tried their food was at AEON Wangsa Maju Shopping Centre. It was one of those days where the…

Top 2 Malaysia Food Delivery Companies

So you read our blog and went through our Chinese Muslim food businesses directory. While some of us would make every attempt to travel just for food, a handful of us would rather save ourselves the trouble of travelling so much, preferring to have the food delivered to us. But why do some people choose…

List: Chinese Muslim Restaurants In Selangor

Looking for a list of Chinese Muslim restaurants in Selangor? Look no further! This post is specially curated just for you! Just scroll down below or do a quick search via our search bar. Need a complete list including Chinese Muslim restaurants in other states in Malaysia? Just click here! Also, feel free to notify us…

[MY] Kaijia Muslim Food

Finally hit us that we have not featured our own Chinese Muslim food business in the blog. But truth to the matter, wouldn’t a review from us, on our business, be somewhat biased? Rather than writing a review, we’d just highlight random facts about our business.

[MY] Lamb Shepherd Chinese Muslim Cuisine

Out of the many China-style Chinese Muslim restaurants we’ve been too, Lamb Shepherd Chinese Muslim Cuisine remains to be one of our favourites. Run and owned by Chinese Muslims from China, the restaurant has been in operation for years and the food quality has always been consistently wonderful. Price-wise, it’s affordable and portions are good….

3 Chinese Light Food You Should Try

Gone are the days when you have to go all the way to China just to eat halal Chinese food. Nowadays, there are many restaurants in Malaysia that serve Chinese Muslim cuisine. These restaurants are usually owned by local Chinese Muslims or Chinese Muslims from China. While some restaurants retain the authentic Chinese flavour, some…

[MY] Johor Chinese Muslim Restaurants

In this post, you’ll find a list of Chinese Muslim restaurants in Johor according to the districts. Please drop us a message if you know of any that we missed or if there are any mistakes in the information provided below. Thanks!

[MY] Sunny Garden

It was just one of those days when we decided to go on a Chinese Muslim food marathon. So just before we went to have our dinner at The Khan Mongolian Restaurant Halal Buffet BBQ Steamboat, we went to Sunny Garden for a quick bite.