[MY] Restoran Yunnan

Stumbled upon this restaurant on my news feed. The irony is, we always pass by the restaurant in KL but we never make the effort to visit it. I guess we’re really not that hyped about Chinese Muslim food anymore.

Then again, that didn’t stop us from stalking their Facebook page.

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Just look at their fancy shmancy menu! We super love the vibrant colours, overall design and layout. Not to mention, the food photos look highly inviting. Prices are pretty reasonable too.

Does this mean we’ll be trying them soon?


Now, if you’re as stoked as us, then you should visit their restaurant and try some of their food. Getting there shouldn’t be a problem because Restoran Yunnan is easy to locate. Prominent landmarks around the area include LRT Wangsa Maju, AEON Wangsa Maju and Masjid Usamah Bin Zaid.

Restoran Yunnan

41, Jalan Metro Wangsa, Wangsa Maju, 53300 Kuala Lumpur
+6011-1637 2743

Have you been to the restaurant before? Leave us a comment and tell us what do you think about their food. We’d love to get some feedback before we finally make that gastronomic trip.

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