Even More Awesome Chinese New Year Gift Ideas That You Can’t Find On Shopee Malaysia

It’s a clickbait title.

In our previous article, we shared great Chinese New Year gift ideas you can find on Shopee Malaysia.

Well, this time around we want to cover gift ideas that include spending and not spending any money. We want to give options to our readers to choose the best option that suit their current situations. We bring you, 5 of our even more awesome Chinese New Year gift ideas!

Gift Paid Subscriptions

Online courses, Netflix, Astro, Spotify, Internet, gym membership, mobile apps, magazines… anything that requires subscription or has a subscription plan. All you have to do is to subscribe for that person and pay according to the subscription plan. Could be a month, quarterly, yearly or a lifetime subscription if you’re feeling generous.

Pro-Tip: Find something that the person has always wanted to subscribe to and gift that person that paid subscription plan. He or she would love you for it.

A Gardener At Heart? Give Seeds, A Plant or A Harvest Box!

We are in love with gardening and it has come to the point that I have half a mind to give seeds, plants and part of our harvest to family and friends as gifts. It’s all about sharing the joy of gardening, being able to grow your own food, and encouraging others to appreciate the food that came from the farmers.

Pro-Tip: Get even more creative by making and gifting a DIY gardening starter kit. Give some seeds, a bag of soil, a couple of small pots, polybags or your own DIY pots, a cute spade, a pair of gloves, spray bottle and a step-by-step guide.

Bakers & Cooks, Bake & Cook!

Now if you’re great in the kitchen, all the more reason for you to give something from your kitchen. Bake festive-themed cookies or cook a sumptuous spread. Pack the food in nice containers, decorate it with Chinese New Year motifs and gift it to your family and friends!

Pro-Tip: Find out what that person likes to eat and bake or cook that particular item. Make it extra special by baking or cooking something that the person has not eaten for many years.

Sew, Knit, Embroider or Cross Stitch Your Heart Into It!

Honestly, we don’t know that many people who can sew, knit, embroider or cross stitch anymore. What we do know is it’d be great to get something that’s sewn, knitted, embroidered or cross stitched by someone we know. Doesn’t have to be something technical. Just our names on a t-shirt would be fantastic enough.

Pro-Tip: Go all in by making an actual wearable or usable item that the receiver would feel proud of using. Could be a shopping bag. Could be a quilted blanket.

Give The Gift Of Time

Time is of the essence and it’s something that we often crave for, yet can hardly get enough of. Use this holiday season to spend more time with your loved ones. Listen to them, play with them, watch TV with them, talk to them, cook with them, teach them a new skill, anything that makes them feel you are right there with and for them.

Pro-Tip: Plan your day ahead so you can make the most of your time. Best way forward is to ask how they’d like to best spend their time with you.

What do you think? Do you have any ideas you’d like to share with us? Let us know!

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