Kaijia: What’s In Store For 2022?

Kaijia Muslim Food has been around for like 4 years, but we only got serious like last year. For our 5th year, we have humble plans to scaleup the business.

The Business

Our Eatery: 2022 is the year we expect to reopen our eatery at UTM, Skudai. BUT! Yes, there is a big BUT there. We intend to revamp our eatery. The plans are still in the drawing board as we type this out. Just stay tuned for updates on our website and social pages.

Our Products: So in 2021, we came up with our Chilli Oils, Garlic Oil, BBQ Oil Set, Fragrant Spiced Oil, Fragrant Chilli Oils, Guoba Snacks, Spices Range & Powdered Spices Range. That’s 8 different types of products, not including the variations under each product category!

For 2022, we decided to tone down a bit and come up with 5 new products, insha’Allah. We already have the 5 products and all of those products are still undergoing R&D, We hope to launch 3 products in the first quarter of 2022, while the other 2 products would be launched by the third quarter.

Our Social Pages: We decided to be more focused on what type of content goes on our social pages. Here’s the breakdown

  • Facebook – mainly for sharing blog posts & Instagram feeds
  • Instagram – mainly for cooking ideas, serving suggestions, events, & updates
  • TikTok – mainly for recipes & cooking ideas

Which one will we be more active in?

Instagram for DMs, TikTok for comments.

The Website

Our Content: Regular content like the monthly link-roundups, new Chinese Muslim restaurants and food businesses, and our personal reviews will still be around. However, we’ll be adding sponsored content and our TikTok channel recipe content.

Sponsored Content: What is this about? We’ve been getting feedback from people asking us whether they could advertise or get featured on our website. The quick answer is YES. But obviously, there are areas we need to discuss further.

Like are you looking at us to write a blog post on your restaurant? Do you want us to review your product? Are you looking for free advertising? How much do we charge? What are our working terms?

To make things easier, just contact us for more details. We will answer all your questions, explain to you about our terms and come up with an arrangement that benefits both of us. And we promise we won’t bite (unless you send us your food product, which we’d happily chomp down)

TikTok Recipe Content: So if you’ve been following our TikTok account and are eager to get the recipes, you will soon be able to get it on our website. We’ll be including little anecdotes, stories, and cooking tips too.

What’s with the TikTok recipe content?

Besides running a Chinese Muslim food business, we’re just a couple of home cooks with a passion to share the little knowledge we have cooking our favourite meals. Just because we run a business, doesn’t mean we must always share about our business, do we? Sometimes, it’s nice to share our passion and knowledge with others.

That’s about it really. Do you have any big plans for 2022? Let us know in the comments section.

Happy 2022!


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