Link Roundup #16: Top 3 Chinese Muslim Food Links

Hello Chinese Muslim food lovers! It’s time for our Chinese Muslim food link roundup! We noticed that we missed last month’s link roundup. Yikes! Anyway, to make up for it we will do two, yes, two link roundups for July! Here’s the first post. Hope you find the links as interesting as we do!

Banking on food deliveries to stay afloat

Eatery operators in Johor Bahru are depending on delivery service providers to help sustain their operations amid the ongoing dine-in ban during the lockdown.

In case you haven’t heard, Malaysia is still on an ongoing battle with Covid-19. As a result, businesses in general are affected to a certain degree.

For those in the restaurant business, dine-ins are still not allowed. Restaurant operators have to resort to pickups, takeaways, and food delivery companies and platforms, in order to ensure their business can continue running during this trying period. Al-Amin Xinjiang Muslim Restaurant is one of the Chinese Muslim restaurants that have adopted these approaches.

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Halal Food Market: Global Key Players, Trends, Share, Industry Size, Growth, Opportunities, Forecast To 2027

According to Fast. MR research the report titled Global Halal Food Market provides comprehensive information regarding influential factors. Data included in the report has been curated by our team of industry experts, considering relevant information about the market. This report discusses the growth and trends of various regions and segments of the market. Information such as market drivers, restraints, opportunities, trends, gross revenue, average product/service price, and market share of major players is covered in the report.

Found this report and thought it was pretty interesting. Key questions in the report covers what challenges, trends, and barriers are likely to impact the overall development and market size of Global Halal Food Market, Halal food market company analysis, and major growth driving factors.

‘Now is the time’: China and Indonesia highlighted as major post-COVID-19 opportunity markets for halal growth

“It’s really a good time for halal food brands in China now – the government has spent a lot of money on building infrastructure like the High Speed Rail and bringing in technology and agricultural methodologies to cities like Xinjiang and Lanzhou which have many Muslim communities,” said Tng.

We knew about halal in China about a decade ago. There was an opening for someone proficient in Mandarin Chinese to work in China to educate the Chinese stakeholders about the Malaysia halal certification process.

Without a doubt, China then was already seen as a potential market for halal growth. Would that finally become a reality? Probably, considering we are seeing more and more halal products coming from China. It’d be interesting to see how things pan out.

That concludes our link roundup for this month! Found any interesting links lately? Let us know in the comment section and we’ll include it in the next link roundup. Have a good July!


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