Link Roundup #9: Top 3 Chinese Muslim Food Links

Hello Chinese Muslim food lovers! It’s time for our Chinese Muslim food link roundup! Hope you find the links as interesting as we do!

Crispy chicken cracklings the star ingredient in this halal Hokkien mee in Petaling Jaya

“Cooking Hokkien mee isn’t easy, because one factor is the lard and oil. The other is the ‘wok hei’, and no two chefs, even if you ask them to cook the same dish, will have the same result,” she added.

“(If) his brother, who’s a chef at a seafood restaurant, and his sister cook Hokkien mee, the results are all different, because of the ratio of sauce, your technique and ‘wok hei,’” Ooi explained. 

Many people have written about Abang Jamal, who’s also known as Ah Mang. Don’t believe us? Let’s list the top 3 articles, shall we?

You can even find him on YouTube, but we’ll let you do the searching on your own. So how good is his Hokkien Mee? Within our circle of Chinese revert friends, we know quite a lot of them have tried his food and they can’t stop raving about it. Authentic taste, at a good price. We haven’t tried it though. Planning to include a quick trip to his stall in our bucket list for 2021, insha’Allah.

Famous Halal Dishes in China

It is said that a lof of Sichuan people came to Xinjiang for making a living. Many of them engaged in manual labor and required economical meals to support their hard work. After researching, the “Big Plate Chicken” finally appeared.

The article lists 6 of the famous halal dishes in China – Big Plate Chicken, Sautéed Lamb Slices With Scallion, Kebab, Lamian, Beef Noodle Soup and Nang. Since we’ve tried all, perhaps you’re wondering which one is the best. ALL! We love all of them! We’re not making this easy for you, are we?

Chilies, Noodles, and Lamb: 11 Must-Eat Dishes in Xi’an From the Muslim Quarter and Beyond

Located at the terminus of the Silk Road and at one time the cultural and political capital of China, the city of Xi’an in Shaanxi province has one of the more interesting culinary histories in China, in no small part due to the influence of its large Muslim population.

Now, in this particular article, the writer specifically mentions the 11 must-eat dishes in Xi’an from the Muslim quarter and beyond. A pretty long article, with loads of salivating pictures and vivid descriptions. Definitely worth the time, especially when you’re an avid foodie. This time around, we’ll share our top favorites hand-stretched noodles, beef or lamb roujiamo, liangpi noodles, fried potatoes, mutton dumplings and bread and mutton soup. How much do we love these dishes? Whenever the cravings kick in, we’ll do a bold attempt to make the simpler ones at home.

That concludes our link roundup for this month! Found any interesting links? Let us know in the comment section and we’ll include it in the next link roundup. Have a good December!


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