Satisfying Cravings At Qing Fang Noodle House 

The one and only photo out of the many gastronomic trips

Besides Al-Amin Xinjiang Muslim Restaurant, Qing Fang Noodle House is another one of our most frequented restaurants.

We usually order the noodles there, but occasionally, we’d order the dishes to bring home. Extremely convenient when we need that super quick China-style food fix, but we would rather not slog in the kitchen.

Price-wise, the restaurant has increased it over the years, but it’s still alright. The cleanliness and ambiance is excellent. As for service, the staff are prompt with our orders. Then again, we usually go there during non-peak hours, so that could contribute to the promptness.

Other plus points for Qing Fang Noodle House include they have a surau and they offer a good selection of food items on their menu.

Whether you are looking for noodles, rice dishes, soups, or specialty drinks, they have got you covered.

Qing Fang Noodle House 

No. 19&20, block B, no. 53300, 2, Jalan Langkawi, Platinum Walk, 53000 Kuala Lumpur
+603-4144 3119


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