First Time At Muslim Mee Tarik

Love at first sight?

K found out about Muslim Mee Tarik via his Chinese Muslim whassap group, and the first thing he asked was, “Why did they open in Kota Tinggi?”

His question is legit because currently Johor Bahru only has Mee Tarik Warisan. It’d be nice to have another mee tarik place to go to.

So yesterday morning, he told me we’ll be going to Muslim Mee Tarik after Friday prayers. Honestly, I never thought we’d be one of those who’d travel all the way to another place just for food. But hey, I guess one should never say never.

Took us about 45 mins to get to Muslim Mee Tarik from Johor Bahru. Getting there is fairly easy. Once you reach Heritage Mall, the restaurant is noticeable from the roadside. Parking can be a bit tricky though.


Muslim Mee Tarik has an extensive menu. I only managed to snap a few photos as our order came out a few minutes after 

Can you spot K’s hands?

Naturally, we had to order mee tarik. I love the fact that they placed the chili oil on the table, rather than putting it straight into our noodles. This way, we can control the level of spiciness.

After we were done with our food, K went on to talk to the cooks. We found out that they came from Linxia, Gansu Province China, and the restaurant has opened for 2 months. They even have a membership card, where member can enjoy special privileges.

Muslim Mee Tarik

Lot G-20, Heritage Mall, Jalan Seri Warisan 01, 81900 Kota Tinggi, Johor
+6011 3734 6418

Definitely coming here again.


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