Trying Ikhwan Ng’s Halal Delight

See how they glisten with the right amount of oiliness 

Close to three years ago a Chinese revert friend of mine posted on his Facebook wall that he’ll be selling halal chicken bak kwa.

And I just had to order it because ever since childhood, I had always wanted to try bak kwa. But finding a halal version of it was downright impossible.

Alhamdulillah, Brother Ikhwan Ng was kind enough to post it to me. The instant I received the frozen halal chicken bak kwa, I stashed it in the fridge and waited for the right time to slap it on the grill and savour every single bite.

When I finally had the halal bak kwa, it was so good! The meats were gratifyingly sweet and tender, and I particularly liked the charred bits.

Even my parents liked it. To be able to get a like from them is impressive.

Brother Ikhwan Ng sells other products too, though I haven’t gotten the chance to try them yet.

His products include, halal luncheon meat, halal crispy chicken floss, lin chi kang, and Yunnan loose leaf green tea.

Did I mention he has other halal bak kwa flavours too?

Ikhwan Ng’s Halal Delight

This is not a bias review for my friend as I’m allergic to chicken. Chickens, unless organic or reared without any of those nasty stuff, make me itch. I’m risking my allergic reactions for my childhood fantasy.


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