Link Roundup #2: Top 3 Chinese Muslim Food Links

Dug up some old news that we felt would be interesting to share in this month’s link roundup. Hope you enjoy reading them!

Ikhwan berdakwah melalui ‘bakkwa’

“Selalu hati tertanya-tanya, bagaimanakah rasa bakkwa ini terutama apabila ia daripada daging ayam? Tapi hajat itu dipendam saja kerana tahu ia tidak halal.

Apabila mengetahui sudah ada keluaran yang halal, tentu saja ingin merasanya. Ia dijual oleh Ikhwan Ng, yang berpusat di Taiping, Perak.

Jenuh juga merancang pertemuan dengan Ikhwan supaya dapat mendengar sendiri dia bercerita mengenai bakkwa ini. Namun jarak antara kami membuatkan ia tidak mudah direalisasikan sehinggalah pertengahan Oktober tahun lalu apabila penulis ke Taiping kerana menganjurkan program ziarah amal dan menceriakan wad 14, Hospital Taiping.

Kunjungan ini dimanfaatkan untuk bertemu Ikhwan dan bakkwanya.”

I’ve known brother Ikhwan since his active blogging days. He still blogs at Another Chinese Muallaf, though not as often. He’s more active on Facebook now.

About a few years ago he started his Chinese Muslim food business and we did an entry on it – Ikhwan Ng’s Halal Delight.

Mark our words, you should definitely should give his bak kwa a try. Eat it with bread, add it to your fried rice, or just eat it on its own. Whichever way you choose, it’ll take your taste buds to the next level.


“The Chinese New Year celebration would not be complete without the family gatherings, the yee sang toss, the angpows and abundance of food. So, if you are visiting Malaysia during this time, why not get into the fanfare with delicious halal Chinese food and enjoy it with friends and family? Dive into our top picks of halal Chinese restaurants from around the Klang Valley.”

So the aforementioned article was written for 2019 Chinese New Year, but we don’t see why we can’t use the same context for subsequent Chinese New Years. In fact, good food should be enjoyed as many times as possible, regardless of the occasion!

At the moment, we’ve been to 4 out of 5 of the restaurants mentioned – Mohd Chan Restaurant, Amber Chinese Muslim Restaurant, Muhibbah Seafood Restaurant and China Treasures. One more to go!

There’s a big demand for halal dumplings, says Muslim food maker

“KUALA LUMPUR: There is an increasing demand for halal traditional Chinese food among Muslims of various races, including Malays, in the country.

A home-based traditional Chinese food maker, Abdul Hariz Leong Abdullah, 62, said he
received a lot of orders for his “bak chang” or beef dumpling  during the Dumpling Festival yesterday.

“Our phones keep ringing the whole day (yesterday) because they want to have traditional bak chang.

“We managed to deliver to some of our customers. We are sorry to those whose orders we could not fulfil as it was such a hectic day,” he said.

Hariz is one of the few halal traditional Chinese food operators in Malaysia.

He and his wife Syahrain Teh Abdullah, in her 40s, started their home-based business in March last year.”

Sister Syahrain Teh and I are Facebook friends. Unfortunately, I have never gotten the opportunity to try out her food. One day, insha’Allah!

Stay tuned for our next link roundup!


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