Link Roundup #19: Top 3 Chinese Muslim Food Links

Hello Chinese Muslim food lovers! It’s another round of Chinese Muslim food link roundup! These are some of the news that we took an interest in for the month of September.

Chinese Halal food producers eager to invest in Pakistan

The last part of the article says that; ‘Pakistani and Chinese people share some preferences in terms of food. For example, Sichuan food features spicy flavor, which exactly meets the preference of Pakistani people.’.

For the longest time ever, there is a misconception that Chinese food isn’t spicy. The statement in the article pretty much debunked that.

Culinary skills a boon for hotel exec-turned-chef

Moving closer to home, this is a heartwarming story of how a former hotel exec came up with her very own sweet and savoury homemade halal dumplings business. The dumplings here refer to the 粽子, or commonly known as chang.

We actually did an article of places in Malaysia and Singapore where you can purchase halal chang from. Here’s a quick reference for those interested to make any purchases: Where to Find Halal Chang in Malaysia, Where to Find Halal Chang in Singapore

Couple Sells Halal Kway Chap With Beef Short Ribs From Home

Here’s another feel good story, just that it’s from across the causeway. The owners of Peranakan Kway Chap are Muslims. Despite using beef, instead of pork, they managed to make the halal version of the kway chap that tastes similar to the original Peranakan Chinese dish.

That sums it up! Let us know if you come across any interesting links lately.


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