Top 5 Nifty Gift Ideas For Your Customers

We’ve been in the food business for quite a bit and we know how hard it can be to get customers. It can get a lot more difficult if you’re the new kid on the block, with not much experience and connections. However, once you get that first customer, you’d somehow rather develop a a mix of emotions while waiting for the next customer. There’s excitement, there’s anxiousness. Can’t quite describe the feeling.

One thing’s for sure, the moment you have customers it’s important for you to take care of them and make sure they’re getting their bang for the buck. That makes a lot of sense since they’re paying for your service and products. Another reason is if they’re happy with you, they might recommend you to their circle of influence. That free word-of-mouth marketing could make a huge difference to your business outcome, not just for the day, but for many years to come.

Just how do you take care of your customers?

We think you’d probably figure it out by now that one of the ways is by appreciating them. In today’s post, we will list down five ways on how you could take your customers’ experience to the next level and make them feel like they’re the most amazing people in the whole wide world. Okay, okay, that may be a tad bit over the top, but we’re sure you get our point.

1. Discount Codes, Vouchers or Coupons

Everybody loves a good discount. Every now and then, send your customers a discount code, voucher or coupon. Could be for their next purchase, free shipping, or anything that floats your customers’ boat. Here’s an example from Shopee Malaysia.

Pro-Tip: Some examples would be you could give a new product launch discount code, a birthday cake discount voucher, or a discount coupon for a fast-selling item.

2. Complimentary Gifts

As much as people love discounts, people love free items too! Now, if you’re in the food business, the best complimentary item would have to be a small pack or bottle of one of your products. Feeling generous? Give more than one item!

Pro-Tip: The complimentary gift could be a new product, a slow-moving product, or just anything that you want more people to buy from you.

3. More Free Gifts, But Still Related To Your Business

Maybe your product isn’t the kind that can be given away in small quantities. What’s the next best solution? Well, instant noodles businesses can give pocket tissues or a pair of chopsticks. These are handy gifts, considering you could always use a pack of tissues or chopsticks when you eat instant noodles. In fact, your customers could use the gifts in other situations too.

Pro-Tip: Give a free gift that is related to your business, so that whenever your customers use it, it could remind them of your business.

4. Even More Free Gifts, Totally Unrelated To Your Business

In this case, just about anything under the sun can be given as a free gift. We’ve lost count of how many times we received free dishware just because we bought some washing detergent. We’ve even gotten a face mask for buying a hotpot soup base.

Pro-Tip: We recommend giving something practical or that can be used often.

5. The Gift of Friendship

Sounds cheesy, but this is the real deal. Nothing, and we have to emphasize this again, nothing beats the gift of friendship. Over the years we’ve become friends with quite a number of our customers. Some of them have been with us since the first year we started our business and they’re still supporting us now. There are no words to describe how thankful and grateful we are of them.

Pro-Tip: Ask their well-being, send them festive greetings, in short, be a friend.

Have you been giving gifts to your customers? We’d love to know more about it. Let us know in the comments section!


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