5 Easy Ways To Support Your Favorite Food Businesses

We have been in the food business since 2017. We started by selling online, opening pop-up stalls at events, and even joined the local night markets. Eventually got our little place in 2019.

Then the pandemic happened and we’re back to selling our food online again. The difference? This time around we are better prepared and have more experience. Alhamdulillah, we now have a Shopee store selling Chilli Oil, Garlic Oil, and Guoba Snacks. Our Chilli Oil is still our best-selling item.

Having been in the business this long, we can tell you that running a food business can be difficult. It’s not always easy to reach to the customers, especially when you’re selling something new. Even when you’ve developed your business for quite a bit, things can still get tough. There are so many businesses, including food businesses, that have closed down due to the pandemic.

Because of this, we felt inspired to share the 5 easy things customers can do to support their favorite food businesses. At the end of each tip, we would also share an actionable task that food businesses can do to help their customers to implement each suggestion.

Note: These tips can be implemented all the time, not limited to the pandemic period.

1. Buy From Them

The most basic way to show support is to buy their food. Since it’s your favorite food business, you should have at least one favorite food. You may buy the food for yourself, your family, or your friends.

Feeling a little more generous? Buy the food for your colleagues, teachers, neighbors, office cleaner, or donate it to the needy.

Task for food businesses: Make it easy for your customers to buy your food by offering them pickup and delivery options. Create a special deal for regular customers or even a loyalty programme to reward them for supporting your business all this while.

2. Like, Share, & Engage With Them On Social Media

The next way to support your favorite food businesses is by following and interacting with them on social media. Whether it’s their Facebook account, Instagram account or Twitter account, a high social media following with high engagement can help them get noticed by other people who are not following them.

How do you engage? Like, comment, or share their content. For example, you see a new product or a special deal from your favorite food business. Share it on your feeds because you never know, perhaps a contact of yours would be interested to make the purchase.

If you want to support us, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Task for food businesses: Have a social media presence on at least one or two social media networks and choose to be on the ones where most of your customers spend time online. Make sure you keep your social media networks active and learn to engage with your customers.

3. Send Them Feedback

Food businesses want to sell food that they like. They also want to sell food that they think you’d be interested in. One of the best ways to help them is to tell them what you like or expect from them. Maybe there’s a certain flavor you think would be a hit. Maybe there is something about their service that you think they can improve on. Whatever it is, food businesses can be open to suggestions and constructive feedback. So do not hold back. Just let them know that you have their best interest at heart.

Task for food businesses: Make sure your customers know how to reach you. You may want to create an email address, a contact us page in your website, or lead them to your social media networks.

4. Send Them Encouraging & Positive Testimonials

Encouraging and positive testimonials are a huge deal for food businesses! A good food review could encourage more people to buy their food. A good food review could also bring in their highest sales for the month. If you see anybody doing a food review on them on a blog, vlog, or anywhere else on the internet, let them know! Even the negative ones as these would help them to further improve where they’re lacking.

Another way is for you to share your testimonials on your social media networks. Take a photo of the food and tell your family and friends how good it tastes like. Tell them where they can get it from. Share your experience about the service. Nothing influences people more than honest testimonials from people they trust. Make that word of mouth marketing go viral!

Task for food businesses: Again, make it easy for your customers to reach you via email or social media. Use the reviews to add mileage and credibility to your business.

5. Simply Ask Them How Can You Support Them

Lastly, if you still want to know how else you can support your favorite food businesses, just ask them. May sound a little odd at first, but there’s no harm in asking.

We’ve gotten customers asking us how we’re doing. The questions became more frequent when we haven’t reopened our little store at UTM. How do we feel about it? We are thankful and humbled that our customers care about our business as well as our wellbeing. Deep down, we think your favorite food business would appreciate this small gesture too.

All That’s Left Is For You To Do Your Best To Support Your Favorite Food Businesses!

Wrapping this up, supporting your favorite food businesses can be easy! Just doing one or two of the things we recommended would definitely bring joy to your favorite food businesses.

Our note to food businesses out there, perhaps you can implement some of the tasks to garner support from your customers.

Special Mention To Our Customers

Thank you so much for your support, comments, and helpful tips! We would do our best to provide better services and products in 2021, insha’Allah. Here’s a big air hug from us to you!


4 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways To Support Your Favorite Food Businesses

  1. Hello, fellow Malaysian-based blogger! These tips aren’t just great to support food operators, but bloggers as well, and things like encouragement or positive testimonials are always welcome anywhere (which I thank you for doing so earlier on my blog as well).
    Such an interesting food business you have going on here, and the selection of Chinese Muslim food you share in your posts look amazing too. Thanks for sharing!


    • Hi Stuart! Didn’t know you’re a fellow Malaysian-based blogger too! Thanks a lot for leaving these kinds words, and yes, these tips work for bloggers too. It’s a long story of how we got into the Chinese Muslim food business. Would probably come up with a post on that soon. Thanks again for leaving a comment!

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