Link Roundup #8: Top 3 Chinese Muslim Food Links

Hello Chinese Muslim food lovers! It’s time for our Chinese Muslim food link roundup! Hope you find the links interesting!

Laotai Arui

Hi Brothers and sisters.I am ARUI. I am a Muslim woman. I come from Yunnan, China. This is a beautiful and magical land. Many ethnic minorities live here. We Hui are one of them. On my channel I will tell friends Chinese traditional halal food cooking. Every dish I try to provide halal recipes. Hope friends From my video Understand China Understanding Yunnan Understanding Chinese Muslims. May Allah bless you with good health and success .

Can you imagine how excited we were when we found Laotai Arui’s Youtube channel? It’s like the first Chinese Muslim from China channel that focuses on making Chinese Muslim food Liziqi style! The best part is she shares the recipes in English, so this is great news for those keen on learning authentic Chinese Muslim food recipes.

Miriam In China

Hi, I’m Miriam Follin, from Sweden. In 2015 I moved to China for an exchange semester, but when the time was up I didn’t want to leave, so I stayed. Now, in 2018, I am living with my Chinese husband Yonghong in his hometown in rural Qinghai (a northwestern province). Here on my channel, I share travels, life and people’s stories from China. And I tend to focus on the small, slow and green things.

The Miriam In China channel is another euphoric and interesting find. Miriam is currently staying in Qinghai Province, and that’s where K is from! Watching her channel reminds us of our family there and we just love how she brings out the best of Qinghai. The food, sights, and sounds, the culture, just about everything is so familiar to us. She’s recently launched her soap business and we’re rooting her for it. All the best Miriam!

And yes, we do know this link is not related to Chinese Muslim food. However, she’s residing in Qinghai, which has a good population of Chinese Muslims. The lifestyle that she shows on her channel is quite similar to the lifestyle of Chinese Muslims in rural parts of Qinghai, food included.

DeZhuang德庄 Hotpot

De Zhuang established in 1999.In over 900+ restaurants around the world, DeZhuang uses the arts of delicious food to promote the unique charm of the ChongQing Food Culture to the world. We are provide DeZhuang hot pot base and all sauce.

DeZhuang is a famous hotpot brand in China and get this, their hotpot bases are Halal-certified by the Halal Certification Services of Chongqing and in accordance with the standards set by JAKIM Malaysia MS1500:2009. We bought the double flavors hotpot bases via their Shopee store and tried the mala flavor earlier this week. Tastes so good!

Please take note that they’ve opened a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. However, the restaurant serves pork and is not Halal-certified.

That concludes our link roundup. Found any interesting Chinese Muslim food links lately? Share it with us in the comments box!


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