List: Food Delivery Companies In Malaysia

With movement restrictions and the fact that many of us are still skeptical about eating out, more and more people are resorting to food delivery companies to satisfy their cravings fix.

Today, we’ll be sharing all, yes ALL, food delivery companies in Malaysia. In the event that you know of any that didn’t make it into our list, please leave us a comment and we’ll add it in.

Most of these companies are available on Apple and Google App. As for Chinese Muslim food businesses, a few are listed on Grabfood, Foodpanda and EperD.

Popular Kids

  1. Grabfood – Restaurants –
  2. Foodpanda – Hawkers, restaurants-
  3. Bungkusit – Hawkers, restaurants
  4. Hungry – Hawkers, restaurants
  5. Delivereat – Hawkers, restaurants
  6. Runningman – Hawkers, restaurants
  7. EperD – Hawkers, restaurants

Quick Notes: New to Foodpanda? Sign up using our invitation link! You’ll get RM10 when you sign up, and we’ll get RM10 too!

Healthy Kids

  1. The Naked Lunchbox – Chef-crafted healthy meals
  2. Epic Fit Meals Co – Healthy meals
  3. Savor Of Life – Vegan, vegetarian food
  4. Kurin – Poke bowls

Specialty Kids

  1. Hometaste – Homecooked food
  2. Dahmakan – Homecooked food
  3. Mammam – Homecooked food
  4. Squeeze Me Baby – Babies, yes, food for your babies
  5. Petchef – Pets, yes, delivery food for your cats and dogs

New Kids

  1. AirAsia Food

Personally, we’ve only used Grabfood, Dahmakan and Foodpanda Our go-to? Foodpanda hands down!


  • Most of the restaurants we buy from are on Foodpanda.
  • Dahmakan isn’t available in JB.
  • And maybe it’s just us but we noticed that the same restaurants on Grabfood priced their food higher than Foodpanda.
  • But Grabfood definitely has more options, so we occasionally use it when we want to eat something different.

So there you have it. Stay safe, stay at home, and let the delivery guys deliver your food to you.

17 Nov Update: We just realized Dahmakan has rebranded themselves to Popmeals. Yes, they’re the same guys! Why the rebranding? No idea. One thing’s for sure, they’re still churning out tasty food from their kitchen.


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