Geran Khas Prihatin For Small Businesses

Introduced in May 2020, Geran Khas Prihatin is a one-off RM3,000 financial assistance given by the government of Malaysia to eligible micro SMEs.

The grant is meant to help reduce the financial burden of micro SMEs and stimulate the economy as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Missed the first round? The government reopened another round of application at Submissions must be made before 31 October 2020.

As a micro SME, naturally we made the decision to apply for the grant. We submitted in May but our application was rejected. Could be because we weren’t sure how to complete the form or maybe we weren’t eligible. Irregardless, we applied again this time around. No harm trying, right?

Will we get it? Allah knows best.

But for those who haven’t applied and are eligible, there’s still time to submit your application. All of us are facing trying times and with the 3rd wave, we know how difficult it could be to run a business out there. At this rate, any form of assistance can be handy.

All the best!


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