Top 3 Mooncake Brands We Love In Malaysia

Alright, let’s get this straight. We didn’t go on a mooncake eating spree this year. In fact, this post is based on mooncake brands that we tried over the past few years.

We’ve been loyal to some brands, and we’ve also stopped eating certain brands. Would we try other brands? Definitely! It’s just that there are so many brands in the market, it’d take us ages to try them all.

Plus there are also the ones made by home bakeries. We’ve tried some of them and hey, the flavours and quality do not pale in comparison compared to established brands. But that’s a post kept for another day.

Baker’s Cottage

We love their pastries and breads! Too bad we can’t find them in JB. Back in KL we used to get our mooncakes from them. They serve yummy mooncakes, packed in beautiful boxes.

Our favourite is the Pure Lotus series, with yolk.

And we just found out this handy little piece of information from their website, their mooncakes are baked in cholesterol-free cooking oil, with no added preservatives. The mooncakes are Halal certified and strictly conformed to the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, ISO 22000 food safety management system and HACCP international food safety standard. Talk about quality!

And ooohhh, they made mooncakes for Starbucks too!

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Kam Lun Tai Food 

Considering they’ve been in the business since 1971, it’s not surprising that their mooncakes are pretty good. We’ve tried several types over the years, and we always come back to their classic and traditional mooncakes.

Oh, and get this, their mooncakes are Halal certified too! We remember how pretty their boxes looked like a few years ago.

In case you’re wondering what drives us to try a certain brand? It all comes down to the packaging. Show us the pretty boxes, beautiful designs, and other aesthetics, and we’ll be sold to try the mooncake. Because let’s face it, if the packaging is nice AND the mooncake is good, we’d definitely want to buy it as gifts for family and friends.

Website | Facebook

Thong Mooncake

Once upon a time we thought Tai Thong mooncakes were the fanciest Halal mooncakes ever! Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but their boxes always look elegant and classy. We still keep some of their tin boxes at home just because they’re so pretty! And functional as they last longer compared to paper and cardboard boxes.

As for their mooncakes, we adore them to bits! A bit of an exaggeration again, but biting into their mooncakes gave us a sense of class and elegance. Sort of like a cloud 9 experience.

Website | Facebook

In order of preference, we’d almost always buy Baker’s Cottage mooncakes for ourselves, family and friends. Kam Lun Tai and Tai Thong mooncakes come as a tie, depending on the flavour we’re looking for and yes, the box!

And there you have it, the top 3 mooncake brands that we love in Malaysia! These are big brands that are commonly found here and I think just about everyone knows them.

Now if you’re new with mooncakes and want to play it safe, just get your mooncake from one of these brands. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed, insha’Allah. Enjoy your mooncakes!

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