Link Roundup #5: Top 3 Chinese Muslim Food Links

Still in the Chinese New Year mood? So are we! We’ve been reading up some news about the Chinese food industry and decided to dedicate this month’s link roundup entirely on hotpots. Hope you find these links as interesting as we did!

You shouldn’t eat hotpot more than once a month – and the worst broths include seafood and chicken, local hospital warns

“Sorry for the bad news, but hotpot isn’t healthy for you, according to Mount Alvernia Hospital.

Just three slices of pork belly contain the same number of calories as a curry puff.

Drinking 100ml of any popular hotpot broth immediately causes you to exceed your daily maximum sodium intake.

Eating 10 processed items (fishballs, meatballs, sausages, luncheon meat) has the same effect.

If you can’t make healthy choices, then you should only eat hotpot once or twice a month.”

Hotpots are common in K’s hometown, although they usually have it during the cold weather. The hot soup helps to warm them up, plus it’s nice to gather with the family and eat everything from the same pot. Unlike the items that are commonly served in hotpot restaurants here, their family usually puts in a lot of vegetables in theirs.

If you happen to go to a Chinese Muslim restaurant that offers hotpot as one of their menu items, then you should read this article. Best to limit yourselves to one or two hotpot sessions a month, or pick healthier options, like clear soups and vegetables, if you decide to have it more frequently.

Hotpot lovers beware: Having meal on tempered glass table could cause it to shatter if no precautions taken

“Following a tempered glass table shattering on Sunday (Jan 19) during a steamboat meal in which several people were hurt, experts warned that using steamboat or hotpot equipment directly on glass tables is not safe.

They recommended consumers to use thermal insulators underneath the hotpot equipment while making sure that glass surfaces do not overheat, even as they noted that imperfections in the glass overlooked during manufacturing could also make them more likely to shatter.”

Another hotpot article! There had been incidents where people get injured while eating hotpot and in this case, having shattered glass pieces cutting through your skin while you’re eating can be a serious issue!

Please be extra cautious when eating hotpot at home or in a restaurant. Accidents can happen and it doesn’t hurt to be extra careful.

8 things to look out for when buying a hot pot

“Steamboat, the Chinese rendition of fondue, is an extremely popular choice for reunion dinner during the Chinese New Year period.

Also known as hot pot (火锅), it is an easy to cook meal where ingredients are tossed in a large pot of carefully prepared flavorful broth.

It is also said that the round steamboat pot, which symbolizes “reunion” (团圆), has the power to enhance friendship and unite family members.”

We can’t tell you how much fun it is to eat hotpot. If you ask us, we think it’s even more fun to eat it at home! The joy of being able to put in any and as many ingredients as we want is unspeakable.

New to hotpots? Read the article for a simple guide to get you started on organising your very first hotpot experience right at the comforts of your home.


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