Link Roundup #4: Top 3 Chinese Muslim Food Links

To kickstart the new year, we’re sharing 3 of the best Chinese Muslim food industry’s content for 2020. Hope you find this insightful!

Our top picks:

Irreplaceable food of Chinese Muslim kitchen: Lamien

“Prepared with halal ingredients including rice, chicken, vegetables, soy, onions and coriander, lamien is an indispensable ingredient of the Chinese Muslim kitchen”

When K first came to Malaysia, he was eager to try lamian at just about every Chinese Muslim restaurant he can find. He grew up eating it and it’s a staple food in most households at his place. I guess the feeling is similar to us in the sense that we’re always looking for rice or Malaysian dishes when we’re overseas.

Making lamian takes a lot of skill and hard work. That explains why not everyone can make lamian. As the article mentioned, at least a year of training is required to make the noodles, and it takes practice and time to master the skill.

Highlight: Islamic Cultural and Halal Food Festival

“The Islamic Cultural and Halal Food Festival may not be the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of festive year-end events in Taipei. But the open-air festival at Daan Forest Park promises to have something for the entire family.”

The Islamic Cultural and Halal Food Festival in Taipei has ended! But that’s no reason to not mention it in the link round-up.

Co-organized by the Chinese Muslim Association (中國回教協會) and Taipei City Government, it’s interesting to know that such events are held in Taiwan. Proves to show there’s a substantial community of Chinese Muslims in Taiwan and that it’s becoming increasingly easier to get halal food there.

Pengalamanku Bertemu Islam di Xi’an Cina

“Di dekat Masjid Xian terdapat “Muslim food Street” mereka suku Hui berjualan makanan seperti La mian, Malatang,Roujiamo, Sate dan semuanya halal. Di berbagai persimpangan jalan Beiyumen, Jalan guangji, Jalan Xiyangshi dan Jalan dapiyuan para pedagang menjajakan dagangnya. Hal Ini menjadi daya Tarik suasana budaya muslim di X’ian, kalua orang Indonesia menyebut seperti ampel di Surabaya.”

This article was written in Indonesian language and it’s about the author’s experience in seeing Islam in Xian, China. He started by giving a brief history about the Silk Road. He then mentioned about the Terracotta warriors, the Hui people, followed by his experience at the Xian Mosque and food sold at the Muslim Street.

Using Google translate could help you understand the article better if you are not familiar with the language.


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