How to Find a Halal Restaurant In Malaysia


In Malaysia. we are extremely blessed because finding halal food is a walk in the park. Whether it’s Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, or Western cuisine, most of the time you can easily find halal variations of it, especially in big cities like Kuala Lumpur, Georgetown, and Johor Bahru.

But for K, it wasn’t that easy for him. Back in China, most of the restaurants and fast food giants like KFC and McDonald’s aren’t Muslim-friendly, so it took him a while to accept that these fast food joints are in fact halal in Malaysia. In fact, he used to only eat at restaurants that carry the halal logo.

Now if you are a foreigner and are not sure on how to determine whether a particular restaurant in Malaysia is halal, here’s a quick guide that would insha’Allah make it easier for you.

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Week 2 – Top 3 Chinese Muslim Food Links

In this week’s link roundup, we curate 3 of the best Chinese Muslim food industry’s content. Content varies from articles to vlogs.

Here are our top picks:

Ikhwan berdakwah melalui ‘bakkwa’

Selalu hati tertanya-tanya, bagaimanakah rasa bakkwa ini terutama apabila ia daripada daging ayam? Tapi hajat itu dipendam saja kerana tahu ia tidak halal.

Apabila mengetahui sudah ada keluaran yang halal, tentu saja ingin merasanya. Ia dijual oleh Ikhwan Ng, yang berpusat di Taiping, Perak.

Jenuh juga merancang pertemuan dengan Ikhwan supaya dapat mendengar sendiri dia bercerita mengenai bakkwa ini. Namun jarak antara kami membuatkan ia tidak mudah direalisasikan sehinggalah pertengahan Oktober tahun lalu apabila penulis ke Taiping kerana menganjurkan program ziarah amal dan menceriakan wad 14, Hospital Taiping.

Kunjungan ini dimanfaatkan untuk bertemu Ikhwan dan bakkwanya.

I’ve known brother Ikhwan since his active blogging days. He still blogs at Another Chinese Muallaf, though not as often. He’s more active on Facebook now.

About a few years ago he started his Chinese Muslim food business and we did an entry on it – Ikhwan Ng’s Halal Delight.

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[MY] Salam Noodles

For some weird reason I kept a copy of their flyer

Salam Noodles used to have an outlet in Wangsa Walk and we used to go there quite a bit. That particular outlet was super clean and airy, plus the service was fast. Even my aunt and sister enjoyed their gastronomic experience there.

Few months down the road, we were quite pleased to know they have outlets in Putrajaya and Cyberjaya since we have to go to both places quite often. Having said that, we have only been to their outlets in Cyberjaya.

Some of the things we like about Salam Noodles is they retained their spacious and airy concept. Portions are still good and they even added new items to their menu. The services is still as good and fast as ever.

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[MY] Mee Tarik Sulaiman

Bread & noodles. Yum!

I recalled that not too long ago there was a cat cafe around this area. Since we’ve never been to a cat cafe, K and I thought we should visit it once just for the experience.

Needless to say, we never found the cafe. Perhaps I remembered the address wrongly. Maybe it has gone out of business. But we did find a China-style Chinese Muslim restaurant. We found Mee Tarik Sulaiman.

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Top 5 China-Style Chinese Muslim Restaurants In KL

Hello KL foodies!

Our very first listicle! Woohoo!

We are pumped! But with so many China-style Chinese Muslim restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, narrowing them down to the top 5 is insane!

So what’s our solution? How do we choose? Where do we start? Well, after procrastinating on this blog entry for a good amount of time, we decided to select the top 5 China-style Chinese Muslim restaurants in KL based on the ones we’ve been to. Easy peasy solution, right?

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[MY] Qing Fang Noodle House 

The one and only photo out of the many gastronomic trips

Besides Al-Amin Xinjiang Muslim Restaurant, Qing Fang Noodle House is another one of our most frequented restaurants.

We usually order the noodles there, but occasionally, we’d order the dishes to bring home. Extremely convenient when we need that super quick China-style food fix, but we would rather not slog in the kitchen.

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