Great Ways To Use Chilli Oil In Everyday Cooking

In Chinese cooking, a basic chilli oil is often made with chillies, oil and Sichuan peppercorns. However, most households would usually add other ingredients such as garlic, onions, scallions, star anise and sesame seeds. By adding a variety of ingredients, it could bring out an even more flavourful sauce.

For those in Malaysia who would rather purchase their own chilli oil than make their own, high-quality chilli oil can be found easily at Chinese Muslim restaurants. Alternatively, you could get it online via most online platforms e.g. Lazada and Shopee.

Pro Tip: You could get a bottle of chilli oil at our Shopee store too! Ours contain no preservatives, MSG or any nasties, and is suitable for vegetarians.

Managed to get a bottle of chilli oil?

Read more to know how to use it in everyday cooking

Use it as a dipping sauce

We absolutely love to use our chilli oil as a dipping sauce and we always have it with dumplings, wontons, dimsum, even spring rolls! Just add black vinegar, ginger, or soy sauce for variety. And if we may add, one of our customers added chilli oil to mayonnaise, so you could try that out too!

Pro-Tip: Try this Dumpling Dipping Sauce recipe by The Curious Chickpea!

Drizzle it on omelettes

The ultimate eggs game changer! Whether you like your eggs: scrambled, over easy, poached, soft boiled, hard boiled, baked, sunny side up; in an omelette, quiche, or frittata, drizzling chilli oil on it makes it a whole lot more fun to eat. Plus it gives you a bit of heat and that extra splash of colour!

Pro-Tip: You could step it up a notch by adding the chilli oil to your eggs! Try this Scrambled Eggs With Chili Oil Recipe for that twist.

Make egg fried rice

Up your egg fried rice game! Why make regular egg fried rice when you can make a spicy version? Substitute your regular cooking oil with chilli oil and fry the rice like how you normally do. This way, you can get all the spiciness without having to add extra chillies in your fried rice!

Pro-Tip: Need a quick recipe? Check out Marissa’s Sichuan Chili Oil Fried Rice!

Make aglio e olio

Need a quick pasta dish? Make a big bowl of aglio e olio! Use chilli oil instead of olive oil to make this classic Italian pasta dish! No extra dried chilli flakes needed. Tasty, spicy and a super quickie wholesome dish!

Pro-Tip: Can’t get your hands on our chilli oil? Try this Aglio Olio Garlic & Chilly Oil No Artificial Preservatives Gluten-Free product from Amazon!

Pair it with potatoes

Who loves to eat baked potatoes? We do! We often make baked potatoes on days when we want to eat something simple. Adding chilli oil just makes the dish all the more appetising. Quick and supper easy to make, have the potatoes on its own or as a side dish.

Pro-Tip: We actually shared a baked potatoes recipe on our website. Here’s the link for those who want to give it a try – Recipe: Spicy Baked Potatoes

Let us know which is your favourite way to enjoy a good helping of chilli oil! More great ways to be added soon, so remember to bookmark this page or follow us on our social media for updates.


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