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“Niangpi” (Cold Noodles)

Our signature dish, “Niangpi” (cold noodles), is very popular among the Chinese Muslim community in Northwestern China.

Best served cold, you can request for niangpi without mianjin (gluten sponge), with mianjin, or with extra mianjin.

RM5.00 per box (without or with mianjin)
RM5.50 per box (with extra mianjin)

“Jiaozi” (Dumplings)

Our classic dish, “Jiaozi” (dumplings), consist of small pieces of dough wrapped around meat or vegetables fillings.

Enjoy a batch of these mouthwatering dumplings at any time of the day!

Price: RM5.50 per box (6 pieces)

Frozen Pack A: RM17 per packet (20 pieces)
Frozen Pack B: RM9 per packet (10 pieces)

Options: Chicken, Beef or Vegetables

“Youbing” (Flat Bread)

Our freshly-baked appetizer, “Youbing” (flat bread), has a perfect combination of a crunchy exterior and soft interior bread textures.

Best to be taken immediately, the bread can be eaten on its own, dipped in soups or other types of dipping sauces.

Price: RM2.50 per piece

Options: Plain or Sesame Seeds

“Jiuhe” (Stuffed Pockets)

Our everyday snack, “Jiuhe” (Stuffed Pockets), is our take on the more traditional “Jiucai Hezi” (Chinese Chive Pastries).

Filled with a generous amount of shredded carrots, minced meat and finely chopped green onions, these pastries are pan-fried to perfection.

Price: RM1.00 per piece

Frozen Pack: RM10 per packet (10 pieces)

Shan Zha
“Shan Zha Liang Cha” (Hawthorn Cooling Tea)

Our healthy beverage, “Shan Zha Liang Cha” (Hawthorn Cooling Tea), is full of the many benefits of hawthorn berries, raisins, goji berries and red dates.

Refreshing, with a slight sweet and sour taste, the tea is best taken after meals.

Price: RM1.50 per glass

Note: All orders and payments must be made at least 3 days in advance as our food are mostly handmade and we would like to retain the freshness in every bite.

Feel free to message us on Facebook or Whassap us at 012 261 1175 for more info!