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Products: Mala Dry Pot, Chuan Chuan Steamboat, Fried Fish With Signature Sauce

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Link Roundup #21: Top 3 Chinese Muslim Food Links

Hello Chinese Muslim food lovers! November came and cruised by just like that. Like is it really going to be December next week? And yes, we do know we’re a wee late with this month’s link-roundup. Let’s cut the chatter and just get on with it, shall we?

This Chinese restaurant serves fresh hand-pulled noodles featuring a secret 28-ingredient sauce

We start by sharing a piece of news all the way from Canada! Borders are reopening and people are getting in the mood to travel again. Think it’s pretty legit to share news about Chinese Muslim food businesses in other countries too. Not that we’re planning to travel to Canada anytime sooner. Any sponsors though?

Back to the article. It’s about Omni Palace, a Chinese noodle house specialising in traditional hand-pulled Lanzhou noodle dishes and other halal delicacies. The hand-pulled noodle chefs are fully skilled and have more than 20 years of stretched noodle experience.

Which brings us to a conversation I had with Karim. To make hand-pulled noodles require a certain technique and not everyone can master it. Like they even have schools teaching people how to become hand-pulled noodles masters in China! Sure, we make hand-pulled noodles at home, but compared to these masters, we are total amateurs.

5 Sajian Chinese Food Halal yang Wajib Dicoba saat Main ke Kota Malang

Let’s switch to Malay now. Ikutkan jarang sangat kami tulis dalam Bahasa Melayu. Bukan tak nak, cuma bila tulis tu mesti bunyi skema. Bunyi janggal pun ada. Jangan gelak. Apapun, kali ni kami nak kongsi berita dari Indonesia. Tak dapat pergi restoran Cina Muslim kat Kanada, mungkin boleh pergi cuba makanan Cina Muslim di Indonesia.

Berbalik pada artikel ni. Artikel ni cerita pasal kuotie, siomay, bakmie goreng, cwie mie dan nasi Hainan. Rasanya kat Malaysia pun ada jual cuma mungkin ada perbezaan dari segi rasa. Nama pun ada yang lain, sebagai contoh kalau di Malaysia siomay kami panggil siumai.

Itik panggang ala Melayu

Artikel seterusnya yang kami nak kongsi ialah dari Malaysia dan lebih tepat lagi tentang Itik Bakar Gembo di Shah Alam. Rasanya tak banyak orang Melayu buat itik panggang, jadi bagi sesiapa yang berminat bolehlah cuba beli dari kedai ni. Walaupun Itik Bakar Gembo bukan makanan Cina Muslim, kami kongsi juga kerana agak menarik bila ada orang Melayu yang buat itik panggang.

Oh, dah kongsi tiga pautan dah. Kadang-kadang terfikir juga nak tulis artikel blog mengenai makanan Cina Muslim dalam Bahasa Melayu. Insha’Allah kalau ada masa kami akan usahakan. Kalau ada jumpa mana-mana pautan yang berkaitan, harap boleh kongsi dengan kami supaya kami boleh kongsi dengan pembaca lain.

Update: We tried Hotpot Kitchen’s Mala Sauce!

Not too long ago, we bought a bottle of Hotpot Kitchen Mala Sauce 麻辣香锅麻辣酱料 (200g) *Halal Certified* on Shopee Malaysia. We’ve seen their restaurants at shopping malls, though we’ve never tried their food because as far as we know, none of their restaurants are JAKIM halal certified.

All we could do then was just walk past their outlets and whenever we get tempted, we’d make our own hotpot at home.

Then one day we came across their Shopee listing and you can imagine how excited we got when we found out their mala sauce is halal certified!

Naturally, we had to buy it.

We’ve used their Mala Sauce 麻辣香锅麻辣酱料 to make mala xiang guo a couple of times and we love it! The sauce makes it so convenient to make mala xiang guo, especially when we want to eat something yummy in a snap! But don’t take our words at 100% because we did add other condiments to the sauce. We didn’t really make the mala xiang guo just by using their sauce.

So the question now is, could you make mala xiang guo just by using their sauce?

You could. Though we can’t tell for certain how it’d turn out. Do try and let us know.

Then why did we add other condiments to the sauce?

We’ve always added other condiments to store-bought sauces and pastes. It’s just how we roll.

Speaking of mala xiang guo, we haven’t made in a while. With the kind of weather we’ve been having here in Johor Bahru, we should make it again soon.

Update 26 Nov 2021: Hotpot Kitchen contacted us and said the Mala Mala restaurants located at IOI City Mall and Mid Valley Megamall are their sister restaurants. Guess we have another place to go to when we make our next trip to KL!

Top 3 Chinese Muslim Food Products To Try In 2021: Lazada Malaysia Edition

In case you don’t already know, we are on Lazada Malaysia! At the moment, we only have our Chilli Oils and Guoba Snacks listed on our Lazada store, but here’s the link for those interested to make any purchases. For other products, you may purchase via our Shopee store or any of our social pages.

Now that we’ve gotten that off our chests, let’s get down to business, shall we?

Today we’ll be talking about the top 3 Chinese Muslim food products sold on Lazada Malaysia that you need to try before 2022! These products are the ones that we’d like to try ourselves and we’ll share why we are so eager to try these products.

🅼🅰🅻🅰 🆂🅿🅸🅲🆈 🅲🅷🅸🅻🅸 🆂🅰🆄🅲🅴 【麻辣】【辣椒酱】Halal Makanan Cina Memasak Cili/Mala Cili Paste/Cili Homemake Panmee Sauce

Alright, we actually got super excited with this product by Little Wok. Firstly, it’s ridiculously tough to find halal mala spicy chilli sauce in Malaysia! The next bit is this product has the JAKIM halal certificate! Like the only other mala paste/sauce product that we ever found with those two criteria is the Hotpot Kitchen Mala Sauce 麻辣香锅麻辣酱料 (200g) *Halal Certified* sold on Shopee Malaysia, and yeap, that’s it!

Anyhow, the people behind this product stated in their advertisement that the paste/sauce can be used to make mala spicy chicken, mapo tofu, mala steamboat and mala hot pot.

Would we try their product? Well, the price is pretty steep when we compare it to Hotpot Kitchen’s. In fact, it’s more than double the price! But we are still curious to know what’s the difference so we would most probably try it after we’ve finished our bottle of paste/sauce.

Seasoning Chinese Chili Oil 100g (Halal Muslim Product)

Yes, we make and sell chilli oils. Though there’s no harm in buying other people’s products, is there? You could say we would like to check on our competitors, however what we want to do is just try other people’s products.

It’s like how we can always make fried rice or nasi lemak at home, but we’d still order it when we’re at the restaurant. Because the thing here is, everybody has their own recipe and cooking style. Just because we like our chilli oil, doesn’t mean we won’t like the ones made by other people. Also, it’s good to try other people’s products. Besides supporting their business, maybe there’s something we can learn from them.

Share: Favorite (446) Ikhwan Ng Halal Delight – Ayam Salai/Halal Bak Kwa/Dried Meat : Manis Madu ORI 500G

We have to confess: we have tried this halal bak kwa before. We have tried it so often we just can’t remember how many times we’ve tried this product by Brother Ikhwan Ng. Yes, it is that good! However, we don’t think we bought any this year. And that is why this product made it into the list. We need to get this before the year ends.

Oh, and we had written so many blog posts on this particular product as well as similar products sold by other sellers.

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There you have it: our list of top 3 Chinese Muslim products sold on Lazada Malaysia that you should try in 2021. Let us know if you’ve tried any!

Finding The 3 Best Chinese Muslim Food Products To Try In 2021: On Shopee Malaysia

In today's post, we will list down 3 Chinese Muslim products that we plan to purchase through Shopee Malaysia by year end, insha'Allah.

Naturally, we would list Kaijia as one of the best Chinese Muslim products you can find on Shopee Malaysia to try in 2021. But this post isn’t about us. In today’s post, we will list down 3 Chinese Muslim products that we plan to purchase through Shopee Malaysia by year end, insha’Allah.

The reason behind this post is we’ve been seeing more people selling Chinese Muslim food products online. We think that it’s a good move and this is our way of showing our support and giving them the extra mileage. Let’s get on to our list, shall we?

HALAL Sosej Ayam Cina Muslim Chinese Muslim Street Food Chinese Chicken Sausage Lap Cheong

To tell you the truth, we have never tried lap cheong. That’s mainly because it’s not easy to find halal lap cheong anywhere in Malaysia. Like, you can’t go to your neighbourhood shopping mall or supermarket and expect to find halal lap cheong.

Since we’ve never tried it, we won’t know what to expect. We have all sorts of questions running through our head. How would it taste like? Would the halal lap cheong taste as authentic as the real deal? Could we stomach it?

All questions aside, the reviews sounded good though and we have to say, the photos do look strikingly similar to the non-halal version.


Now this is something that we are extremely familiar with. There’s just something delectable about green beans tausa pia. The delicate layers of the pastry, the perfect blend of the sweetness and saltiness of the green beans, you just have to try it to fall in love with it.

The ones that we tried before this are mostly made in Ipoh, but it’d be nice to try these homemade ones for a change. The seller has great reviews and the tausa pia do look proper. We are quite amazed that the buyers managed to receive the tausa pia in good condition.

If 10 pieces are too many, the seller sells it in 6 pieces too. We’d probably get the 6 pieces trip pack so we can try different types of tausa pia. Available in pandan, green bean, red bean, and chicken floss.

Halal Chinese Vercemille Sour & Spicy

Confession time. We are not big fans of instant noodles. In fact, we can count how often we have it in a year. This year alone, we’ve only had it three times! So why did this make it into our list?


Not too long ago, we bought a pack of حلال MANSIWEI HALAL smell-les river snails rice noodle Luosifen 曼私味无臭清真螺蛳粉中国正宗柳州特产酸辣螺丝粉米线320gChina Food from Shopee. We wrote our experience here Shopping at Mr. Isa Halal (ManSiWei Official Store) and since then, we’ve been curious to try out a couple more halal instant noodles manufactured in China.

This seller only has one review, but has sold 100 packs of the instant noodles at the time of writing. We’ll try a pack and see how it goes.

Would you be interested to try any of these products? Let us know in the comments section!

Kaijia: Places To Buy Kaijia Muslim Food Products

Sometimes, people ask where can they buy our products? Here’s a quick guide for those curious to know.

Online stores

At the moment, we are selling at Shopee Malaysia and Lazada Malaysia.

Participating Outlets

Note: We are looking for more people and places to put our products. Let us know if you’re interested or if you’d like to collaborate.

I have questions!

Ask away! You can leave a comment here, reach us at any of our social pages, email, or whassap. Click here for the links.

[MY] TeaZheng – Kedai Teh Cina Muslim

AddressNo. 12A-1, Jalan Bangi Avenue 1/8. Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia


Products: Puerh Green Tea, Yunnan White Tea, Wild Red Tea, Tea Set, Mee Sejuk Yunnan

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With the easing of the MCO in Malaysia, we’re seeing more people visiting our website to find the names and addresses of halal Chinese restaurants in their area.

More Chinese food businesses have also approached us to get their details updated.

If you’re a Chinese food business selling halal food and products…

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What’s the catch?

Being in the Chinese Muslim food business ourselves, we know how tough the past 2 years had been. As a way to keep up with the times, we had to embrace the change and pivot our business model. It wasn’t an easy decision for us, yet Alhamdulillah, we made it and we are still at it.

However, we know that there are Chinese Muslim food businesses out there that may still be struggling to run or resume their business. Because of that, we want to do our part and list them in our online directory.

Benefits of getting listed on ‘Halal Chinese Food In Malaysia’

  1. Our readers get to find out what are the nearest Chinese Muslim food businesses to them and share the details to their family and friends.
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How much do you charge?

Nothing. We don’t charge Chinese food businesses selling halal food and products anything to get listed in our online directories for Chinese Muslim restaurants & food businesses.

We only charge Chinese food businesses selling halal food and products if they decide to advertise and work with us.

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Continue to stay safe everyone!