The Ultimate List For Mee Tarik Restaurants In Malaysia

Munch munch munch!

A little back story. Both K and I used to be huge fans of mee tarik. How huge? At any given opportunity, we pretty much tried to go to every possible Chinese Muslim restaurant that sells it!

How about now? Well, K’s taste buds have somehow rather adapted to our local fare, whereas I have moved on to other types of Chinese Muslim food.

Anyway, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go ahead and enjoy your delicious bowl of mee tarik. For those who love it, you would probably want to make it your mission to try all the different types of mee tarik imaginable!

And here’s where we make it super duper easy for you. Feast your eyes on the ultimate list for mee tarik restaurants in Malaysia! We’re not sure whether such a list exists, but this is our version of it.

Restaurants are listed in alphabetical order. Click on the restaurant name to go to their website or click on our article to read about our mee tarik adventures.

And if you want to know which restaurant is the nearest to you, just click on this link- Chinese Muslim Food Restaurants & Businesses In Malaysia

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[MY] Little Apple BBQ

I was scrolling through my news feed when I found this –

Flaming bak-kwa!

Finding it hard to believe that it has become so much easier to find halal bakkwa, especially one that carries the JAKIM halal logo. Plus they even sell meat floss in not one, but 3 varieties!

Will I try it? Probably. Though I’m more tempted to try the seaweed meat floss.

You could get their products at HOMST, TTDI, HJ Shahrin Low Kota Damansara, Chopsticks TTDI, Canton Village Bukit Jelutong and KLCC.

Staying out of town? Not sure whether they do deliveries or postage. But if you’re keen on trying any of their products, I reckon that the quickest way is to contact them via whatsapp for more details.

Being Part Of The Craze At Yizun Noodle Singapore

The owners of Yizun Noodle and K go a long way back. They have known each other for years, so when the owners opened Yizun Noodle in Singapore, we just had to visit it.

Snacked on these while waiting for our beef noodles

The only thing that we were not looking forward to is traveling to Singapore from JB. The traffic jam can be horrible and the rush hour crowd can be intense. By the time we reached the restaurant, we had worked up an appetite. Read More »

Halal Dim Sum At Islamic Centre Canteen Hong Kong!

My first meal in Hong Kong!

Landed safely in Hong Kong and took the public transport to reach my crib at Causeway Bay. The great thing about Hong Kong was that it was fairly easy to get around and I didn’t even have to ask for directions.

Eventually reached my hotel and texted my friend. She decided we meet up for dinner at Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Centre, located at Wanchai District.

Dinner? In an Islamic centre?

Soon enough I was greeted by the sweet succulent smell of insatiable food. Halal Chinese food. And I was smitten by it. Totally smitten that I couldn’t even care to edit this only photo of the food which my friend ordered. Before I knew it, I had gobbled down everything.

Muslims traveling to Hong Kong should definitely come by here for halal Chinese food.

Islamic Centre Canteen, 
5/F., Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Centre,
40 Oi Kwan Rd., Wanchai, Hong Kong, China

Added bonus. You can get halal dim sum here.