Link Roundup #6: Top 3 Chinese Muslim Food Links

It’s that time again for another round of interesting Chinese Muslim food links! So we’ve been scouring the net, looking for the latest juicy news. What makes this month’s link roundup a little different from previous link roundups is, we decided to feature news from Malaysia. Why? Let’s say we want to show some love to the place that we call home.

Here are our top picks for this month!

Chef Hassan Heng Chinese Muslim Food 

79403867_3305667969462538_8835921241786286080_o“Assalamualaikum & Good Morning

1st kelas 2020 . kelas yang dinanti-nanti oleh peminat masakan cina 🤗 .

Detail kelas seperti di bawah yer. kelas hands off. memang berbaloi baloi sangat join kelas ini sebab sebelum ni normal fee untuk 1 resepi sahaja bagi personal class rm300++ .

Tapi kali ini chef open 4 resepi Mee hanya RM300/pax ! Jimat banyakk!

Resepi asal masakan cina,teknik masak yang betul akan diajar, yang penting pelbagai ‘tips & rahsia’ masakan cina akan diberikan.

macam biasa sekiranya ada peserta minimun 15 orang baru chef akan open kelas ni. so siapa yang berminat boleh lock seat terlebih dahulu yer.

Date : 12 Januari 2020(Ahad)

Masa : 9.30 pagi – selesai

Tempat : Mama Salmi Kopitiam,Taipan 2 Setia Alam

pertanyaan dan pendaftaran


In case you haven’t noticed, it’s not that difficult to find Chinese Muslim food in Malaysia. In fact, it becomes even more easier if you go to the bigger cities like Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru.

But the downside is, the price point can be a bit high. And yes, it may not be as easy to locate if you’re not familiar with the place.

What would be the next best option? Learn how to cook your own Chinese Muslim food! Chef Hassan Heng conducts tonnes of Chinese Muslim food cooking classes and you can use these newfound skills to cook for your family and friends. Feeling entrepreneurial? Maybe you can start your own Chinese Muslim food business!

Visit their Facebook page or whassap them for their latest schedule.

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