TikTok Recipe: Dutch Baby Pancake

Today is pancake day at our household! So we decided to make the Dutch Baby version for breakfast. We’ve been seeing it a lot on Instagram lately, that we just had to try out the recipe. The version that we’re sharing is the version we adjusted based on our preferences.

What is Dutch Baby Pancake?

When we first saw the recipe, we have to admit that we thought of it as a non-savoury version of the Yorkshire Pudding. Made with eggs, flour, milk and sugar, Dutch Baby Pancakes are baked in a hot cast iron pan.

Our version of the Dutch Baby Pancake

Ours are the mini version. We couldn’t fit our pan in the oven, so we used a smaller cast iron baking dish to bake our pancakes. We also replaced the sugar with molasses and added vanilla extract and cinnamon powder. The pancakes were served hot with sliced bananas and honey on top.



  1. Whisk eggs, flour, milk, sugar, salt, vanilla extract & cinnamon powder together.
  2. Heat up some butter in the pan.
  3. Pour the batter in the pan.
  4. Bake in a preheated oven at 220°C for 15 to 20 mins.
  5. Serve hot with fruits, honey, powdered sugar etc.

It’s fun to see the batter puffing up in the oven. Taste-wise, it’s sweet but not too sweet. The crusty edges and custardy middle are to die for.

What’s our overall verdict?

Dutch Baby Pancakes are very much unlike the regular pancakes you make on the stove. It’s on a league of its’ own!

Should you make it?

Now if you love Yorkshire Pudding, we definitely recommend you to try this recipe.

Let us know how yours turn out!


The Ultimate Halal Chilli Oil List

We recently shared on our TikTok account one of the home-style chilli oil recipes our family back in China makes. What we didn’t expect was for the video to receive more than 36.1k views and counting!


Reply to @airinana99 Finally got to share one of our family’s Chilli Oil recipes. Enjoy! #chillioil #辣椒油 #foodie #foodlover #myfoodie #makanlokal

♬ IU SONG(Chinese Ver.) – 黛西的津威呢

Wait, don’t you sell chilli oil? Why do you share how to make chilli oil on your TikTok account?

Here’s the thing. Just because we sell chilli oil doesn’t mean we can’t share how to make a simple version of it. Besides, our family has many different ways to make chilli oil and we’re just sharing one of it.

Right. So what’s with this ultimate halal chilli oil list then?

We were recently told that we should make products that appeal to everyone. But the truth is we can’t satisfy everyone as each person has his and her own preferences. For example, there are those who prefer a far more spicier version. There are also those who prefer a sweeter version.

Fact is, just because we make and sell chilli oil, doesn’t mean everyone would like our version of it.

So this list here?

It’s just us giving potential chilli oil buyers the option to make a choice. To make it easier for them to reach out to other chilli oil sellers and find the chilli oil version they like the most.

Wouldn’t this mean that you’ll be directing potential customers to other sellers?

Yes, because we strongly believe that the market is huge enough to cater to every chilli oil seller.

Now that we’ve got that off our chest, let’s get on with the list.

The Ultimate Halal Chilli Oil List on Shopee Malaysia (Including the Muslim-Friendly ones)

(Chinese Muslim Product) Kaijia Signature Chilli Oil 辣椒油 Minyak Cili (Produk Cina Muslim) – 1.5k sold on Shopee Malaysia

Obviously we had to start with our chilli oils – Signature Chilli Oil & Premium Chilli Oil. Our chilli oils are made in a Muslim kitchen using a China Chinese Muslim recipe. Made without preservatives, MSG or any nasties, our chilli oils are suitable for vegetarians too! Our products are also made to order to ensure the freshness and quality aspect.

CHILI OIL (HALAL & PREMIUM) – 788 sold on Shopee Malaysia

Halal & Premium Rasa sambal yang pedas dan autentik resepi keluarga. Sekali rasa pasti sentiasa nak lagi. Sambal pembuka selera. Sesuai dimakan sahaja dengan nasi panas. Atau sebagai sambal cicah semua jenis makanan seperti ayam goreng, ikan goreng, dim sum, mee goreng, tambahan rasa kawww kepada sup anda! Sesuai juga utuk tumisan asas bila masak nasi goreng, mee goreng, dll. Makan apa jer mesti nak ada Chili Oil ni!!

(HALAL) CHILI OIL HOMEMADE (100g-150ml) – 529 sold on Shopee Malaysia


Qistchen Crispy Garlic Chili Oil – 200gram – 482 sold on Shopee Malaysia

Kami menggunakan premium chili flakes & bawang putih krispi di dalam Crispy Garlic Chili Oil kami. 100% Halal dan Bumiputra produk! Crispy Garlic Chili Oil is a condiment made from vegetable oil that has been infused with chili peppers and garlic. Use in your cooking or as a finishing touch or topping to your food. And it is 100% Halal! Bumiputra Product

Chilli Garlic Oil by Ti Chah (Pasti Sedap) keluaran Muslim dan dijamin kebersihannya. – 144 sold on Shopee Malaysia

Diperbuat tanpa menggunakan bahan pengawet. Boleh di makan bersama bermacam² jenis makanan,sup,sayur,mee kari dan sebagainya. Sedap juga dimakan dengan nasi panas. Produk diperbuat dari dapur Muslim dan dijamin kebersihannya.

HALAL HOMEMADE CHILLI OIL /秘制辣子油 – 132 sold on Shopee Malaysia

Rasa asli Muslim China. Dijadikan sos untuk dumpling, steamboat, salad. Diguna dalam masakan. Dimakan bersama sup, contoh bihun sup, mee sup dll.

Chili Oil WARISAN TOKMA – 110 sold on Shopee Malaysia

Prepare with love with flavourful condiments that can be added to your serve meal. To enjoy your choices with your favorite noodles, rice, fried rice, porridge, steamboat, dim sum, pasta, pizza, sandwiches, dumpling, wonton soup, steamed veggies, soups, pizza, pasta, or just any type of dish that you can enjoy some extra flavor!

‼️READY STOCK‼️GARLIC CHILLI OIL Buatan Muslim ±250ml – 97 sold on Shopee Malaysia

Boleh digunakan untuk mengoreng, sebagai sos makanan kegemaran, dimakan dengan sup, dicampur dalam bubur nasi, digunakan sebagai perapan.

【Yan’s】🔥Flaming HOT🔥 Halal Mala Chili Oil 200g, VEGAN Friendly, Buatan Malaysia & HACCP Certified. 麻辣辣椒油 – 33 sold on Shopee Malaysia

The urge of needing more Chili varieties has driven me to do research and study of making a good Chili. After tons of unsuccessful trials and finally a reduced “numbness” version of the Szechuan Chili with added local ingredients and spices recipe – Yan’s Chili Oil has came out right! ✨ With over 20+ kinds of ingredient in the recipe gives a very deepening flavors and layers of taste and spiciness too! You can use Yan’s Chili Oil basically in anything.

🔥Ready Stock🔥 CHILI GARLIC OIL homemade by Cili’s Kitchen – 16 sold on Shopee Malaysia

Homemade Muslim Produk‼️ CHILI GARLIC OIL by Cili’s Kitchen. Ready to eat.. 100% Natural. Tanpa msg. Tanpa pengawet. Produk Bumiputera. Bersih & Halal.

Need ideas on how to use chilli oil?

Read our blog posts: Great Ways To Use Chilli Oil In Everyday Cooking, Recipe: 酸辣萝卜, Recipe: Spicy Baked Potatoes

Alternatively, you can check out our Instagram, Facebook & TikTok accounts for more great ideas.

Found a chilli oil seller not listed in our list? Let us know in the comments section and we’ll add it in.

TikTok Recipe: 姜汁撞奶 Ginger Milk Pudding

So we woke up one day and just felt like having ginger in a dessert form. That’s when we decided to make Ginger Milk Pudding. A super simple recipe that tastes absolutely amazing!

What Is Ginger Milk Pudding?

It’s a Chinese hot dessert made with ginger, milk and sugar. We absolutely love the ginger and milk combination, however if you prefer it to be sweeter, you can sprinkle sugar or honey on top. The texture is smooth and silky, like it could slip effortlessly down your throat.

@kaijiamuslimfood Just felt like having Ginger Mlk Pudding. #gingermilkpudding #foodie #foodlover #makanlokal #myfoodie #tiktokmalaysia #imaddictedto ♬ Tuo Fei Lun – Album Version – Eason Chan


  • 2 tbsp ginger juice
  • 300ml milk
  • 1 tbsp sugar


  1. Grate ginger to get the juice.
  2. Put the juice into a bowl.
  3. Heat up milk & sugar until 70°C.
  4. Pour the milk into the bowl with ginger juice & cover for 10 mins
  5. Serve hot.

The fun bit about making this recipe is doing the spoon test. To check whether the pudding has set well, place a spoon on top. The spoon shouldn’t sink and it should just sit nicely on top. For extra fun, try to see how many spoons you can stack on top of the pudding before it starts to give way.

We hope you’ll have fun trying this recipe out! Oh, and do follow our TikTok account.

2022: A List Of Halal Chinese New Year Biscuits, Snacks & Food You Can Buy On Shopee Malaysia

It’s that time of the year again! All the malls are decked with Chinese New Year decorations and goodies, and although we don’t celebrate the festival, we have family and friends that do celebrate it. We’re thinking of getting gifts for them, so we’ve been looking at things on Shopee Malaysia.

Here are the ones that caught our eyes. We broke it into sections, making it easier for you to browse through.

Cookies & Biscuits

[Halal] 27 Type CNY Cookies/Biscuits (27款年饼)

Special Kuih Kapit, Pineapple Roll, Honeycomb, Peanut Cookie, and Salted Cashew Nut are just some of the things they have in their store. Like these happen to be our favourite biscuits and snacks too! We don’t know about you lot, but besides buying for friends and family we’d probably get a couple for our own consumption too.

Here’s another store that sells a selection of halal traditional Chinese New Year cookies. We love Almond Cookies, Peanut Cookies, Sugee Cashew Cookies, & Kuih Bangkit! Gah, by the looks of it we might get a bottle or two from them too!

Yong Sheng CNY Cookies~ [Ready Stock] Prosperity Gift Pack 百福臻礼包 (2tins CNY Cookies 2罐年饼)Halal

We have a bit of a confession here—we have a thing for food that come in tins. There’s just a nostalgia feeling to it. When we were kids, we often get sweets, biscuits, and cookies in tins, and we loved how beautiful the tins looked. Until now, we still have some of those tins at home. (filled with sewing materials, etc.)

Their selection include Almond Cookies, Cashew Nut Cookies, Coconut Crispy Roll, Green Pea Cookies, Carnival Pineapple, Pineapple Jam Filled Cookies (Pandan), Salted Egg Yolk Cookies, Walnut Cookies, and Cranberry Butter Cookies.

Nuts & Snacks

MAHNAZ FOOD – NUTS PROMOTION Pistachio/Cashew Nut/Brazil Nut/Walnut/Charcoal/Hazelnut (500g)

Wanna go nuts over nuts? We love to snack on nuts, regardless of the time of the year. Our top favourite? Roasted and lightly salted cashews! We’ve bought food items from Mahnaz Food before and felt satisfied with it. It’s just that we never bought it online. The reviews are great though.

[Halal] Dried Vegetable Snack Chips & Crisps Healthy Snacks Food Diet 蔬菜干 Okra Shiitake Garlic Lotus Seed Potato Radish

How about getting something healthy for this Chinese New Year? Some of the dried vegetable snack chips & crisps they have in their store include Shiitake Mushroom, Okra, Purple Potato, Red Radish, Yam, Garlic Lotus Seed, Crunchy Garlic, and Tempura Eggplant.

CNY Biscuit 年饼 Dried Shrimp Curry Puff 虾米咖喱角/ Udang Kering Curry Puff (HALAL) [Homemade] 250gm++

We grew up eating Dried Shrimp Curry Puffs and have always thought these are just one of the best snacks ever made! Melodramatic, much? Maybe. But this is one of the things you’ve got to try if you’ve never tried it. Finding good ones are hard these days, and we really hope these would turn out good.

Meats & Cuts

新年 CNY Original Mushroom Snack (HALAL) -Bak Kwa 香菇肉干 200g

Oh hey, it’s another seller on Shopee Malaysia selling halal bakkwa! We don’t think we’ve included them in The Ultimate Halal Bakkwa List blog post. Could probably give this a try. They have Original, Spicy & Black Pepper bakkwa flavours, plus the feedback looks good.

HALAL Bakkwa Ayam Salai Dried Meat Manis Madu Chinese New Year CNY Food Dishes 300g

And there’s another seller selling halal bak kwa!! In the We Tried Halal Chinese Sausages! blog post, we tried their halal Chinese sausages and felt those were pretty good. Now they’ve come up with halal bakkwa too.

Ikea BBQ Chicken Dried Meat <CNY Pack> 500g (Original) HALAL

Ikea has done it again! They came up with their own version of halal bakkwa! We read about it like a couple of years ago, yet we never got the chance to try it. Perhaps this is a sign. Gotta buy ’em all!

So there we have our list of halal Chinese New Year biscuits, snacks, and food you can buy on Shopee Malaysia! We still haven’t decided what to buy. Let us know if you have any recommendations for us.

TikTok Recipe: Pan-Fried Thai Basil Flower Rolls

Recipe adapted from CHINESE FLOWER ROLLS WITH SCALLIONS (HUA JUAN, 花卷) by Red House Spice.

In our previous blog post, we mentioned we’d be sharing recipes from our Kaijia Muslim Food TikTok account. Here’s the first recipe: Pan-Fried Thai Basil Flower Rolls.

For a more detailed step-by-step guide, please refer to the original post by the Red House Spice.


Reply to @baniaidasabri Flower Rolls recipe! Kalau ada step tak clear, let us know ya 😄 #foodie #foodlover #myfoodie #makanlokal #tiktokmalaysia

♬ 雪落下的声音(完整钢琴版) – 丸子

What Are Flower Rolls | Huajuan | 花卷

It’s a type of Chinese steamed buns. In our household, we like to have it for breakfast and we eat it on its own or with tea. Sometimes, we’ll have it with soup or vegetable dishes. A bit of a disclaimer, usually we use spices for the filling or a scallions-spice mixture. Since we have quite a lot of Thai basil in the garden, we decided to make a Pan-Fried Thai basil Flower Rolls version.

Ingredients For The Dough

  • 250g all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon yeast
  • ¾ teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 130ml warm water

Ingredients For The Filling

  • 2 tablespoon finely chopped Thai basil
  • ¼ teaspoon Chinese five-spice powder
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • 2 tablespoon cooking oil


  1. Mix flour, yeast, baking powder and sugar in a bowl.
  2. Add water and knead the mixture into a dough.
  3. Cover the dough and leave to rest for 15 minutes.
  4. For the filling, put Thai basil, Chinese five-spice powder and salt in a bowl. Heat up the oil and pour the oil over the mixture. Mix well.
  5. Shape the dough into flower rolls, cover and leave it to rest for 30 minutes.
  6. Once the rolls have rested, add oil to a frying pan over high heat.
  7. Carefully place the rolls into the pan and when the bottoms turn brown, pour in 200ml water.
  8. Cover the pan with a lid and let the rolls cook until the water has completely evaporated.

Have fun trying this recipe out! Oh, and do follow our TikTok account.

Kaijia: What’s In Store For 2022?

Kaijia Muslim Food has been around for like 4 years, but we only got serious like last year. For our 5th year, we have humble plans to scaleup the business.

The Business

Our Eatery: 2022 is the year we expect to reopen our eatery at UTM, Skudai. BUT! Yes, there is a big BUT there. We intend to revamp our eatery. The plans are still in the drawing board as we type this out. Just stay tuned for updates on our website and social pages.

Our Products: So in 2021, we came up with our Chilli Oils, Garlic Oil, BBQ Oil Set, Fragrant Spiced Oil, Fragrant Chilli Oils, Guoba Snacks, Spices Range & Powdered Spices Range. That’s 8 different types of products, not including the variations under each product category!

For 2022, we decided to tone down a bit and come up with 5 new products, insha’Allah. We already have the 5 products and all of those products are still undergoing R&D, We hope to launch 3 products in the first quarter of 2022, while the other 2 products would be launched by the third quarter.

Our Social Pages: We decided to be more focused on what type of content goes on our social pages. Here’s the breakdown

  • Facebook – mainly for sharing blog posts & Instagram feeds
  • Instagram – mainly for cooking ideas, serving suggestions, events, & updates
  • TikTok – mainly for recipes & cooking ideas

Which one will we be more active in?

Instagram for DMs, TikTok for comments.

The Website

Our Content: Regular content like the monthly link-roundups, new Chinese Muslim restaurants and food businesses, and our personal reviews will still be around. However, we’ll be adding sponsored content and our TikTok channel recipe content.

Sponsored Content: What is this about? We’ve been getting feedback from people asking us whether they could advertise or get featured on our website. The quick answer is YES. But obviously, there are areas we need to discuss further.

Like are you looking at us to write a blog post on your restaurant? Do you want us to review your product? Are you looking for free advertising? How much do we charge? What are our working terms?

To make things easier, just contact us for more details. We will answer all your questions, explain to you about our terms and come up with an arrangement that benefits both of us. And we promise we won’t bite (unless you send us your food product, which we’d happily chomp down)

TikTok Recipe Content: So if you’ve been following our TikTok account and are eager to get the recipes, you will soon be able to get it on our website. We’ll be including little anecdotes, stories, and cooking tips too.

What’s with the TikTok recipe content?

Besides running a Chinese Muslim food business, we’re just a couple of home cooks with a passion to share the little knowledge we have cooking our favourite meals. Just because we run a business, doesn’t mean we must always share about our business, do we? Sometimes, it’s nice to share our passion and knowledge with others.

That’s about it really. Do you have any big plans for 2022? Let us know in the comments section.

Happy 2022!

Link Roundup #22: Top 3 Chinese Muslim Food Links

Hello Chinese Muslim food lovers! We’re hours away from ushering in the new year and we just realised we haven’t done this month’s link-roundup! Here we go!

The Best DC-Area Chinese Restaurants Open on Christmas Day

Our first news of the day comes all the way from the US! So in the article, they featured Dolan Uyghur – a place that specialises in Uyghur cuisine. Now if you’re unfamiliar with Uyghur cuisine, well to sum it up it’s food that has Middle Eastern and Chinese influence.

To tell you the truth, you can get Uyghur cuisine in Malaysia too. The easiest way is to ask a Chinese Muslim restaurant specialising in Chinese Muslim food from China whether they have any Uyghur cuisine on their menu. Must try dishes include Dapanji – often translated as “Big Plate Chicken”.

Taipei looking forward to Muslim tourists when borders open: official

About a few years ago, a friend of ours told us that Taiwan was gearing towards bringing more Muslim tourists to Taiwan. We even received pamphlets of where to find halal food in Taiwan as well as the Muslim-friendly places.

If you ask us, we think it’s a good move because when we went to Taiwan, it wasn’t as easy for us to find halal food and prayer spots. In fact, we survived mainly by eating vegetarian food and fruits. Trust us, when you’re travelling the last thing you want to do is to just eat vegetables and fruits.

Bread Garden Unveils Chinese New Year Goodies Collection for CNY 2022

And we end the link-roundup with news from our neighbouring country – Singapore! Bread Garden is one of the bakeries we go to whenever we’re in the Lion City, so it’s nice to know they came up with halal Chinese New Year goodies for this years’ Chinese New Year celebrations.

Too bad we can’t go to Singapore to taste any of their goodies. The borders are still closed and we’re not sure whether travelling would be allowed again prior to Chinese New Year. Does anybody know how we can get our hands on their Premium Pineapple Tarts, Kueh Bangkit, and Almond Cookies? Like those are the stuff we grew up with and biting into it would just bring us back to our childhood.

There you have it! This month’s link-roundup! Let us know if you come across any cool links!

We Tried Halal Chinese Sausages!

You read that right. Did you know you can now get halal Chinese sausages on Shopee? Another name for it is lap cheong, but this is halal lap cheong!

We actually mentioned this before in a previous blog post: Finding The 3 Best Chinese Muslim Food Products To Try In 2021: On Shopee Malaysia

Crazy right? Like we still can’t get over the fact that we can now get halal Chinese sausages!

We’ll drop the link again for those interested to get their hands on it: HALAL Sosej Ayam Cina Muslim Chinese Muslim Street Food Chinese Chicken Sausage Lap Cheong

So yeah, we bought 2 packets of halal Chinese sausages from them. [Yes, this is not a sponsored post. We were not paid to write this. Anybody wanna sponsor us?] Each packet has 2 pieces of the sausages and costs RM10.68 at the time of writing. The size of the sausages are slightly smaller than regular sausages.

Is the price expensive or cheap?

Like we’ve never bought it before so we don’t know what’s the right price for it. Taste-wise, it was quite unique to us. Has that strong charred, yet sweet taste. Quite similar to sweet bak kwa.

How do you eat halal Chinese sausages?

We tried three ways: fried rice, toasted eggs with halal Chinese sausage on toast, and one-pot rice cooker dish. The one-pot rice cooker dish wins hands-down! Want to see the end-results? Check the videos on our TikTok account.

Do you know any other way to eat Chinese sausages? Let us know in the comments section.