Q&A series: What are your delivery days?

As’salaamualaikum, peace be upon everyone!

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Q1 What are your delivery days?
A1: Every Saturday – Thursday, lunch and dinner.

Currently, every Friday is our day off. We usually work on public holidays, unless otherwise stated. As for long leaves, that usually happen during Eid festive occasions.

At any rate, we will update accordingly if we take extra days off.

Jia Jia

Q&A Series: Is this a restaurant?

As’salaamualaikum, peace be upon everyone!

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Q1: Is this a restaurant?
A1: Not yet! We are currently running a home-based business in Taman Perling, Johor Bahru.

People often ask us for the address of our restaurant. Well, the thing here is although we are operating from home, we do not have the capacity to open our doors for diners.So for now, we can only do deliveries to your home, office or event locations.

Rest assured that we will keep you updated if we eventually establish a small eatery of our own in the near future.

Have a blessed weekend everyone!

Jia Jia

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Q&A Series: Are you Muslims?

As’salaamualaikum, peace be upon everyone!

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A couple of days ago we launched our Q&A series.

In this series, we will answer some of your frequently asked questions. So if you have a question for us, just send us a message or leave us a comment and we will answer it in the next post, insha’Allah.

Q1: Are you Muslims?
A1: Yes, yes we are. Kai Kai is a Chinese Muslim and Jia Jia is a Malay Muslim.

Jia JIa