Halal Status of Canning Dim Sum Ipoh & Penang

We recently received an enquiry about the halal status of Canning Dim Sum outlets from one of our readers. Naturally, we had to reach out to the restaurants to get further clarifications.

The people at Canning Dim Sum not only ascertained that both of their outlets in Ipoh and Penang are halal certified, they even sent us photos of their halal certifications! Talk about being transparent about their business!

Furthermore, all of their products are from Team Some Sdn Bhd and those products are halal certified too!

Uh huh, okay… so the Canning Dim Sum outlets in Ipoh and Penang are halal certified… what about their other outlets?

At the time of writing, the people at Canning Dum Sum are still in the midst of applying for their other outlets to get the halal certification too.

We reckon it may take a while for them to get it, due to the MCO situation we are still dealing with over here. However, it’s great to know they’ve taken the necessary steps, and it’s only a matter of time until their other outlets get the seal of approval.

Guess you’ll need to follow their social pages for latest updates!

Which brings us to one of our posts, A Guide On How to Find a Halal Restaurant In Malaysia. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask about the halal status of the food and establishment.

One way is to ask them directly, like how we did with Canning Dim Sum. Another way is to check with the Halal Hub Department, JAKIM either via their Halal Malaysian Portal, email, or social pages.

Huge thanks to the people at Canning Dim Sum for responding to our enquiry. Stay safe everyone!

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