Kaijia: Saturday Bento Boxes

We recently shared a photo of our preserved vegetables on our Facebook page and we’ve been getting requests from potential buyers eager to get their hands on it. We’ve also been getting requests for our cooked dumplings. What do we do? We combined both requests and came up with our Saturday Bento Boxes!

What’s a Saturday Bento Box?

It’s a bento box comprising of our cooked dumplings, chili oil and guoba snacks. Sets A & B come with preserved vegetables. The main difference between our bento box and the ones you find outside is our buyers must place their order(s) between Saturday and Friday. Buyers can only collect their order(s) on Saturday.

Why Saturday? Why Not Everyday?

Mainly because our schedule is packed at the moment. Besides the regular stuff we do each day, which includes making our products, sending it out, liaising with suppliers/distributors and managing our Shopee store, we’re still doing R&D for a couple of new products, slated to launch end of this month, insha’Allah. Plus we have a handful of other products still waiting to be refined, hence we need to allocate time for that too. We’ll probably add another Bento Box delivery/collection day once we’ve sorted things out.

How To Order?

  1. Place your orders by 10pm, Friday every week.
  2. Make sure you send your proof of payment.
  3. Collect your order or arrange for delivery via GrabExpress.

Orders are limited to 20 pax each week.

Why Limit To 20 Pax?

We go for quality rather than quantity. So for starters, 20 pax is a good number to work with. We may increase it once we’ve developed a better system. But for now, it’s just for 20 pax and orders are on a first come, first paid basis.

Interested? Hurry up and place your order today!

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