[News] Muslim convert makes halal prosperity Nian Gao

KOTA KINABALU: Sallizawaty Abdullah, 59, found a way to make extra income during the movement control order (MCO 2.0) by making and selling halal Nian Gao.

Sallizawaty, a Muslim convert, said the idea to market the sticky rice cake also known as Chinese New Year’s cake came from her youngest daughter.

“Nian Gao is a traditional cake, which I often serve my family during Chinese New Year.

“Since it is hard to find halal ones in the market, my family encouraged me to bake and sell them this festive season,” she said.

Being a Chinese Muslim, Sallizawaty said she already knew how to make Nian Gao, which symbolises prosperity, and assured hers is halal as well as clean.

When she first started business last month, she did not expect to receive a positive response.

She said many customers placed orders to have a taste of her sweet Nian Gao, which is prepared from glutinous rice flour.

Sallizawaty said she uses slow cookers to make Nian Gao and produces four or six cakes a day, adding she has received 40 orders of Nian Gao.

The former civil servant, who has three children and five grandchildren, said she would take things slow and focus on producing small quantities of Nian Gao first.

With such positive feedback, Sallizawaty also planned to introduce more halal Chinese dishes that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Shared from New Straits Times – Muslim convert makes halal prosperity Nian Gao

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