The Ultimate List For Mee Tarik Restaurants In Malaysia

Munch munch munch!

A little back story. Both K and I used to be huge fans of mee tarik. How huge? At any given opportunity, we pretty much tried to go to every possible Chinese Muslim restaurant that sells it!

How about now? Well, K’s taste buds have somehow rather adapted to our local fare, whereas I have moved on to other types of Chinese Muslim food.

Anyway, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go ahead and enjoy your delicious bowl of mee tarik. For those who love it, you would probably want to make it your mission to try all the different types of mee tarik imaginable!

And here’s where we make it super duper easy for you. Feast your eyes on the ultimate list for mee tarik restaurants in Malaysia! We’re not sure whether such a list exists, but this is our version of it.

Restaurants are listed in alphabetical order. Click on the restaurant name to go to their website or click on our article to read about our mee tarik adventures.

And if you want to know which restaurant is the nearest to you, just click on this link- Chinese Muslim Food Restaurants & Businesses In Malaysia

  1. Al-Amin Xinjiang Muslim Restaurant RelatedHello Al-Amin Xinjiang Muslim Restaurant![MY] Al-Amin Xinjiang Muslim Restaurant
  2. Amber Chinese Muslim Restaurant Related[MY] Amber Chinese Muslim Restaurant
  3. China Muslim Restoran Related[MY] China Muslim Restoran
  4. Hezhou Restaurant Related[MY] Hezhou Restaurant
  5. Hot Meal Bar Chinese Muslim Cuisine
  6. Kungfu Ramen
  7. Lamb Shepherd Chinese Muslim Cuisine Related[MY] Lamb Shepherd Chinese Muslim Cuisine
  8. Master Mah Restaurant [Mee Tarik] ( HALAL )兰州拉面
  9. Mee Hiris China Muslim Related[MY] Mee Hiris China Muslim
  10. Mee Tarik Orient Palace
  11. Mee Tarik Sulaiman Related[MY] Mee Tarik Sulaiman
  12. Mee Tarik Warisan Asli
  13. Mi Tarik Jin Cheng Related[MY] Mi Tarik Jin Cheng
  14. Muslim Mee Tarik Related[MY] Muslim Mee Tarik
  15. Samir Mee Tarik (Chinese Muslim Food)
  16. Salaam Noodles  
  17. Sunny Garden Related[MY] Sunny Garden
  18. Qing Fang Noodle House Related[MY] Qing Fang Noodle House 

Think we missed any restaurants? Just leave us a comment and we’ll add it in!


3 thoughts on “The Ultimate List For Mee Tarik Restaurants In Malaysia

  1. outlet mee tàrik d mydin jalan baru penang, x bersih, pekerjà sibuk dengàn hfon, mejà x làp…jika sayang restoran ni, orang atasan mài tengok…jgn duk biaq kàt pekerjà tanpà pantauàn.


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