Delivery options?

As’salaamualaikum, peace be upon everyone!

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For those who are still not sure about our delivery areas, we cover Taman Perling, Bukit Indah, Skudai, Tampoi, Nusajaya, BBU and the city centre.

Occasionally, we do go beyond those areas. For example, we have gone to Taman Molek, almost reaching the Stulang Laut area, as well as Kampung Melayu Majidee. These areas go under Zone C.

For now, here are our delivery charges:

🏠 Zone A = No delivery charge.
🏠 Zone B = RM3 – RM20 (it gets lesser if your order is more than RM30)
🏠 Zone C = We will work it out for you.

For more information about the rates, and whether we can deliver to your areas, please whassap us at 0122611175.

To save on the delivery charge, we recommend you to:
1) Pick-up your order at Zone A.
2) Order more than RM30.

Jia Jia

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